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My Week(191) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

I was going to say we did “nothing” this week, but apparently I am incorrect. We did nothing besides go to the beach and the aquarium and the grocery store and got ready for/attended Caroline’s dance recital. That was more than enough.



Be quite! I am working on my puter!


Traitor cat prefers my husband and doesn’t care if that hurts my feelings.


Footie jams in summer: sighting #1



Outside swim lessons are exciting


Our collection of Wendy’s kid meal clicky things is now very impressive


Adorable sleeping hands



Beluga watching


Obsessed with Friendly’s, like all good New England children


Aunt Amy sent Caroline some costume jewelry. Caroline likes ALL of it.



He told me he was sailing to New York City


There is so. much. sand. in my car.


Dance recital finale practice is more fun for her than me



Grocery shopping is cause for fancy dress


Two of a kind


Dress rehearsal (The routine was to Deep In The Heart of Texas, which starts “The stars at night, are big and bright…”)



8:30 am, lazy baby. (Footie jams #2)


You’d think she’s never seen grapes before.


Falling asleep on the couch is one of the best parts of summer (Footie jams #3)



Baby prep day! Now we can spy on the children without missing The World Cup…


We have one extra place to set the baby down (beside the borrowed rock’n’play and the free basket)…


And I have drunk so much red raspberry tea I might actually turn pink. COME ON BEBEH!

This was one of those weeks where I really love living in Connecticut. The weather was gorgeous, we enjoyed the aquarium and the beach, and I was struck by how small/friendly/nice our community is. We ran into people we knew everywhere, which is a pleasant thing to happen when I’m always thinking “What would happen right now if my water broke?” Not that I would just abandon my children at the park with a friend, but the fact that there are friends AROUND would make going into labor at Target less mortifying.

Two more weeks (and 3 days BUT WHO’S COUNTING) until my due date and if my What To Expect app asks me one more time “Have you had the baby yet?” I’m going to set it on fire.

Updates: Various

Friday, December 6th, 2013

LIFE UPDATE: My husband is still on shift work. That is 14 hour days, 7 days a week, which means I am also working 7 days a week, close to 18 hours a day. I fell behind on the housework and laundry a week before Thanksgiving and have never caught up, even when I ignore my children, neglect my blog, put off editing photos, stick in my headphones and tackle a room for 2 hours straight. And no matter how many times I clean up the main living space the children destroy it again within minutes. If I didn’t believe in my heart that I would trip over a RescueBot, fall into the TV and bleed to death on the floor I might just stop even TRYING to clean up.

KID UPDATE: Evan still thinks school is awesome. He hasn’t had any more bus drama and I haven’t forgotten a single half day in months. He is helpful and kind at home and still wants to snuggle on a fairly regular basis despite being so tall I sometimes don’t recognize him. Caroline refuses to wear anything besides princess dresses. She also has the most horrible whining voice in the world. It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard and she does it ALL the time, even when she’s just making up imaginary games between her dolls. She is also unbelievably adorable. Her birthday party is next weekend and her birthday itself is right after that and then my baby will be THREE.

COUCH UPDATE: STILL HAVE AN EXTRA COUCH I CANNOT EVEN GIVE AWAY. And no Christmas tree because of shift work and also because there is no where to put it because of the couch.

ICE CREAM UPDATE: Despite the fact that it is usually around 40 degrees, we’ve been hitting Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream pretty regularly. Downtown Mystic is my favorite place for photo shoots right now, and bribing my kids with ice cream is a win-win, since it means I get some ice cream too. The peanut butter sundae is still my favorite.

PHOTO UPDATE: Here are some photos.

mystic sunset-3

mystic sunset-4

mystic sunset-6

mystic sunset-7

mystic sunset-8

mystic sunset-9

mystic sunset-10

mystic sunset-11


mystic sunset-15

mystic sunset-19

mystic sunset-20

mystic sunset-22

mystic sunset-24

mystic sunset-26

mystic sunset-27

mystic sunset-29

CONNECTICUT UPDATE: Still unbelievably scenic.


My Week(147) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

My pictures this week are all blurry, of people’s back, or of nothing interesting. It’s actually a terrible representation of our week – we did a lot of stuff!! – but the more I have my big camera in my hands the less I use my phone. My poor Instagram feed is sadly neglected. Maybe some day I’ll find a balance.



A rare Suzanne sighting IN one of my pictures.


Couch naps at the lake – sleeping like a baby.


Oh, it’s cold and cloudy? NO1CURR. We want to swim.



Evan decided mint chocolate chip is his favorite, which was totally my favorite as a kid too.




Watching my kids play with my old toys in my old house is always weird.



Jersey Plates: FISTPMP (I was stopped, traffic was terrible)


This is how she feels about cheeseburgers


The moon is far less impressive in this picture, but was very cool. You’ll just have to trust me.



Hands in her pockets.


Don’t let her face fool you, she luuuuuvs frozen yogurt.


An evening walk-run-roll in the grass



For a kid who was having a TON OF FUN, that’s a pretty strong side-eye.




