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My Week(214) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

We played a little hooky this week. Since E is on actual non-working vacation for the first time in three years I’ve declared December the DON’T CARE month and we’re doing as many fun things as possible, even if it means skipping school. The kids are 5 and 3, I’m pretty sure they won’t be educationally handicapped for life just because they missed a few days. Especially considering last week was half-days and Evan spent them watching movies. They’re probably better off with us in Ohio, learning useful game-playing skills like Battleship and Hand & Foot.



No no, no pictures please


My extremely fancy and professional set up for Christmas card photos


I COULD have gone to the grocery store alone, but then who would have said hello to all the lobsters??



The pretty sky makes this house look extra creepy




Magic garden of the future!! Caroline tried the parsley. Said it tastes like parsley.



Abominable snowman ring pop was an excellent choice


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Look Ma, found my foot



Internet, meet my new baby, Laptop, meet the internet.


5 pm teacher conference might as well be the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT


She made up a song about his feety-feet and sings it all the time



Abandoned gas stations make surprisingly good places to stop on long trips


She’s the Queen of Burgers


“Mom, did we trash the place?” “Yes honey, you trashed the place.”



Teaching Evan about targets… “And that’s why Daddy works on submarines!”


A quick wrap job so I had my hands free…


…for the important stuff.



Why yes you may go outside and play in the freezing cold if you want.


Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


Linc and I went for a freezing cold walk to look at lights. He lasted 2 minutes before he fell asleep – and stayed asleep – for almost 2 hours.

I can’t believe it is already the second week of December. TOO FAST TOO FAST. I need more time to do all the holiday stuff. Plus I haven’t even MAILED Caroline’s birthday invites. If I hadn’t ordered them already I’d be tempted to just make a Facebook event and send it to my entire friends list and just hope a few people show up. I can’t imaging why I feel so rushed and disorganized this year. Maybe I’m not drinking enough Diet Coke. That MUST be it.

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My Week(151) in iPhone Photos


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

I’m not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving. I feel very meh about all the traditional food (except for pie #teampie) and if we aren’t going anywhere I end up doing A LOT of work for people who also feel very meh about the food. It ends up being much more about the tradition of making the food – being in the kitchen, letting the kids help, timing everything perfectly – than the actual food.

This was the first year I enjoyed having the kids participate in the cooking. I really WANT them to have good holiday memories of togetherness in the kitchen but sometimes I just want to pour a cup of flour without anyone dumping half of it on the floor. I am TRYING. I am allowing the floor to be flour-covered and the pie to be over-cinnamoned and my patience to be stretched thin in the hopes that they will one day face the same thing with their children and realize “Wow, my mother really loved me.”

In the spirit of accepting that the holidays don’t have to be perfect to be special, here are some photos from our Thanksgiving weekend. We went full Christmas on Black Friday – tree shopping trumps gift shopping – although I’m not happy with my current decorations. Caroline’s mermaid birthday is clashing with my previous princess/woodland fairy themes. I need a LOT more silver and pink. But in the meantime, enjoy pictures of dirty dishes instead.

