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My Week(317) in iPhone Photos

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m a little late and fully into Christmas mode now, which is my favorite part of the year. I’d like to just live in the 4 weeks before Christmas forever. We had friends here for the holiday and it was so, so great. They did so much work/child entertaining that it felt like a vacation instead of hosting.



Super excited to give this to Evan for Christmas


The extent of my Thanksgiving decorating


Sibling cuddles



First snow!


Linc likes “helping”


Hello cutie



Making his Christmas list


The most beautiful wrap in the world


Sunset = same time as bus pick up



Shop til you drop


Don’t even care what they watch as long as they’re quite for 20 minutes



Men doing manly turkey frying


Potato masher


Caroline is the quality control department



Black Friday Hanna shopping


Linc was SO into decorating, it was adorable


More gingerbread building



Christmas tree hunter


Small town adorable parade


Tree is up!


For the record, I am still sick. It’s now been 4 weeks with the cough, that has now become a sinus infection, most likely an ear infection and a weird painful bump on the roof of my mouth the internet tells me is probably related. I’m almost desperate enough to go to the doctor, although I’m still 90% sure they’ll say “it’s a virus, nothing we can do”. Maybe just MAKING an appointment will scare the virus into going away. I’m pretty sure that’s how viruses work.

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Easter Stuff 2016

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

A long time ago on this blog, I would have written 4 posts this week about all the stuff we did. Egg dying! Brunch! The Easter Bunny!

But 2 and a half extra kids later, I’m just pretty excited we actually DID the stuff, rather than the fact that I blogged about it. Or even took pictures of it. I don’t have a single photo of brunch. Is that growth? I can’t tell anymore. I really love the part of blogging that means all these things are documented (because God knows the baby books are all massive failures). But how much longer can I even keep this minimum effort up? Who thought it was a good idea to have so many kids? Will I ever catch up on the ten million things I should be doing right now?

Well that was a lot of unnecessary ennui for what was supposed to be a picture post. Look! Children doing cute things!

dyed eggs

Egg dyeing tip #1: Buy all the dye kits on clearance the week after Easter and save them for next year.
Egg dyeing tip #2: Do it while the toddler naps.

dyed eggs-2

dyed eggs-6

dyed eggs-7

dyed eggs-9

dyed eggs-13

dyed eggs-15

dyed eggs-16

Our church Easter egg hunt is a joy. Plenty of eggs for everyone in a small area and everyone is willing to share.

church egg hunt-2

church egg hunt-3

church egg hunt-4

Linc did not yet understand the point of egg hunting.

church egg hunt-5

church egg hunt-6

church egg hunt-8

Our town egg hunt was also fun, if slightly less…generous. Poor Evan’s age group was 6-12 year old and he got 3 eggs. Luckily Linc did a LOT better this time so he had plenty to share.

norwich egg hunt

norwich egg hunt-2

norwich egg hunt-4

I absolutely stooped to bribery to get Evan’s face painted. I promised the Easter bunny would bring him something special (because the Easter bunny had already purchased a Lego set).

norwich egg hunt-5

norwich egg hunt-6

norwich egg hunt-7

norwich egg hunt-10

norwich egg hunt-12

norwich egg hunt-14

norwich egg hunt-16

norwich egg hunt-17

norwich egg hunt-18

norwich egg hunt-19

norwich egg hunt-20

Our actual Easter day wasn’t such a joy. Linc didn’t sleep at all the night before and needed a nap during church, so I took the big kids while E stayed home with him. Caroline was super mad we didn’t walk to church (it was cold). They kids ate a ton of candy and were a mess by brunch, where Evan ate nothing but carrots and celery. Unfortunately, even if you only eat carrots and celery your meal still costs $22. And Linc screamed every time I got up to get food and left him at the table (surrounded by food, it’s not like he was starving). He also refused to be in any photos, so my cute coordinating children’s outfits were in vain.

BUT but Caroline and Evan happily shouted about how Jesus escaped from the tomb (Evan) and how being aliver is better than being deader (Caroline) during the children’s message at church, so at least we’ve gotten that part right.

The Easter Bunny left eggs all over the house, plus the baskets.

easter 2016

easter 2016-3

easter 2016-4

easter 2016-5

easter 2016-6

easter 2016-7

easter 2016-9

easter 2016-12

easter 2016-13

easter 2016-14

easter 2016-15

easter 2016-16



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Christmas 2015

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

We had a nice family Christmas at home, which is my favorite kind. Santa brought the kids a lot of great stuff plus E and I bought the kids a Disney Infinity so there was plenty to keep everyone busy all day (and hopefully for many many more days).

