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North Pole Express 2013

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Back in August I saw a post go up on Facebook for the Essex Steam Train North Pole Express tickets. They’d only been on sale for like 20 minutes and the page was blowing up with people who couldn’t get on the specific train they wanted because they were already sold out. So I made a snap judgement, crossed my fingers that my husband would get first-half leave, and threw down a bunch of dollars for four tickets.

I would recommend it. Maybe not for a 3 year old, although Caroline loved it, but definitely for kids a little older who still believe in Santa. It was pretty magical, especially when our elf (every train car gets their own elf) found out it was Caroline’s birthday and had everyone sing Happy Birthday to her. I only managed to choke back about 85% of my tears, because magic.

And now here are a bazillion pictures:

essex steam train north pole express 2013-2

Matching pajamas because I win at parenting

essex steam train north pole express 2013-3

essex steam train north pole express 2013-4

essex steam train north pole express 2013-7

essex steam train north pole express 2013-8

essex steam train north pole express 2013-9

essex steam train north pole express 2013-10

essex steam train north pole express 2013-11

Snack before we board

essex steam train north pole express 2013-12

essex steam train north pole express 2013-13

essex steam train north pole express 2013-14

essex steam train north pole express 2013-15

essex steam train north pole express 2013-16

essex steam train north pole express 2013-18

essex steam train north pole express 2013-19

essex steam train north pole express 2013-21

essex steam train north pole express 2013-22

essex steam train north pole express 2013-25

essex steam train north pole express 2013-26


essex steam train north pole express 2013-27


essex steam train north pole express 2013-28

essex steam train north pole express 2013-29

essex steam train north pole express 2013-31

essex steam train north pole express 2013-34

essex steam train north pole express 2013-35

essex steam train north pole express 2013-36

essex steam train north pole express 2013-40

essex steam train north pole express 2013-42

essex steam train north pole express 2013-44

essex steam train north pole express 2013-45

Looking at the North Pole

essex steam train north pole express 2013-47

Dancing in the aisles

essex steam train north pole express 2013-49

I wasn’t sure we were ever going to get Caroline off the train – she LOVED her elf

Merry, merry Christmas to my Christmas-celebrating friends! I hope you all have a lovely holiday full of magic and family and memories and cookies.

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Davis Christmas 2012

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Christmas Eve:

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012-4

Christmas 2012-6 edit

Christmas 2012-10

Christmas 2012-16

Christmas 2012-17

Christmas 2012-18 edit

Christmas 2012-21 edit

Christmas 2012-23 edit

Christmas 2012-2 copy 2

Christmas 2012-29 edit

Christmas 2012-26

Christmas 2012-34

Christmas 2012-39 copy edit

Christmas 2012-40

Christmas Morning:

Christmas 2012-51

Christmas 2012-48

Christmas 2012-52

Christmas 2012-53

Christmas 2012-57

Christmas 2012-59

Christmas 2012-60

Christmas 2012-63 copy edit

Christmas 2012-64

Christmas 2012-66 edit

Christmas Day:

Christmas 2012-70 edit

Christmas 2012-67

Christmas 2012-69

Christmas 2012-73

Christmas 2012-72

Christmas 2012-75 edit
Christmas 2012-77

We had an amazing holiday, full of food and family and fun. The kids were – and are – insanely spoiled, both with STUFF and attention.

I made Bacon and Hash Brown Egg Bake and Blueberry French Toast Casserole on Christmas Eve to put in the oven in the morning and both were delicious. My plans for an actual Christmas meal were thwarted by total laziness (and maybe my “holiday style” hot cocoa starting at 11 am) and we just turned the ham into sandwiches instead. They were FANTASTIC.

My sister is here to visit for a few days and the kids are already madly in love with her. She brought champagne and chocolate and volunteered to babysit on New Year’s Eve so she can stay forever if she wants. I mean, I know her plan WAS to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and then move to Paris, but I’m offering a very nice guest room, free food and the chance to hang out with two crazy ginger toddlers as much as she wants so we’ll see. It might be an offer she can’t refuse.

I hope you and your families had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I’ll be on my couch finishing off this bag of candy Santa “forgot” to put in our stockings and Googling “miracle 48-hour juice fast lose 30 pounds today”.

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Santa Might Be Late. Or Really Early.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

E has to work on Christmas this year. I realize in the scheme of Ways The Military Can Screw Up Your Holidays having to work on Christmas Day is pretty minor, but it’s the first time this has happened since having kids. (Funny enough, neither of us can remember if it happened BEFORE kids – Maybe once? I know it happened the very first year we were dating but we weren’t spending the holidays together then.)

I’m really glad he’s not deployed. I’m glad it’s only a 24 hour watch. I’m glad we have some family visiting so our day can still be special. But I’m a little stumped on what to do about Santa.

