Trash/Treasure V. 2

This is my haul from two separate shopping days in the past couple weeks. Actually, the flea market was a “shopping day” but the garage sale was “30 minutes of chasing two kids around a school gymnasium while also shopping”. Whatever you call it, I was pretty please with my finds.

First, the Jewett City Flea Market:

flea market finds little golden books tonka chineese checkers

Total cost: $7

Metal Tonka fire truck
3 Little Golden Books
Chinese Checkers board

flea market finds tonka fire truck

flea market finds little golden books

caroline reading

flea market finds vintage chineese checkers

flea market finds vintage 1939 chineese checkers

Printed in 1939!

flea market finds vintage 1939 chineese checkers

I replaced three little white plates with the fun board and I love it! I can still take it down to play :)

That Chinese Checkers board was a super lucky find. I grabbed from the floor in front of a booth and asked the lady in charge how much she wanted literally 20 seconds before a guy came running up saying “Whoa! That’s so cool! It’s a collector’s item! It’s old and in such good shape!” He went on and on about how it might be valuable until I said “I’ll give you an extra dollar for it if you want” but the lady told me she got it for free somewhere so she didn’t care.

And this is what I found at a giant indoor garage sale at the local charter school on Saturday:

Total: $4.50

Three milk glass vases (for my collection!)
Two children’s books
Vintage short sleeved baby sweater
CAT digger toy
1973 edition of BH&G Baby Book

This digger lights up and makes sounds too!

Once I get a chance to read this, I'll share some of the "best" advice. (Sample: Your husband should just go back to the office while you're in labor, since it's going to take a long time.)

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8 Responses to “Trash/Treasure V. 2”

  1. raincheckmom says:

    Your grandfather DID go back to the office while your grandmother was in labor! Guess he read the book…

  2. Dad D says:

    I think we should talk to President Obama about putting YOU in charge of the CBO! Great finds!

  3. OTandET says:

    so many scores! that chinese checkers board is so awesome i love that you thought to hang it up :) and the sweater, awwwww! you win :)

    ps my little Loretta’s hair is coming in with a strawberry hue (her eyelashes and brows are just white) so i may be a fellow ginger baby mama! we’ll see! xo

    pps (hey it’s been a while) i was just thinking about your pine nut pasta salad the other day, yum! will be tracking down that recipe soon!

  4. chrissy says:

    milk glass is so awesome! i wish i had room to start another collection. sigh.

  5. oh my that advice is awesome. looking fwd to that post. i can save it for a day i need an extra smile.

  6. Jessica says:

    Love the milk glass! I have a couple of pieces from my great grandmother and I’m always on the lookout for more!

  7. Those are some great finds! I’m always finding milk glass, but I don’t have anywhere to store it, so I always pass it up. I love the look of people’s collections though!

  8. Audrey says:

    Fun! I had a chinese checker set as a kid, loved it. I have yet to get a chance to go thrifting around here. I don’t trust my kids, shops here are so tightly packed I fear all the things would be broken.

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