We walked to the 4:30 family service at our church. Caroline wore one of my Christmas dresses.

family christmas 2015

family christmas 2015-2

┬áBefore bed we put out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer with a drawing Caroline made and put in an envelope she borrowed from church. Then we sprinkling the lawn with “reindeer food” that Caroline made at school (oats + glitter).

family christmas 2015-3

family christmas 2015-4

family christmas 2015-5

family christmas 2015-7

family christmas 2015-8

We open one present each on Christmas Eve.

family christmas 2015-13

family christmas 2015-14

family christmas 2015-16

family christmas 2015-19

And then we tried to get some photos in our matching jams.

family christmas 2015-21

family christmas 2015-23

family christmas 2015-25

family christmas 2015-26

family christmas 2015-27

family christmas 2015-28

And then after the kids went to bed SANTA CAME!

family christmas 2015-29

family christmas 2015-30

family christmas 2015-31

family christmas 2015-32

And then Christmas was chaos. With bacon and waffles.

family christmas 2015-33

family christmas 2015-34

family christmas 2015-35

family christmas 2015-38

family christmas 2015-40

It was a very Star Wars Christmas.

family christmas 2015-41

family christmas 2015-47

family christmas 2015-48

family christmas 2015-49

family christmas 2015-50

family christmas 2015-51

family christmas 2015-54

family christmas 2015-55

family christmas 2015-57

family christmas 2015-58

Caroline is SUPER excited about her first graphic novel.

family christmas 2015-60

family christmas 2015-62

family christmas 2015-64

family christmas 2015-65

family christmas 2015-66

family christmas 2015-67

family christmas 2015-69

family christmas 2015-70

family christmas 2015-72

family christmas 2015-75

family christmas 2015-78

family christmas 2015-79

family christmas 2015-80

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My Week(269) in iPhone Photos

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Christmas happened last week and it already feels like it was a super long time ago. I am NOT looking forward to putting all of it away.



Pretty sure she insists on church JUST for the cookies


Shopping assistant


Dropped the kids off for FOUR HOURS of art (clearly they did not make these)



Toddler playdate


Warm enough for a nap-walk


This free-from-the-trash coupe is working out well





Good dog


Good Daddy





How Linc feels about the weather


Side-eye master



Bare feet on Christmas Eve


Last minute Santa cookies


An angel got her wings



The only shot I got where they are all in the matching jams


Disney Infinity for 8 hours straight


Sticking to the 4 main food groups



Soooooo much of this




Borrowing toys from his cousins

After that week of super crazy warm weather mother nature is getting us back with rain, freezing rain, more rain, and ice. It’s unpleasant. I’m REALLY wishing I had brought my Vitamin D with me on our trip, because I’ve completely forgotten what the sun looks like.

I have a hundred Christmas photos to post but by the time I do it no one will care about Christmas anymore. Hopefully they are quickly followed by a very interesting recap of my completed 365 photo project, which I am probably never going to shut up about. ALMOST DONE!

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Essex Steam Train North Pole Express 2015

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

We did the Essex Steam Train North Pole Express (it’s basically the Polar Express without the trademark) two years ago and it was great. I skipped it last year because we have to buy tickets in August and last August I had a 1 month old and couldn’t get my act together. Plus E was gone that whole summer/fall and I was VERY sure I couldn’t take 3 kids on a magical nighttime train ride alone. But this year I planned to stay home on ticket day and got my fastest fingers ready and bought tickets for the last train on Caroline’s actual birthday day so we could all go. I think next year I’m going to spring for the first-class tickets. They’re a ridiculous amount of money, but I’m not throwing Caroline a big party next year so I feel like we can swing it. Plus I saw one of the elves who host the first class cars and she looked like a legit magical snow queen. Caroline would lose her actual mind.

It is a wonderfully done event full of good cheer – it’s well organized and everyone goes out of their way to make the kids feel special and really believe in Santa magic. The cars are decorated, there are special songs, they give you cookies and hot cocoa, and the whole last 20 minutes is a big dance party where the kids just go crazy in the aisles. All three kids had a blast.

p.s. In case you were wondering, the pajamas are from Hanna Andersson.

essex steam train north pole express 2015

essex steam train north pole express 2015-3

essex steam train north pole express 2015-4

essex steam train north pole express 2015-6

essex steam train north pole express 2015-7

essex steam train north pole express 2015-10

essex steam train north pole express 2015-11

essex steam train north pole express 2015-12

This girl worked at the station and I am not sure if she was an extra elf or a fairy or a snowflake or what, but she chatted with Caroline and it was SO adorable. She told her she peeked at Santa’s list and Caroline was definitely on the nice side. Caroline squealed she was so excited.

essex steam train north pole express 2015-13

essex steam train north pole express 2015-14

essex steam train north pole express 2015-16

essex steam train north pole express 2015-19

essex steam train north pole express 2015-20

essex steam train north pole express 2015-22

essex steam train north pole express 2015-24

essex steam train north pole express 2015-25

essex steam train north pole express 2015-26

essex steam train north pole express 2015-29

essex steam train north pole express 2015-30

essex steam train north pole express 2015-31

essex steam train north pole express 2015-33

essex steam train north pole express 2015-36

essex steam train north pole express 2015-38

essex steam train north pole express 2015-39

essex steam train north pole express 2015-40

essex steam train north pole express 2015-41

essex steam train north pole express 2015-43

essex steam train north pole express 2015-45

essex steam train north pole express 2015-46

essex steam train north pole express 2015-48

essex steam train north pole express 2015-50

essex steam train north pole express 2015-51

essex steam train north pole express 2015-54

essex steam train north pole express 2015-55

essex steam train north pole express 2015-57

essex steam train north pole express 2015-59

essex steam train north pole express 2015-60

essex steam train north pole express 2015-61

essex steam train north pole express 2015-62

essex steam train north pole express 2015-65

essex steam train north pole express 2015-66

essex steam train north pole express 2015-70

essex steam train north pole express 2015-71

essex steam train north pole express 2015-73

essex steam train north pole express 2015-75

essex steam train north pole express 2015-76

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