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Have I Mentioned I Love Fall?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

On Sunday morning, we participated in the Mystic Pirate Invasion. We did it last year too and the kids had a blast, Maybe next year I will plan ahead and find them pirate costumes that fit instead of cobbling together dress up from the last 4 years. They got a ton of treasure (candy + beads + plastic gem stones) and I got my 10,000 steps. Linc was strapped to my back (in our pirate/kraken themed carrier, obvs) the whole time, his pirate outfit went mostly unnoticed.

mystic pirate invasion 2015

mystic pirate invasion 2015-2

mystic pirate invasion 2015-4

mystic pirate invasion 2015-5

mystic pirate invasion 2015-6

mystic pirate invasion 2015-7

mystic pirate invasion 2015-9

mystic pirate invasion 2015-10

mystic pirate invasion 2015-12

Look! Linc is in a picture!

mystic pirate invasion 2015-14

Scary pirate faces.

mystic pirate invasion 2015-16

Caroline felt is was VERY important that puppy come with us. The child-sized baby carrier was supposed to just be a toy but now it means I don’t end up carrying around the thing she insisted we bring and then loses/drops/wants me to hold. TOTALLY worth $30.

mystic pirate invasion 2015-18


After we ran home and switched to regular person clothes, we headed to WeLiKit ice cream for their 25th anniversary celebration. A friend told me about the ice cream stand over the summer and I have to agree it is some of the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had. And what can be better than a waffle cone that is so fresh it’s still soft and warm when you eat it? It was a tiny bit on the chilly side for ice cream, but the kids did so much running around and general shenaniganery they were plenty warm.

october fun

october fun-2

Watching the waffle cone making. Obviously an ice cream stand is the best place to also buy beef.

october fun-3

Indian pudding, my new favorite flavor. It’s molasses and corn meal and if you think that sounds gross we can’t be friends.

october fun-4

october fun-5

p.s. They also sell clam fritters and chowder. Does it sound like the perfect place or what?!

october fun-7

october fun-8

october fun-9

october fun-10

october fun-12

october fun-15

october fun-16

october fun-17

october fun-19

october fun-22

october fun-23

october fun-25

october fun-26

october fun-32

october fun-33

october fun-34

october fun-35

And because I was so happy to be outside after a week of rain, I talked Caroline into playing model for a few minutes. I bought a set of Lightroom presets from Mastin Labs. They’re based on film (remember film????) and while I’m not going to switch over to ALL Mastin, all the time they are gorgeous. I love what they do to greens and shadows. The ones in her tutu were taken in the parking lot of Scotland town hall. The rest were in my yard.

october fun-36 october fun-39

october fun-41

october fun-45

october fun-46

october fun-49

october fun-53

october fun-55

october fun-57

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Kiawah Island 2015

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

This is our fifth year in this borrowed beach house, but only the second time E has been able to come. Technically he was there for 24 hours last year, but I did the 2 day drive by myself so that doesn’t count as being there. He drove this year, the whole way, and I got to sleep and hand stuff to the kids in the back which is the perfect start to vacation. It turns out Linc is an amazing road tripper and his presence barely slowed us down, so the driving was well worth the end result.

Kiawah is amazing. It’s an incredible vacation just because of the setting, but the key to a true dream vacation is to have more bathrooms than you have adults. Never having to wait for a bathroom or use a bathroom on the same floor where everyone is eating or worry someone is hearing you in the bathroom or having to take a cold shower because everyone else used up the hot water is an amazing luxury. It’s why rich people are so much happier than regular people. Bathrooms.

Bathrooms are especially key when the main sources of beach house entertainment are eating and drinking and drinking. We’ve gotten pretty good at our menu and consolidating our shopping down to two big trips and then only a few smaller trips for emergency supplies (like limes, and another 5 pound bag of sugar since we managed to use the first one up in less than 36 hours). There was cake and more cake and an apple crisp and Lowcountry Boil, which is seafood and corn and sausage, and Bo Ssam, which is huge plates of pork with rice and lettuce and ginger sauce, and one thousand cocktails, which is the appropriate number of cocktails on vacation. We ate until we could barely move and then we played cards, because even though we were on vacation we are all responsible adults now and can’t get falling down drunk at 2 pm. I like cards better than throwing up anyway.

