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Oak Leaf Dairy Farm Visit – Baby Goat Cuddle Therapy Should Be A Thing

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

A few weeks ago a friend posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter surrounded by baby goats. I clicked the picture, which was geo-tagged, which led to a place name, which I then typed into Facebook and their page popped up. (Technology, man!) It turns out the place with the baby goats is called Oak Leaf Dairy and it’s only 20 minutes from my house. So after ballet class on Saturday I forced my family into their coats and put the directions into my phone and said “WE’RE GOING TO SEE GOATS EVERYONE IN THE CAR.”

I have about a 20% success rate with Family Fun Days. 80% of the time I am slightly-to-very disappointed because the Family Fun I had pictured never materialises. The kids are hungry, the weather is bad, my husband doesn’t think “wandering” or “browsing” count as fun activities at all. The more kids we add the more often I am stressed instead of relaxed and the picture perfect day trips I image for our family ends with everyone just needing a nap and a break from each other. It’s something I struggle with a lot – I WANT to be a family that loves to do lots of things together but most of the time we do better just watching a movie. That’s not much of a photo-worthy occasion.

BUT. Sometimes. Sometimes everyone remembers that they actually like each other and we have an awesome time.

The goats were an awesome time. Oak Leaf Dairy gets an A+ for Family Fun.

oak leaf dairy goat farm

oak leaf dairy goat farm-3

oak leaf dairy goat farm-5

oak leaf dairy goat farm-7

oak leaf dairy goat farm-10

oak leaf dairy goat farm-16

oak leaf dairy goat farm-18

oak leaf dairy goat farm-19

oak leaf dairy goat farm-20

oak leaf dairy goat farm-22

oak leaf dairy goat farm-23

Since it was snowing/raining we didn’t get to walk around the farm for the full tour, but we spent more than an hour in the baby goat shed just cuddling and petting baby goats. You can hold the goats. You HAVE to hold the goats, because they will literally leap into your lap. They also nibble your clothes and hair and phone and shoes but they have baby goat teeth and it doesn’t hurt. There were tiny babies literally born THAT morning in a separate quiet pen but the children could climb in and out of the other stalls (if they WANTED to be covered in goats) or hang out in the main room if they wanted a little more space. There were a few other people there and they were all as overwhelmed with the adorableness as we were – one of them FaceTimed her sister to show her how much fun the kids were having playing with the goats. Even my husband, who rolls his eyes at everything, loved the baby goats. BABY GOATS ARE THE BEST.

I would like to recommend baby goat therapy be added to Ways To Avoid Hating Everything.

oak leaf dairy goat farm-25

oak leaf dairy goat farm-28

oak leaf dairy goat farm-30

oak leaf dairy goat farm-32

oak leaf dairy goat farm-34

oak leaf dairy goat farm-35


oak leaf dairy goat farm-39

oak leaf dairy goat farm-40

oak leaf dairy goat farm-41

oak leaf dairy goat farm-44

After we got in our baby goat time – even Lincoln liked petting the baby goats – we stopped at the cheese room to try out some samples: aged cheddar, cheddar curds, 4 kinds of chevre, feta, and caramel sauce. They also sell soap, but we couldn’t eat that so we didn’t buy any. We DID buy an obscene amount of everything else and then stopped for bread and ice cream on the way home so we would have cheese and caramel mouth-delivery devices.

It was an excellent Family Fun Day and we are going back as soon as possible.

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My Week(215) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

I took a nap today, because I felt like I might actually die if I didn’t. I’m not even crazy sleep deprived or anything, I had just hit the wall of touched-out and busy and mentally tired of staying on top of everything. Caroline’s party is this Saturday and Christmas is next week and then we have one more visit to finish up 2014…and then I am never leaving the house again. 2015 will be the year ALL THE THINGS get organized and clean using only supplies I can order through Amazon Prime so I don’t have to wear pants.



The toys in Ohio are more fun than any of the toys in Connecticut




Thank you Aunt Sara and Uncle Sean!



I’m keeping this monstrosity on the DVR FOREVER


This is how he feels about the 12 hours we spent driving back from Ohio


THE GARDEN OF THE FUTURE did great without me here



It’s weird that the post office is open in the dark


Still loves it. Judge me.


Cutest stomach tumor ever



Grocery shopping is boring for him but excited for me because this wrap is super pretty


I told him about Santa





Snow! On a day we didn’t have a delay. Unlike the day where we had a delay for rain.


Doesn’t care about the cold.


Helping me make dinner



Less organized than the last time I posted a picture of our playdate stash


Olde Mystickee Villageeeee was decorated for Christmas


The aquarium was NOT FUN amounts of crowded, but at least we weren’t cold

Saturday (with extra pictures, because it was really fun!):


Why yes, I do look adorable in this sweater outfit and rainbow


The Florence Griswold Museum was like all my historic home dreams come true




Fascinated by football at lunch


Pretending to be cold while we wait for Santa


He really likes the lights

I spent 30 minutes today gluing googly eyes to toothpicks for Caroline’s party (you’ll have to guess what for) and my plans for the evening include moving everything from my dining room to the basement so I can turn it into an under the sea wonderland. I am very far behind compared to previous party years. I’m refusing to worry though, because I will have LOTS of help with all the family in town, and I am sure they will be more than willing to hang up 100 green streamers and blow up 200 balloons. Or at least they will pretend to be happy to do it while wondering why I am insane.

