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Zoo Day June 2015

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I have taken a TON of photos over the past week. I know you’re probably thinking “Um, but Suzanne, you ALWAYS take a ton of photos, why is this new information?” Really, I haven’t actually been taking photos. I’ve been trying to get used to wrangling 3 kids. It’s kind of been kicking my ass, especially in public. Even with Linc tied to my body I have a hard time, because he’s either grabbing the camera or his weight changes my center of gravity and I have a had time balancing to get interesting, in focus photos. Besides the

Besides the photo I take every day for my 365 project, I’ve hardly been doing any creative or documentary photography. This blog was built on me sharing photos of our adventures, so it’s really been suffering from that loss. Bebehblog started with a crappy point and shoot camera and evolved into somewhere I learned, shared and grew with my photography. I am hoping I can get back in the habit of documenting our lives with more than just my iPhone.

We went to the zoo with some of our favorite friends on Saturday to celebrate Z’s 4th birthday. Caroline and Z are like two animal-loving peas in a pod, so they a great time. We all did, because hanging out with friends is the best.

zoo day web-2

zoo day web-3

zoo day web-7

zoo day web-8

You would think my kids would be over goats by now, but you would be wrong.

zoo day web-10

zoo day web-12

zoo day web-13

Flamingo impression.

zoo day web-15

zoo day web-18


zoo day web-20

New zoo exhibit: Wild Gingers.

zoo day web-23

zoo day web-24

zoo day web-26

zoo day web-27

zoo day web-28

zoo day web-30

zoo day web-31

zoo day web-33

zoo day web-34

zoo day web-37

zoo day web-38

zoo day web-40

zoo day web-42

I just stopped in the middle of this post and thought “How did a photo of Baby Evan get in here?” The family resemblance is STRONG.

zoo day web-43

zoo day web-46

zoo day web-47

zoo day web-48

zoo day web-52

zoo day web-54

zoo day web-55

zoo day web-59

zoo day web-62

zoo day web-64

zoo day web-65

zoo day web-67

zoo day web-68


zoo day web-70

zoo day web-71

zoo day web-74

zoo day web-75

Linc’s first time getting to ride on a horse, and an up-and-down horse at that! He loved it.

zoo day web-77

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Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Caroline had morning day camp at Mystic Seaport last week, so we were out of the house Doing Stuff almost every day. Doing stuff is really fun, but I might not be up for stuff every day. Maybe every other day. This coming week Evan has full day Seaport Camp, so we’ll do even more stuff. I am both excited and already tired.



Caroline says “Look! You can’t even see me!”


Moon bears


This was not my first time at the zoo, so I brough dry clothes.



He dresses himself.


Sleepy baby at camp pick-up


Can’t resist the lake, even when we’re tired



Bed hog


Evan talked the seaport volunteer into doing ALL the puzzles with him.


He said he missed her while she was at camp



Cheerios and a double stroller all to himself. SPOILED.


Cool dude


He didn’t even mind coming to dance rehearsal because he got to play Minecraft



Fishing Day at seaport camp


Cotton candy frapp


I am unable to handle Caroline in make up



Best purchase!!


What are you doin’ lying on the floor? Just get up.


Tappity tap tap tap



Water baby at the zoo for the second time in a week


Mini ginger


Big ginger

I can’t believe it’s already the last week of June. I keep having to triple check the calendar to make sure I’m not on the wrong month. I have less than 4 weeks before Lincoln turns one and before his birthday party. I ordered a ton of birthday stuff but have no actual decorating plans beyond “hang up some sparkly stuff” and “maybe cake?” Luckily we have a bunch of family coming, so I will have people to help me cut up one zillion foods into star shapes.

It is freezing cold today but the forecast for the rest of the week looks perfect for lots of #lakelife fun. So far it’s been a pretty good summer.

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My Week(242) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Schooooooooool’s out for summer! Caroline starts camp tomorrow AND she has her dance recital this week. She is going to be one tired girl by Saturday morning. I’m hoping that means she might sleep longer than 6 am.



For her last soccer game, Caroline played with the U8 team. She was half their size!




We all love #lakelife



We worked on our Father’s Day presents, which are late because E was SUPPOSED to be at sea. Although we are much happier having him home.


Glitter, the herpes of craft supplies


We put in a chin up bar for wrap swings



Little explorer


A+ dentist visit


Keeping the healthy baby away from the germs at his check-up



I cleaned out my purse. That’s just the trash.


I think my cat is plotting to kill me


Ice cream weirdos



He always sleeps like this


He really loves his foot


Hanging out



Baby friends!!!


Morning playdates are exhausting


Loooook at my fooooooot



I don’t know why.


Water break


Happy weekend!

E was supposed to be at sea but he is not, so we had a nice Father’s Day at the zoo followed by pulled pork and ice cream cake. The kids announced THEY had the best Father’s Day, so I think it was successful. I really like the kind of family fun day where no one has a giant meltdown and I get to eat ice cream cake.

