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Pictures I Forgot About: Volume 1

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I have a feeling this will be a reoccurring problem in my life now, so let’s just call this Volume 1. These are from the super fun summer music series at Jonathan Edwards Winery. I love places that involve both wine and playdates.

je winery concert-7

je winery concert-8

je winery concert-17

je winery concert-3

je winery concert-19

je winery concert-21

je winery concert-20

je winery concert-16

je winery concert-10

je winery concert-12

je winery concert-13

je winery concert-23

je winery concert-26

je winery concert-27

je winery concert-30

Meet Harvey Ice Cream Playdate

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

harvey bars hood

Last Tuesday the kids and I headed up to East Hartford for a fun blogger playdate sponsored by Hood Ice Cream and their new Harvey Bars. If you live in New England you’ve probably seen their commercials (Who put the bar in the bar-di-bar-di-bar…)(It’s actually pretty cute) but I hadn’t seen them at my grocery store yet so I was excited to give them a try.

It was 90+ degrees which I think is perfect weather for ice cream. Especially free ice cream.

1-Photoshop Resize6 harvey bars hood-10 1-Photoshop Resize5 1-Photoshop Resize8 1-Photoshop Resize7 harvey bars hood-14

A++++ will buy again. The kids loved the cookies and cream but the toffee crunch was amaaaazing.

It was also great to see some of the Connecticut bloggers I’ve met over the past year again, plus put actual faces to the names I see online. Everyone was so nice and Evan declared at least five kids to be his new best friend. Even Caroline had a good time blowing bubbles for a “baby friend.”

harvey bars hood-13

harvey bars hood-11

The question was: Who wants fore ice cream??

harvey bars hood-16

harvey bars hood-18

harvey bars hood-19

harvey bars hood-21

harvey bars hood-20

The Hood Company was founded here in Connecticut and has been making ice cream for more than 100 years. The Harvey Bar is named after Harvey Perley Hood, who started the company and always wore a bow tie (it’s the tie on the bar wrapper a cute tribute?) We love local companies, plus we love ice cream, so it was a great event for us. Thanks to Hood, Shift Communications and Julie for inviting us!

I was invited to the Hood Playdate by Julie, who is in my local Facebook group. We receives snacks, ice cream, and coupons in exchange for attending, with no obligation to share our experience.

My Week(131) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

We did a lot of stuff this week. There was also a lot of falling asleep on the couch, in the car, on the floor, sitting up, etc. And right now both kids are about to fall asleep next to me while I try to beat level 79 in Candy Crush. It’s NEVER going to happen.



I’m addicted to Bagel Thins.


Family dinner date to Johnny Rockets


She liked this game WAY TOO MUCH. I’m terrified of her teenage years.



Caroline’s idea of a good morning: lying on my bedroom floor eating graham crackers.


Watermelon serving size: half for breakfast, half for lunch.


Karate Kid VII: Attack of the Ginger Babies



My dentist is cooler than your dentist.


Swigin’ by the Sea


They’re very into boats, even indoor boats.



Who are these quiet, well behaved children playing during my preschool teacher conference?


Fancy new gym is FANCY!


Lookin’ good, Nature.



Good morning, this is your pilot waking you up…


Not the least big scared of the huge, be-horned cow.


Picnic dinner at the playground



He’s covering his ears so he won’t be scared by the Surprise Symphony.


Stroller Strides. Hat.


Much much MUCH needed solo evening walk.



When did bookstores start selling SO MANY TOYS?


Enjoy it at someone else’s house, kid, since I am NEVER buying you a drum set.


Future jockey in training

  I wrote that whole post and used up all my lives in Candy Crush and Caroline is STILL asleep. But E is also home from work so we’re going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some maybe-not-exactly-authentic burritos at Moe’s. Any excuse to eat guacamole is a good one. Happy Weekend!