I took thousands and thousands of pictures, culled and edited them down to several hundred, and I uploaded exactly 100 photos for this post. I know that’s a ridiculous number and I ought to feel bad about my self-indulgence, especially because even though there were 7 adults and 6 kids at the beach house 99% of my pictures of just of my children. But I don’t. While we were in the kitchen, trying to remember specifics from previous years, one of my friends pulled up pictures from a previous year. I was surprised she still had them on her laptop, but she said actually she didn’t, she just looked at them on my blog. So it’s my duty to document this glorious vacation for posterity. Or at least so I can show the kids in a couple months and remind them that they are some very lucky children.

Previous years: 2011 2012 2013 2014

kiawah 2015 web size-76

kiawah 2015 web size-77

kiawah 2015 web size-80

kiawah 2015 web size-84

kiawah 2015 web size-86

kiawah 2015 web size-87

kiawah 2015 web size-89

kiawah 2015 web size-91

kiawah 2015 web size-93

kiawah 2015 web size-96

kiawah 2015 web size-98

kiawah 2015 web size-99

kiawah 2015 web size-100

kiawah 2015 web size-104

kiawah 2015 web size-105

kiawah 2015 web size-111

kiawah 2015 web size-116

kiawah 2015 web size-118

kiawah 2015 web size-121

kiawah 2015 web size-122

kiawah 2015 web size-125

kiawah 2015 web size-126

kiawah 2015 web size-131

kiawah 2015 web size-135

kiawah 2015 web size-140

kiawah 2015 web size-142

kiawah 2015 web size-144

kiawah 2015 web size-145

kiawah 2015 web size-149

kiawah 2015 web size-151

kiawah 2015 web size-153

kiawah 2015 web size-158

kiawah 2015 web size-160

kiawah 2015 web size-161

kiawah 2015 web size-162

kiawah 2015 web size-172

kiawah 2015 web size-174

kiawah 2015 web size-184

kiawah 2015 web size-186

kiawah 2015 web size-196

kiawah 2015 web size-198

kiawah 2015 web size-201

kiawah 2015 web size-205

kiawah 2015 web size-210

kiawah 2015 web size-216

kiawah 2015 web size-220

kiawah 2015 web size-224

kiawah 2015 web size-227

kiawah 2015 web size-231

kiawah 2015 web size-233

kiawah 2015 web size-240

kiawah 2015 web size-242

kiawah 2015 web size-246

kiawah 2015 web size-250

kiawah 2015 web size-255

kiawah 2015 web size-258

kiawah 2015 web size-264

kiawah 2015 web size-268

kiawah 2015 web size-271

kiawah 2015 web size-273

kiawah 2015 web size-278

kiawah 2015 web size-279

kiawah 2015 web size-284

kiawah 2015 web size-288

kiawah 2015 web size-290

kiawah 2015 web size-291

kiawah 2015 web size-295

kiawah 2015 web size-297


There is a hair in my lens. It makes that shadow in the top right and the line just left and below center. If I print anything I will take the time to clone it out, but for now I don’t care enough. It ONLY shows when I photograph landscapes/sky at 28mm.

kiawah 2015 web size-298

kiawah 2015 web size-301

kiawah 2015 web size-306

kiawah 2015 web size-308

kiawah 2015 web size-310

kiawah 2015 web size-313

kiawah 2015 web size-314

kiawah 2015 web size-320

kiawah 2015 web size-326

kiawah 2015 web size-330

kiawah 2015 web size-335

kiawah 2015 web size-342

kiawah 2015 web size-347

kiawah 2015 web size-351

kiawah 2015 web size-352

kiawah 2015 web size-356

kiawah 2015 web size-359

kiawah 2015 web size-368

kiawah 2015 web size-370

kiawah 2015 web size-371

kiawah 2015 web size-380

kiawah 2015 web size-386

kiawah 2015 web size-390

kiawah 2015 web size-393

kiawah 2015 web size-397

kiawah 2015 web size-405

kiawah 2015 web size-410

kiawah 2015 web size-417

kiawah 2015 web size-420

kiawah 2015 web size-434

kiawah 2015 web size-435

kiawah 2015 web size-439

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My Week(248) in iPhone Photos

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

I am at the beach, where time means nothing, so I totes forgot to do this post yesterday. I’m not even sorry.