The way our day(s) would go if E didn’t have work is: Christmas Eve service at our church, open one present before bed, wake up at 7 am, open our stockings, open our gifts, make pancakes, eat way too much chocolate, have some sort of Christmasy dinner, get really bored and whiny, fight over new toys, put on fresh jammies (since we’re probably still wearing the ones we woke up in), go to bed.

This year we have three options.

1. Santa comes early. One of us sneaks all the gifts out and fill the stockings while the other loads the kids into the car for church and we open everything before bed on Christmas Eve. The major problem with this plan is getting the kids to GO to bed. They are sooooo tired in the evenings now that they don’t nap and I’d expect at least a couple meltdowns during the gift-opening, followed by major over-tired hyper energy boosts that keep them up until 11 pm. But in the morning they’ll have all the new presents to play with and we can still have pancakes.

2. Santa comes late. The kids can’t read a calendar, they don’t know what day it is. So we go to Christmas Eve service, put them to bed, and when they wake up it’s just a fun Play With Grandma and Grandpa day. I put out the gifts after they go to bed and we have normal Christmas on the 26th. I’ll let the kids open their stockings while we wait for E to get home and then he jumps right in to presents. We can all spend the whole day together, complete with pancakes and Christmas dinner. But on the 25th of December we won’t celebrate anything and I’m not entirely sure that won’t bum me out.

3. Early morning Christmas. E doesn’t actually have to be at work until 9 am (AT work, which means he has to leave here around 8 am) so we could potentially get all the major Christmas activities done before he goes in. We can wake the kids up at 6 am for stockings and presents (if they aren’t already up from excitement). Then the kids can play with their bazillion new toys all day, we can have something casual for lunch, and they can go to bed at the regular time. ALSO maybe possibly after they go to bed I can sneak off to see Les Mis alone, so I can sob my eyes out without judgment. We can do a Christmas ham and all the side dishes on the 26th if I work up enough energy, but I wouldn’t mind terribly if we skipped it for some pizza. The down side is the rush to get everything over with before E goes in to work – do we want to make it a race to open everything as fast as possible?

I realize this is an insanely first world problem – “Oh noes! My kids are getting SO MUCH stuff for Christmas we need HOURS to open it all! We might not get pancakes together! So tragic!” – but I’m trying to figure out how keep Magical Christmas magical for the ginger bebehs.

What would you do for your family? Option 1, option 2 or options 3?

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Santa Magic 2011

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Considering how poorly our attempts to get the kids to sit with Santa ACTUALLY went, this picture is AMAZINGLY good.

Everyone’s looking at the camera! No one is actively sobbing, even if their face is still covered in the tears of a poor, abused child who was handed off to a strange fat guy. Little Evan is maybe even almost smiling!

So it wasn’t a perfectly magical visit…although the glowing ice rotunda where glitter snow floated gently down from the ceiling onto my delighted children was pretty magical.

I’m going to sit here and stare at the magic for a few more minutes, because then I get to go deal with a toddler who has started horking up his lunch! And his milk! All over himself! And on all the things! Christmas magic, indeed.


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My Week(59) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Busy week! Five days of baking, four days of Stroller Strides, three days of shopping, two days of parties, one exhausted mama… and a partridge in a pear tree! No, not really.


I take at least 2 of these pictures almost every day

Oh yeah, maybe THAT'S why I didn't lose weight this week

We missed Santa at the Seaport (apparently I can't read a calendar) but still had fun playing


If you want to lie under your blankets drinking milk, why not SLEEP IN once in a while kid?

As soon as she sees my phone she runs towards it as fast as possible

Late-night grocery shopping for the party


Angry troll baby is angry

Making meringue cookies colored with sparkle dust

Ahhhh bubbles in my eye ahhhhhh!


Why yes that IS my coffee mug

You know I'm planning something when my purse is full of tiny Christmas trees

I threw ALL the books on the floor Mom! Aren't you proud of me?

Santa called. He said he knew I was really busy and frustrated with my attempts to make a play kitchen, so he'd bring one this year instead (also, it was only $48 - down from $99 - after a sale & a coupon)


Shoe in one hand, gun in the other. She refuses to be put in a box!

Bath & Body Works for some scented candles to make my house smell festive.

Non-Weight Watchers Approved Answer: Cookies and Egg Nog.


Dinos AND a fairy wand. More box refusal! I love my kids.

Three shadesof pink for the cake

Running like a crazy person at the Nautilus Submarine Museum (for E's work party)


I swear sometimes he wears clothes! It was just a busy week!

One hour til the guests showed up and I was already dressed! It's a miracle!

I think she had a pretty good time

Rub a dub dub two gingers in a tub

Today I have no voice, sore feet, and no energy to put anything away. Although thanks to E and my mother-in-law all the dishes are already done and the kitchen is clean, so at least I can find the coffee maker. And the peppermint schnapps.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

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