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OK, Winter Can Be Over Now

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

We’ve had some snow this week. And then some more snow. And they’re predicting more snow (possibly the worst storm yet) for Sunday. I don’t hate snow or snow days or winter (part of the deal when you live in New England) but I am beginning to feel like moving to a tropical island would be a nice change of pace. I do this every year come February. E comes in from snowblowing the driveway and mentions there might be a job opening in Guam and I start thinking “I could totally handle living in Guam”.

To be clear, moving to Guam is not IMMINENT. It’s just…possible. And doesn’t sound so bad.

This week, despite the snow, was really fun. The kids had a bunch of snow days but we had nice weather in between so we could go out and  enjoy the snow. We made our first snowman while singing “Do you want to build a snowman?”, decorated him with the snowman kit Santa brought for Christmas and then named him Frosty. That’s like, three separate magical things all in one event. Plus the weather was nice enough to go to the park for an “Adorable children frolicking in an idyllic snow covered forest” photo session. It was more accurately  a”Snotty-faced children shaking all the trees and throwing snow on each other” photo session but we had a great time. The 37 degree air felt WARM and all that exercise in the woods wore the kids out so much they fell asleep at 5:30. It was a whole week full of the best parts about winter.

So now I’m officially ready for spring. Any time now, weather patterns. Get on it.


snow in the park-3  watermarked

snow in the park-14 watermarked

snow in the park-7 watermarked

snow in the park-12 watermarked

snow in the park-28 watermarked

snow in the park-29 watermarked



snow in the park-31 watermarked


snow in the park-27 watermarked

snow in the park-38 watermarked

snow in the park-41 watermarked

snow in the park-45 watermarked

snow in the park-47 watermarked

snow in the park-40 watermarked

snow in the park-48 watermarked

snow in the park-49 watermarked

snow in the park-51 watermarked

snow in the park-54 watermarked

snow in the park-55 watermarked

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Wordless Wednesday: More Snow Pictures

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I edited all of these so I wanted to put them somewhere. I’m not sure they’re worth my actual portfolio or if I’m being mom-blinded by her cuteness into thinking they’re adorable.

web little red Caroline-5

web little red Caroline-13
web little red Caroline-14

web little red Caroline-19

web little red Caroline-23

web little red Caroline-25

web little red Caroline-28

web little red Caroline-29

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Snowy Day

Friday, January 24th, 2014

My ideas for a beautiful, stylist shoot in the snow went out the window the second we opened the door and felt the single digit temps outside. Caroline already had her boots on so she insisted on going out for a minute, although she also insisted on grabbing handfuls of snow with her bare hands and shoving them in her face.

Once again, I feel the need to mention the snow falling from the sky is fake. There was snow falling, but it didn’t show up like that in my photo so I faked it. I’m a big fakey faker who got some free snow overlays and can’t stop using them. I don’t think it makes her face any less authentic.

red snow girl

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The Wild Rumpus

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

I’ve already posted these pictures in other places so apologies if you’ve already seen them. Feel free to roll your eyes at me for showing off my adorable kid all over the place. STFU Parents, amirite?

p.s. How excited am I that he wore this costume again this year? (Last year’s photos here) It makes spending way to many dollars on that Max suit hurt a lot less.

where the wild things are-5

where the wild things are-7

where the wild things are-9

where the wild things are-18

where the wild things are-22

where the wild things are-28

She is a mermaid princess, in case that was unclear by the random blue dress.

where the wild things are-31

where the wild things are-34

where the wild things are-41

where the wild things are-45

where the wild things are-49

where the wild things are-55

where the wild things are-61

where the wild things are-63

where the wild things are-64

The light-up sneakers are a nice addition to the costumes, don’t you think?

where the wild things are-65

where the wild things are-68

where the wild things are-71

where the wild things are-74

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Golden Children and The Best Dog Ever

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

A while ago, my friend Jill took pictures of her dog. They were beautiful and the post made me cry, because noooooooo dogs are not allowed to get old and sick and I refuse to even think about it when it comes to my own dog. It was bad enough when my vet put the “Senior” sticker on his chart.

Brutus is basically the best dog ever. I have friends who I’m pretty sure like my dog more than they like my kids. He barks at strangers and looks very scary (extra important since our neighbor’s house was robbed a couple weeks ago) but once he’s done acting super excited to meet you he will be your best friend forever. At the worst he might lick you to death. When the kids were babies he made an excellent pillow and would lie on the floor for hours so Evan could rest his head while he drank from his sippy cup. Now that they’re big and they “forget” not to ride him like a horse (it’s frowned upon in this establishment) he stands still and lets them until I can chase them off. He just wants to be fed, lie near his people, and let out occasionally. He appreciate a people-food snack every once in a while but Caroline has literally SHOVED cheese into his mouth and he won’t eat it until she drops it on the floor and he’s sure she doesn’t want it. Like I said, best dog ever.

His only bad habit is he’s terrible on a leash, so we don’t walk him as much as we should, so he doesn’t get any better on the leash, so we walk him even less. It’s an unfortunate circle. But now that the kids can both walk around the block without a stroller and I can have both hands free for the dog I’m determined to make it a family habit. The kids love it and Brutus loves it and it tires them all out. Win-win-win.

That’s why we were out the other night when I realized the sun was setting just over our hill and it would be a great time to take some dog-kid pictures of my own. These aren’t technically perfect and not exactly how I would have planned a photo shoot – DON’T EVEN ASK about Caroline’s outfit, I’ve given up – but they might be some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

golden hour dog kids-2

golden hour dog kids-7

golden hour dog kids-10

golden hour dog kids-12

golden hour dog kids-15

golden hour dog kids-22

golden hour dog kids-24

golden hour dog kids-25

golden hour dog kids-30

golden hour dog kids-31

golden hour dog kids-35

golden hour dog kids-38

golden hour dog kids-40

golden hour dog kids-47

golden hour dog kids-50

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