Grandpas are popular


My vacation started early because I went to Target alooooooone


That looks like poor choices



Evan and Caroline were REALLY excited about Linc’s birthday presents.


Oil change


Pizza crust is his favorite food



Soooooo much driving




There are other beds, they insist on sharing





This is the church where I got married! Also, it’s very hot. 


Charleston’s version of a splash park



Caroline loves that the city is full of horses




My husband is very much enjoying his scotch…I mean…vacation



I love this house


Lowcountry boil time


Hot Mess



Never leaving


A picture of me in a bikini. Almost.


Hanna Jams and reading time

I’m already late for a 10 am pool date with the kids where I am going to mostly ignore them while I float. Because the beach is amazing and you can do that here.

I’m slooooowly editing the 4000 photos I’ve already taken and will post way too many soon. And then next week I’ll repeat it all over for the lake. My life is not too bad right now.

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My Week(246) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Summer summer summertime! So much summering going on around here.



When there is a sleeping baby on you, you sit.


I tried to tell him biting an inflatable was a poor choice, but he didn’t listen.


Fruit pizza is my new favorite kind of pizza





He’s becoming a Stage 3 leaner


Big kidding big kidding around!



Making sure we got enough sticks in with the blueberries


Having big kid friends who can read is cool.


My husband made a table.



Practicing her name while we wait for car repairs


Blueberry almond cakes


Took a walk ALONE because that’s not happening again for a while



Buying a toilet seat LIKE A BOSS


We picked up a friend from horse camp so Caroline could meet some horses


Surfer Dude



Linc smashed it 10 seconds later


Cool kids wear hats


The view from the hill behind my house







…Ice cream. REPEAT.

Linc turns 1 on Thursday and I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. His party is Saturday, and I have a bazillion things to do before then, including create a menu. I have never been this unprepared to feed my guests. I’m keeping my everything crossed that we have beautiful weather for the party, because I am counting on the bounce house and some bubbles to keep the kids entertained all afternoon. I don’t know what I’ll do if we have to be inside.

If you need me, I’ll be keeping as busy as possible so I can IGNORE THE PART ABOUT LINC TURNING 1.

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My Week(245) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

It looks like I spent the WHOLE week at the lake. Which I guess I did.



Lake food


Lake view


Lake naps





Love our BityBean in the water


Party countdown is on





Loaner wrap is super cushy


Star Wars, kids playing, me editing = mom life



This baby is finally learning to sleep in his own room


He doesn’t know how to use that phone yet. Probably.





Linc’s bouncy house makes him popular with the girls


When he can’t find his own blankie, brother’s will do


They are both very pleased with themselves



Linc slept in his room. I woke up to this on my vidoe monitor.


Someone should watch that baby near the water


Gorgeous evening for a walk



Wore my lobster wrap down to the lobster docks


Double chocolate cake for lunch


Cards for dinner

My goal for this week is to get the kids to bed BEFORE 10 pm every night. It’s finally getting dark almost early enough for a real bedtime – no one will sleep when the sun is still up at 8:30. But I need 2 kid free hours after they all go to sleep and right now that means I’m still awake at 11:45 pm. Why can’t kids and grown ups switch? I will go to bed at 7:30 every night and they can stay up until whenever? Oh right, because then nothing would ever get done.

This week’s agenda includes two farmer stands, more lake, a horse barn, blueberry picking and car repairs. One of those things is less exciting than the others.

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