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Kiawah 2014

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Oh, the beach house. Why can’t real life be like the beach house?

If you haven’t been reading for years, the beach house belongs to the uncle of one of my friends. He allows us to borrow it once a year for a long weekend. It has 6 bedrooms, each with their own private bath, a huge kitchen, 3 wine fridges, a fully stocked (with alcohol) butler’s pantry, every TV channel ever, a deck and private pool, and beach access to an always deserted private beach. Everything about the beach house is nicer than my own house, including the dishes and beds and beach toys. There is a planter full of herbs that grows on the deck, so if you need fresh basil for dinner it’s right there. The towels and sheets are color coded to the bedrooms, so the cleaning service can put them all back in the right place when we leave. I imagine the beach house is what life is like for celebrities every day.

This year we went from three kids at the beach house to SIX kids at the beach house, ranging in age from 2 months (Linc!) to five years (Evan!). The number of adults actually fell. The weather wasn’t very good and I only made it down to the actual beach once and I drove alone for two days each way to get there AND my car broke down 10 miles from Kiawah…but it was still an amazing vacation.

The beach house is lucky. It turned out my car just had a dead battery, the baby slept through the night, and my often-missing husband even made it to the house for a very brief visit. It was so great to see my friends and talk about life and jobs and changes and babies. We’re already planning for next year’s trip (and saving up for a nanny, since we’ll have 6 actual kids, rather than 3 and 3 babies). I can’t wait.

kiawah 2014

Having kids at the same time as your friends works out well.

kiawah 2014-3

The pool was pretty cold. They did not care.

kiawah 2014-4

kiawah 2014-5

kiawah 2014-7

kiawah 2014-8

We try to buy a gift for the owners every year. This year we bought a huge crab pot, so next year I can fit all the lowcountry boil in it.

kiawah 2014-9

So much foooood.

kiawah 2014-10

kiawah 2014-12

There’s an old fashioned pharmacy/soda fountain in the shopping center on Kiawah

kiawah 2014-17

kiawah 2014-18

kiawah 2014-20

kiawah 2014-23

kiawah 2014-24

The beach was a little bleak without the sun, but it wasn’t too cold for the kids.

kiawah 2014-25

kiawah 2014-26

kiawah 2014-27

He really wants to learn how to surf

kiawah 2014-28

kiawah 2014-29

He was really good at boogie boarding though!

kiawah 2014-33

kiawah 2014-35

kiawah 2014-42

kiawah 2014-45

kiawah 2014-48

Linc likes the beach for about 5 minutes.

kiawah 2014-49

The “O” has a sad face in it, because Princess Sadface had a meltdown about…something. We still aren’t sure what.

kiawah 2014-52

kiawah 2014-54

kiawah 2014-55

kiawah 2014-59

Then she cheered up.

kiawah 2014-60

kiawah 2014-63

Couch naps, not just for babies!

kiawah 2014-68

Caramel apple pie. Recipe coming soon.

kiawah 2014-69

Caroline LOVED that there were lots of people who let her help in the kitchen.

kiawah 2014-71

kiawah 2014-72

kiawah 2014-73

kiawah 2014-75

Eating cake in her jammies. It was both early for cake and late for jammies. Vacation!!

kiawah 2014-77

kiawah 2014-78

kiawah 2014-81

kiawah 2014-83

kiawah 2014-84

kiawah 2014-87

kiawah 2014-90

kiawah 2014-98

kiawah 2014-104

kiawah 2014-106

kiawah 2014-114

kiawah 2014-117

kiawah 2014-120

kiawah 2014-122

kiawah 2014-125

kiawah 2014-130

kiawah 2014-132

kiawah 2014-135

He’s not actually that grumpy, he just makes that face.

kiawah 2014-136

kiawah 2014-145

Helping with important work. Or maybe playing games.

kiawah 2014-148

Reading to Baby Jesus.

kiawah 2014-149

kiawah 2014-151

kiawah 2014-155

The appropriate way to eat chocolate ice cream.

kiawah 2014-156

kiawah 2014-159

kiawah 2014-164

kiawah 2014-165

kiawah 2014-167


kiawah 2014-174

Linc is almost exactly the same size as his 4 month and 6 month old baby friends. FAT BABY, OLD MAN FACE.

kiawah 2014-178

kiawah 2014-181

kiawah 2014-182

Last morning at the pool


kiawah 2014-184

kiawah 2014-187


kiawah 2014-188





kiawah 2014-189

Goodbye beach house! See you next year!

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My Week(162) in iPhone Photos

My Week(204) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

I’m at the beach and never coming back.



His face looks like this 90% of the time


This photo was taken at 3 pm. Those are pajamas.





Babywearing pedicure


Oceany toes in preparation for the beach


After school face



Purple is a good color on him


Not happy about those shots


The icee machine was broken so someone stole my vanilla bean frap #spoiled



Pumpkin muffins taste better at MorMor’s house


Watching Friends on my parent’s couch because I am actually 16.


Foxy baby jams from Target



Even soaking wet play areas are more fun than riding in the car for 8 hours


My car died on the way to vacation, but Frozen + headphones helped (Car is fine now, dead battery)


At the beach, you drink champagne with your snacks



It’s only like 73 degrees this weekend


Spoiled children don’t even appreciate how huge this house is


All those things are mine.



