A garden of sunflowers beckoned to me

Even though it was a bazillionty degrees on Sunday, we made it out to Buttonwood Farms for their annual Sunflowers for Wishes event, one of those things I’ve had on my “local stuff to experience” list for several years but somehow always managed to miss. They plant 15 acres of sunflowers and sell wagon rides and bouquets for $5 with all money going to the Make a Wish foundation. Fantastic photo op PLUS do-goody feelings? How can you resist?

I'm pretty sure those are the cows they get the milk for the amazing ice cream from. Unfortunately the line was at least 50 people long so we'll go back for the ice cream some other day.

I know the baby's not even pay attention but I think I look GREAT (minus armpit fat) so I'm posting it anyways. Vanity, thy name is 4 months pregnant in 95 degree heat.

Baby Evan like the wagon ride more than this photo seems to indicate.

There we a LOT of bees. Luckily, we're not allergic. I don't think.

Not a photo effect - they really did look like they were glowing.

NOW it's time for fun with photo filters.

I swear on all things cheese this photo is SOOC (straigh out of camera). I didn't adjust a single thing.

I'm sorry, I can't stop. They're just so pretty and happy and fun to do artsy photo stuff to.

17 weeks preggo

I couldn't resist buying a couple bouquets. Sunflowers are just so...sunny. Brilliant, I know.

One more for good measure.

It was a good day.

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11 Responses to “A garden of sunflowers beckoned to me”

  1. Amy says:


  2. Beautifulness all around. The flowers are gorgeous, baby Evan is too cute. And pregnancy is looking fabulous on you! Those sunflowers are out of control awesome though.

  3. Jenn Smith says:

    Love your beautiful photo’s. Then again i love all your pictures and keep wondering to myself, if you scrapbook. Your pictures and writings would make a great scrapbook, the little E will want to hide when his girlfriends start coming around. LOL

    Though as a Farm girl I do need to tell you that the cows you have pictured do not produce the milk, they are beef cows.

    • bebehblog says:

      Thanks Jenn! We had cows the last place we lived that I KNEW were beef cows but they didn’t look much like these so I didn’t know.

      And I blog so I don’t HAVE to scrapbooks, since I am terrible at it. I am going to use one of those “turn your blog into a book” services at some point. Maybe when Baby Evan is 2.

  4. Gorgeous! Pregnancy seems to agree with you!

    And I love the pictures! Very sunny, indeed :)

  5. brigidkeely says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, and your pictures are GREAT. I like Baby E’s srs face on the wagon.

  6. I was completely distracted from all the pretty flowers by how wonderful your hair looks!!!! How do you do that!?!??!? Especially in the heat!!!! (and don’t say it’s just cause your pregnant because I’m not really ready for that and it didn’t have that effect on the first time)

  7. Emmie Bee says:

    Suzanne? You my friend ARE ADORABLE! Like, adorable adorable. I wanna hug you!

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  9. andrea says:

    Such a cute belly with such a beautiful background! You DO look amazing… pregnant hair is the best!

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