Off topic: I got a Fitbit this week, and my desire to get to 10,000 steps a day has been GREAT motivation for me to move. I also really love that it’s giving me extra points in my Weight Watchers app, because ice cream cake.

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Last Day of School 2015

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Today I said good bye to my kindergartener and my pre-because and welcomed home a first grader and a kindergartener. That means both big kids will be in full day programs at the same school next year. ONE bus in the morning, ONE bus in the afternoon, SEVEN hours of freedom in between. (Well, as free as you can be with a 1-year-old.)

The kids have grown so much this year, both physically and mentally. Caroline’s teachers report she is academically strong and predict she will thrive in kinder. They also said she has great maturity with peer pressure and when some of the girls in class get out of hand she’s great at saying “No, I shouldn’t do this” and removing herself from the situation. Since she’s always trying to keep up with Evan we’re working on her sight words and I suspect she’ll go into the fall already reading. She loves expressing “her style” with her glasses and hair and leggings but has no complaints about the school uniform (I LOVE school uniforms).

Evan looks like a completely different kid than in September. He’s so big and so capable and so smart. He reads at grade level, has mastered all the kinder math skills and got a glowing report on how very much he has progressed in both his listening and behavior since the winter. Even when he was having trouble listening to grown-ups, he remembered to be kind and help others. His school best friend is the smallest kid in the class, who he adopted as his personal responsibility to make sure no one was mean to him or picked on him. The last time the principal called, it was to tell me Evan stood up for a kid in the lunch line and a bigger kid pushed him. Evan told a teacher, but didn’t push back. Best phone call from the principal ever.

I am so excited to hang out with all the kids and do fun stuff and use all our memberships this summer. I’m letting them eat carrots, hummus and Oreos for dinner tonight while we start their very important Lord of the Rings education, so things are already in vacation mode.

First day of school post here for reference. (Sob sob sob so little now they’re so big sob etc etc.)

last day of school 2015 web

last day of school 2015 web-15

last day of school 2015 web-2

last day of school 2015 web-4

last day of school 2015 web-5

last day of school 2015 web-14

last day of school 2015 web-7

last day of school 2015 web-11

The peace sign apparently means “no excuses” at Evan’s school, so you do it when you need to prove you’re listening and ready to learn.

last day of school 2015 web-13

last day graphic Evan


last day of school 2015 web-16

last day of school 2015 web-17

last day of school 2015 web-18

last day of school 2015 web-22

last day of school 2015 web-23

last day of school 2015 web-24

last day of school 2015 web-27

last day of school 2015 web-29

last day of school 2015 web-30

last day of school 2015 web-31

last day of school 2015 web-32

last day of school 2015 web-34

last day graphic Caroline


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Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

One of the reasons I keep up my photography business, if only on a very very part time basis, is because it gives me a tiny bit of truly disposable income. I can spend that little bit of income on whatever I want, whether it’s new photography equipment or getting my hair done or an investment in something else. That last one is what I did with my first quarter income from 2015 – I invested it in my family in the form of a membership in the Amos Lake Beach Club.

amos lake-13

amos lake-6

amos lake-58

So far, it is proving to be a very worthwhile investment. The lake has shade, so much shade that I don’t have to wear sunscreen. The lake bottom is mostly sand and no rocks. There are picnic tables and grills so we can sit and play cards and stay for dinner. It is approximately 15 minutes from my front door to the parking lot. There are swings and climby things for the kids, fish so plentiful and fearless you can catch them with popcorn and a net, and there are almost always other children there for my children to play with but it is rarely crowded.

amos lake-2

amos lake-7

amos lake-15

amos lake-17

amos lake-19

amos lake-20

amos lake-22

amos lake-34

amos lake-47

amos lake-48

To be honest, I was sort of dreading the summer and all the free time we would have to…stare at screens and ignore each other. I am not good at saying no to iPad time when it’s only 10 am and the kids are already whining. The lake solves the “should we pack up and go somewhere or stay home and relax” problem. We can do both! At the lake! And we can bring beer! I enjoy my family the way I imagine people are supposed to enjoy their families when I am at the lake with a beer. I mean, I love my family all the time, because they are my family. But there are definitely moments where all I want in the whole world is the freedom to go do something FUN that doesn’t end up being incredibly stressful. But when you’re relaxing only 15 minutes from home, it’s easy to relax. As long as no one breaks their leg (KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD) there are no emergencies at the lake.

amos lake-61

amos lake-55


amos lake-46

amos lake-45


amos lake-41


amos lake-59

amos lake-42

amos lake-50

amos lake-29


amos lake-36

amos lake-18


I feel really really lucky we can live the #lakelife this summer. It’s going to be good for all of us individually and good for all of us together.


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