Everything about Kiawah is nicer than regular places. This was just set up at the shopping center for pictures (I guess?)


When I was pregnant with Caroline, we called her Sandy


There are so many awesome things in this picture.

Like I said, I’m at the beach. I’m never leaving. Although I did ignore my children and put down my mixed drink long enough to finish my nursery post, so if you want to see Linc’s nursery you can come back tomorrow. I won’t ever see it in person again though, because I’M NOT LEAVING THE BEACH.

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Best Weekend of the Year 2014

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

They changed the name of Taste of Mystic to Mystic Eats, but besides that it’s the same weekend we’ve had for 3 years now. And it was just as delicious and fun now as it always is. (For reference: Post from 2012, Post from 2013. I am once again really please with how my photography has really improved. This year’s photos are in focus!)

Greek Food Festival:

best weekend of the year

best weekend of the year-2

best weekend of the year-3

best weekend of the year-4

best weekend of the year-5

best weekend of the year-7

best weekend of the year-9

best weekend of the year-11

best weekend of the year-14


Ledyard Fair (free rides Saturday 9-10 am! Every year!):

best weekend of the year-16

best weekend of the year-17

best weekend of the year-18

best weekend of the year-19

best weekend of the year-20

best weekend of the year-21

best weekend of the year-23

best weekend of the year-25

best weekend of the year-26

best weekend of the year-28

best weekend of the year-29

best weekend of the year-30

best weekend of the year-31

best weekend of the year-32

best weekend of the year-33

best weekend of the year-34


best weekend of the year-38

best weekend of the year-40

best weekend of the year-42

best weekend of the year-43


Taste of Italy:

best weekend of the year-44

best weekend of the year-45

best weekend of the year-46

best weekend of the year-47

best weekend of the year-48

best weekend of the year-52

best weekend of the year-53


Mystic Eats:

best weekend of the year-54

best weekend of the year-55

best weekend of the year-56

best weekend of the year-57

best weekend of the year-59

best weekend of the year-60

best weekend of the year-63

best weekend of the year-64

best weekend of the year-66

best weekend of the year-68

best weekend of the year-69

best weekend of the year-71


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My Week(201) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

This week features an abnormal number of photos of Caroline sitting at tables. It was really really really hot for most of the week, so sitting was about all we managed.



Didn’t even get out of her jammies before she needed a nap.


Dudes chilling on the couch


Waiting by the door. For cheeseburgers, obv.



Nice view. Terrible, rocky beach.


Sleeping through me things.


Really excited about fried clam strips



She apparently turned 15 overnight.


Mommy, are you SURE I can drink this beer?





Stroller Strides! He slept through it. Obviously.


Lipgloss obsessed


Tubby baby



Caroline gets on the bus an hour later than Evan, but insists on waiting with him.


Skeptical of the babycage aka shopping cart


Her face after like TWO sips of soda



Chatting with a babyfriend


Napping on the porch


NOT NAPPING at bedtime



FAIR-ly Fun


I have not yet mastered the “look at the camera” part of a selfie


Waiting for her meatballs at the Italian Food Festival

The humidity has been INSANE this week, like swimming through the air instead of walking, and without A/C our house has been miserable. I’m so ready for actual, real fall to start, despite the fact that I own ONE pair of pants that fit. No one will notice I’m wearing the same jeans everyday when I’m also wearing a super cute baby in a super cute wrap. (Warning: I’m currently obsessed with woven wraps, I’ll probably bore you talking about them.)

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My Week(200!!) in iPhone Photos

Monday, September 1st, 2014

200 WEEKS of mostly terrible, blurry, boring photos of the normal stuff we do every day. I have no idea why I’ve kept this up for so long but I’m glad I have. The first week I did it, I was pregnant with Caroline. This week, she went to her first day of real school. Never has 200 weeks seemed so short.



Grocery shopping with 3 kids is a pain, but a baby who sleeps the whole time makes it better


This haircut cost me $37 – $17 for cut + tip, $20 for the Legos I promised him if he just SAT STILL


“This chair is like my THRONE!”



Making zucchini bread in our pajamas


That Lego set was totally worth the $20


He sleeps with his eyes open. NOT CREEPY AT ALL.



“Mommy, I love love LOVE Baby Lincoln!”


Showing off his kindergarten cubby at orientation


No one wants to hold my hand when Daddy makes an appearance.



All summer long the kids have been up at 6 am. I took this at 7:10 on Evan’s first day of school.


It’s such a shame she’s so shy and quiet.


Linc agrees that school starting is very exciting.



Obviously they’ve got the moves


I think her first day was fun?


Entertaining ourselves with shadows while we wait (FOREVERRRRRR) for Evan’s bus



I really hope she comes out of her shell at school.


Showing off his brother to his best friend


Farmer’s Market night gets an A+++++ for food and friends



I spent most of the morning like this. It was lovely.


They’ve never met a big, flat field they didn’t want to run across


My photography assistant fell asleep on the job. Again.

And there you go, 21 more unremarkable pictures of our life. The only thing that’s going to change in the near future is I’m going to upgrade my iPhone, so maybe my pictures will get slightly better. Although not more interesting. We’re pretty boring, and I’m OK with that.

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