Dancing at the winery – they fell down a lot for people who weren’t even drinking.



DRIVE THRU STARBUCKS DRIVE THRU STARBUCKS IN MY TOWN! And whatever this peach green tea lemonade thing is is delicious.


What are these candies shaped like rings?? What sorcery is this?!?!?!


Gorgeous night for a photo shoot at the beach.



Princesses love strawberries for breakfast.


As close as I get to a day off – letting them destroy the house and watch TV.


Evening walk. Still in royal princess garb.

 This week is going to be crazy too (pictures, orientation, Evan’s first day of school ON A BUS!) but hopefully I can do a better job blogging than I did last week. My mother will be very sad if I quite posting pictures of her grandchildren because I’m taking pictures of other people.

Sunflowers 2013

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We got to Sunflowers for Wishes every year, and this year might have been the best so far. Even though we got rained on. Hard. Which was totally my fault because I insisted on trying for just a couple more photos.

The fields where the sunflowers bloom is one of the most popular photoshoot spots in Connecticut – we must have seen more than a dozen people with their fancy cameras and bags trying to pose families in the sunflower field…without getting all the other photographers and families in their shot. I know in theory a huge field of sunflowers SOUNDS like a gorgeous spot for photos, in reality it’s less romantic. Sunflowers are a lot taller than kids, so posing them in the sunflowers just shows up as posing in a forest of green stalks. The outside of the field is all bright sun. There are TONS OF PEOPLE and you can only Photoshop out so much. Plus if you bribe your kids with ice cream, they’re either whining to go get it now now now or a sticky mess from already eating it.

I am sure there are photographers who get amazing, dreamy, fabulous pictures. I am not that talented yet – plus I went with my kids to, you know, have a good time while they were open instead of waiting until 8 pm for the magic hour light. But I do think looking back on my previous years at Buttonwood is a great example of how far I’ve come:

Sunflowers 2012 – Just a few pictures

Sunflowers 2011 – Evan and Tiny Fat Baby Caroline

Sunflowers 2010 – Avert your eyes from my terrible Picasa photo effects!

So…yeah. Improvement!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-6

sunflowers for wishes 2013-5

Mooing like a cow is hilarious.

sunflowers for wishes 2013-7

sunflowers for wishes 2013-9

sunflowers for wishes 2013-12

sunflowers for wishes 2013-13

sunflowers for wishes 2013-15

Baby cows!!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-16
sunflowers for wishes 2013-20

sunflowers for wishes 2013-23 sunflowers for wishes 2013-24

sunflowers for wishes 2013-25

Pay no attention to the horrible gash on his left eye. He banged it on the couch (????)

sunflowers for wishes 2013-27

Caroline, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Show me your eyes!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-28

sunflowers for wishes 2013-30

Team Sunflower, roll out!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-37

When we got home, E asked why our daughter was wearing a bag.

sunflowers for wishes 2013-38

Strawberry cheesecake

sunflowers for wishes 2013-40

My precioussssssss…

sunflowers for wishes 2013-44

sunflowers for wishes 2013-46

This is her “Why am I sitting on this quilt when it is raining on me?” face.

sunflowers for wishes 2013-47

Hiding from the downpour. It was an impressive amount of rain. p.s. He had blue cotton candy ice cream.


Meet Harvey Ice Cream Playdate

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

harvey bars hood

Last Tuesday the kids and I headed up to East Hartford for a fun blogger playdate sponsored by Hood Ice Cream and their new Harvey Bars. If you live in New England you’ve probably seen their commercials (Who put the bar in the bar-di-bar-di-bar…)(It’s actually pretty cute) but I hadn’t seen them at my grocery store yet so I was excited to give them a try.

It was 90+ degrees which I think is perfect weather for ice cream. Especially free ice cream.

1-Photoshop Resize6 harvey bars hood-10 1-Photoshop Resize5 1-Photoshop Resize8 1-Photoshop Resize7 harvey bars hood-14

A++++ will buy again. The kids loved the cookies and cream but the toffee crunch was amaaaazing.

It was also great to see some of the Connecticut bloggers I’ve met over the past year again, plus put actual faces to the names I see online. Everyone was so nice and Evan declared at least five kids to be his new best friend. Even Caroline had a good time blowing bubbles for a “baby friend.”

harvey bars hood-13

harvey bars hood-11

The question was: Who wants fore ice cream??

harvey bars hood-16

harvey bars hood-18

harvey bars hood-19

harvey bars hood-21

harvey bars hood-20

The Hood Company was founded here in Connecticut and has been making ice cream for more than 100 years. The Harvey Bar is named after Harvey Perley Hood, who started the company and always wore a bow tie (it’s the tie on the bar wrapper a cute tribute?) We love local companies, plus we love ice cream, so it was a great event for us. Thanks to Hood, Shift Communications and Julie for inviting us!

I was invited to the Hood Playdate by Julie, who is in my local Facebook group. We receives snacks, ice cream, and coupons in exchange for attending, with no obligation to share our experience.