thanksgiving weekend-3

thanksgiving weekend-4

thanksgiving weekend

thanksgiving weekend-2-2

thanksgiving weekend-6-2

thanksgiving weekend-6

thanksgiving weekend-5

thanksgiving weekend-2-3

thanksgiving weekend-3-3

thanksgiving weekend-8

thanksgiving weekend-8-2

thanksgiving weekend-7

thanksgiving weekend-7-2

thanksgiving weekend-9-2


thanksgiving weekend-10-2

thanksgiving weekend-11

thanksgiving weekend-2-4

thanksgiving weekend-4-4

thanksgiving weekend-3-4

thanksgiving weekend-5-4

thanksgiving weekend-7-3

thanksgiving weekend-6-3

thanksgiving weekend-10-3

thanksgiving weekend-9-3

thanksgiving weekend-8-3

thanksgiving weekend-15

thanksgiving weekend-14

thanksgiving weekend-11-2

thanksgiving weekend-12-2

thanksgiving weekend-16

thanksgiving weekend-3-5

thanksgiving weekend-4-5

thanksgiving weekend-5-5

thanksgiving weekend-7-4



thanksgiving weekend-8-4

thanksgiving weekend-9-4

thanksgiving weekend-6-5

thanksgiving weekend-17

thanksgiving weekend-4-6

thanksgiving weekend-7-5

thanksgiving weekend-8-5

thanksgiving weekend-4-7

thanksgiving weekend-5-7

thanksgiving weekend-2-7

thanksgiving weekend-3-7

thanksgiving weekend-19

thanksgiving weekend-6-6

thanksgiving weekend-7-6

thanksgiving weekend-8-6

thanksgiving weekend-9-6

thanksgiving weekend-10-5

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My Week(212) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

I did a terrible job of taking photos this week. Terrible. It turns out when I’m busy I forget to pull out my phone and take photos of things like the grocery shopping or our playdate or laundry (ALL THE LAUNDRY). We did have a pretty exciting week though.



Linc hung out with me all morning at a newborn session. This is the only picture I took.


ALL THE BATHS for the baby who loves swimming



Sunshine on a rainy day


Shoe shopping


Put a Frozen backdrop in Target = listen to every child ever sing “LET IT GO”



Looking for snow (not yet)


The guys at the post office asked me if Linc was a real baby.


Teething relief for mommy and baby



The baby and the cat have reached a truce


I really love wearing Caroline and she agrees


Couch naps with Baby Jesus



So many leaves, so not raking them


Teething baby wanted cuddles. I wanted to do laundry. We both won.


Two dudes watching TV. FINALLY.



Clearly I need a purple one.





Breaking in my Rainbow Baby wrap


UNIMPRESSED by riding in the cart


I’m pretty sure this photo makes up for all the other ones this week being boring.

Today I went to a photo shoot and brought ZERO children with me. I came home and said “Linc, I missed you!” and then realized it was the first time in his whole 4 months of life I have EVER missed him. Because he has never been more than like 100 feet away from me. Having my husband FINALLY home is pretty useful.

We still don’t know what our plans are for Thanksgiving, so next week’s post could either be nice and early or super late again. I basically care zero perfect about this holiday and am just counting days until I can put up the tree without feeling like a jerk.

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Wordless Wednesday: Last Days of Fall

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Some mom friends and I took the kids down to Bluff Point for a hike since we didn’t have school on Tuesday. 5 moms and 11 kids. When we got to the beach all the big kids went off on an adventure while the babies hung out on the sand and ate rocks. It was so nice to be out of the house in the fresh (warm) air ALL DAY…plus the gingers all slept amazingly well last night.

bluff point

bluff point-2

bluff point-4


What Caroline Wore: Vintage handknit sweater, dress from Land’s End, Target leggings, Boots from Zulily

bluff point-10

What Evan Wore: Mini Boden sweater and jeans

bluff point-6

bluff point-18

bluff point-8

bluff point-13

bluff point-11

bluff point-12

bluff point-15

bluff point-14

bluff point-20

bluff point-22

bluff point-26

And then when we got home I found a TICK on my BABY. Stupid warm weather.


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How Does Your AeroGarden Grow?

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Thank you to Scotts and AeroGarden for sponsoring this post and giveaway!!

I got an email from my friends at MiracleGro asking if I might be interested in an AeroGarden for review. I ignored it.

Want to know what happened to my last houseplants? Dead.

Wondering how long my cute indoor herb planter lasted? Not even long enough to sprout.

Ask me how many tomatoes I got from my garden this year. NONE. (And yes, I did plant tomatoes.)

But they followed up. And it looked so cute. And after I explained “NO REALLY, IT HAS TO BE FOOLPROOF” they assured me it is. So far, they’re right.

miraclegro aerogarden review


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