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Swim With The Fishes

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

The aquarium always does fun stuff for Halloween and we’ve been going since Evan was a baby. This year the costume dress up weekend was “Pirate and Princess” themed. Unfortunately, I spend a bazillion dollars on costumes that are not pirates or princesses but were TOTALLY aquarium appropriate…so the kids dressed up anyway.

Although they weren’t eligible for the pirate/princess costume contests, I can promise you Evan won Unofficial Best Costume, just based on the fact that EVERY person we saw commented on it. Because it’s AMAZING.

p.s. The weird spacing thing on photos with captions makes me crazy but I cannot fix it so try not to let it drive you crazy too.

halloween at mystic aquarium

halloween at mystic aquarium-3

She traded her mermaid crown for one she made in the craft room

halloween at mystic aquarium-4


halloween at mystic aquarium-5

They loved all the throwing games to win “pirate gold”

halloween at mystic aquarium-6

halloween at mystic aquarium-7

I wonder if the seals are getting nervous about the shark staring at them.

halloween at mystic aquarium-8

There’s an art installation set up about ocean pollution. This one was adorable/sad.

halloween at mystic aquarium-9

halloween at mystic aquarium-11

He’s goldfish. FYI.

halloween at mystic aquarium-13

Evan saw the pirate and yelled “JACK SPARROW!” and the pirate said “CAPTAIN. It’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!” This was like the 5th time we ran into him just walking around, obviously they’re BFF’s now.

halloween at mystic aquarium-15

This is the best I can do for family photos right now.

halloween at mystic aquarium-16

Sorry Linc.

Then we went home and painted/carved pumpkins, something we never managed to get around to last year. Painting is genius, since carving is such a PITA.

halloween at mystic aquarium-17

halloween at mystic aquarium-18

halloween at mystic aquarium-21

halloween at mystic aquarium-22

halloween at mystic aquarium-23

halloween at mystic aquarium-25

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What We Did Over Summer Vacation (2014 Lake)

Friday, October 10th, 2014

It’s October, but that’s not going to stop me from posting these photos I took in August.  Maybe I’ll have the Kiawah trip photos done by Christmas.

lake house 2014

lake house 2014-4

lake house 2014-5

lake house 2014-7

lake house 2014-8

lake house 2014-10

lake house 2014-11

lake house 2014-15

lake house 2014-16

lake house 2014-18

lake house 2014-19

lake house 2014-20

lake house 2014-22

lake house 2014-23

lake house 2014-25

lake house 2014-26

lake house 2014-27

lake house 2014-28

lake house 2014-31

lake house 2014-33

lake house 2014-35

lake house 2014-36

lake house 2014-38

lake house 2014-41

lake house 2014-42

lake house 2014-43

lake house 2014-44

lake house 2014-45

lake house 2014-48

lake house 2014-49

lake house 2014-51

lake house 2014-54

lake house 2014-55

lake house 2014-56

lake house 2014-57

lake house 2014-59

lake house 2014-61


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Best Weekend of the Year 2014

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

They changed the name of Taste of Mystic to Mystic Eats, but besides that it’s the same weekend we’ve had for 3 years now. And it was just as delicious and fun now as it always is. (For reference: Post from 2012, Post from 2013. I am once again really please with how my photography has really improved. This year’s photos are in focus!)

Greek Food Festival:

best weekend of the year

best weekend of the year-2

best weekend of the year-3

best weekend of the year-4

best weekend of the year-5

best weekend of the year-7

best weekend of the year-9

best weekend of the year-11

best weekend of the year-14


Ledyard Fair (free rides Saturday 9-10 am! Every year!):

best weekend of the year-16

best weekend of the year-17

best weekend of the year-18

best weekend of the year-19

best weekend of the year-20

best weekend of the year-21

best weekend of the year-23

best weekend of the year-25

best weekend of the year-26

best weekend of the year-28

best weekend of the year-29

best weekend of the year-30

best weekend of the year-31

best weekend of the year-32

best weekend of the year-33

best weekend of the year-34


best weekend of the year-38

best weekend of the year-40

best weekend of the year-42

best weekend of the year-43


Taste of Italy:

best weekend of the year-44

best weekend of the year-45

best weekend of the year-46

best weekend of the year-47

best weekend of the year-48

best weekend of the year-52

best weekend of the year-53


Mystic Eats:

best weekend of the year-54

best weekend of the year-55

best weekend of the year-56

best weekend of the year-57

best weekend of the year-59

best weekend of the year-60

best weekend of the year-63

best weekend of the year-64

best weekend of the year-66

best weekend of the year-68

best weekend of the year-69

best weekend of the year-71


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My Week(201) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

This week features an abnormal number of photos of Caroline sitting at tables. It was really really really hot for most of the week, so sitting was about all we managed.



Didn’t even get out of her jammies before she needed a nap.


Dudes chilling on the couch


Waiting by the door. For cheeseburgers, obv.



Nice view. Terrible, rocky beach.


Sleeping through me things.


Really excited about fried clam strips



She apparently turned 15 overnight.


Mommy, are you SURE I can drink this beer?





Stroller Strides! He slept through it. Obviously.


Lipgloss obsessed


Tubby baby



Caroline gets on the bus an hour later than Evan, but insists on waiting with him.


Skeptical of the babycage aka shopping cart


Her face after like TWO sips of soda



Chatting with a babyfriend


Napping on the porch


NOT NAPPING at bedtime



FAIR-ly Fun


I have not yet mastered the “look at the camera” part of a selfie


Waiting for her meatballs at the Italian Food Festival

The humidity has been INSANE this week, like swimming through the air instead of walking, and without A/C our house has been miserable. I’m so ready for actual, real fall to start, despite the fact that I own ONE pair of pants that fit. No one will notice I’m wearing the same jeans everyday when I’m also wearing a super cute baby in a super cute wrap. (Warning: I’m currently obsessed with woven wraps, I’ll probably bore you talking about them.)

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My Week(198) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Even if you have a pretty good baby, they still keep your hands busy a LOT. Which makes blogging and photo editing hard. I have literally a thousand photos to share but will be lucky if I get 10% of them edited and posted in the next 6 months.

I am really, really looking forward to school starting.



That is Linc’s “WTF are we doing in New Jersey?” face. Just a rest stop baby, chill.


She hearts books





Deep end of the big pool!


This is not an effective way to grocery shop.


More books!



I bought that outfit 5 years ago, when it was already too small for Evan, thinking my next baby would wear it. I took the tags off right before I put it on Linc.


New London! Surprisingly scenic!


He’s too cool in his TooQool



Aunt Carolyn brought him an elephant from Rwanda. The kids thought he needed to sleep with it NOW.


I love when baby stuff shows up in my mailbox. Especially when it’s useful baby stuff.


Up feeding the baby, all I can think is how much my closet needs to be reorganized.



They are singing sea shanties.


GORGEOUS day at the seaport


Aunt Carolyn read A LOT of books



Pensive? She’s going for thoughtful.


Farmer’s market = 3 year old heaven


That was my dream car when I was a kid too.



He’s going through a Lego phase again


Milk drunk


I showed her Grease for the first time. It was a hit.

The weather this weekend has been GORGEOUS and I have enjoyed it…from my couch. After more than 5 weeks of house guests/traveling it is really nice to just sit down. Of course, it was really nice to have other people do all the cooking/cleaning/child minding too, but I have to get used to running the house and managing 3 kids at some point. So far they are all still alive. High fives!

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