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My Week(226) in iPhone Photos

My Week(211) in iPhone Photos

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Linc has two bottom teeth. If you’ve ever had a 3 month old with teeth you will know why it has taken me two days to finish this post. And also why my right nipple hurts so bad I wish I could just cut it off.

I have a new game for you, called “count how many times Suzanne wears the babies in this week’s post”. The prize is then you get to judge me for being crazy.



I wore my wrap instead of a coat for our walk to church




Boys in a bounce house = trouble





My town is pretty cute sometimes


Much healthy, so good for me



Like a scene from an end of the world movie


And then a some horses showed up and blew Caroline’s mind


Me: Caroline, want to be my model so I can test the light for a picture? Caroline: UGH.



A Still Life Of The Kitchen Of A Woman Who DGAF: Volume 1,000,000


All those stupid power lines are ruining my enjoyment of this beautiful sky. WHO NEEDS ELECTRICITY ANYWAYS?


I put that on his head and then laughed at him.



Start ’em young!


That one is called Invisibility Cloak. Linc says “Am I invisible now?”


That’s Evan, solo back swimming in the deep end. SO BIG.



Caroline likes being worn more than anyone else.


Being a ballerina is exhausting


As of right now my red tree is bare, but last week it was gorgeous



Real life: I bring my baby to photo sessions because he’s exclusively nursing, but sometimes it does not go well. Luckily the photos themselves are still awesome.




Wraps make good blankies after rough days too.

And now I am going to go grit my teeth and nurse down the miserable baby AGAIN (and then give him some tylenol and gas drops and teething tablets and make sure his amber necklace is on and stand on one leg naked in the moonlight and ANYTHING ELSE that might help him with his sad mouth pain). Poor baby.

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Wordless Wednesday: Last Days of Fall

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Some mom friends and I took the kids down to Bluff Point for a hike since we didn’t have school on Tuesday. 5 moms and 11 kids. When we got to the beach all the big kids went off on an adventure while the babies hung out on the sand and ate rocks. It was so nice to be out of the house in the fresh (warm) air ALL DAY…plus the gingers all slept amazingly well last night.

bluff point

bluff point-2

bluff point-4


What Caroline Wore: Vintage handknit sweater, dress from Land’s End, Target leggings, Boots from Zulily

bluff point-10

What Evan Wore: Mini Boden sweater and jeans

bluff point-6

bluff point-18

bluff point-8

bluff point-13

bluff point-11

bluff point-12

bluff point-15

bluff point-14

bluff point-20

bluff point-22

bluff point-26

And then when we got home I found a TICK on my BABY. Stupid warm weather.


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Fall In

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Three kids is a lot of kids. I mean, it’s not A LOT of kids. 15 is a lot of kids. But three kids is more kids than I have hands or eyes, so the logistics of taking them out in public can be difficult.  It’s actually not so bad, since I can keep one kid literally tied to my body at all times, especially when we’re out doing things and it’s not really safe to just leave him on the floor. If it were up to me, that’s where he would hang out most of the time, since he’s pretty entertained by ceiling fans and smiling and I can smile at him from the couch.

But the two bigger ones still expect me to be Fun Mom who Does All The Things, so last weekend we went and Did All The Things. Since they have the attention span of gnats I managed to fit all the fun into just one warm, beautiful Saturday so we could stay home and do nothing on the colder, less beautiful Sunday. I like to pretend I am Supermom but I can only keep it up for like, 4 hours. Then I turn into regular old fed-up, impatient, tired mom.

Luckily it really was a gorgeous day and I did not collapse after climbing the giant hill to the apple trees and I even managed to bring my camera, which is the thing that I have been letting go in the name of sanity. But it was really fun to do fall things AND take pictures.

Please enjoy some pictures.

fall stuff

fall stuff-2

fall stuff-3

fall stuff-4

fall stuff-5

fall stuff-6

That’s Mohegan Sun, the casino. We take people there when they visit.

fall stuff-8

fall stuff-9

fall stuff-10

fall stuff-11

fall stuff-13

fall stuff-14

fall stuff-15

fall stuff-16

fall stuff-17

fall stuff-19

fall stuff-20

fall stuff-21

fall stuff-22

fall stuff-23

This thing fires water bottles at big targets. Evan would have spent every dollar I own doing it all day.

fall stuff-24

fall stuff-25

fall stuff-26

fall stuff-28

fall stuff-29

fall stuff-30

fall stuff-31

fall stuff-33

fall stuff-34

I hate corn mazes, but Evan took charge and actually lead the way through. There was another mom with a 4 year old who walked with us and even she was impressed.

fall stuff-36

fall stuff-37

There is still corn all over my house from this corn pit

fall stuff-38


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