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Oak Leaf Dairy Farm Visit – Baby Goat Cuddle Therapy Should Be A Thing

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

A few weeks ago a friend posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter surrounded by baby goats. I clicked the picture, which was geo-tagged, which led to a place name, which I then typed into Facebook and their page popped up. (Technology, man!) It turns out the place with the baby goats is called Oak Leaf Dairy and it’s only 20 minutes from my house. So after ballet class on Saturday I forced my family into their coats and put the directions into my phone and said “WE’RE GOING TO SEE GOATS EVERYONE IN THE CAR.”

I have about a 20% success rate with Family Fun Days. 80% of the time I am slightly-to-very disappointed because the Family Fun I had pictured never materialises. The kids are hungry, the weather is bad, my husband doesn’t think “wandering” or “browsing” count as fun activities at all. The more kids we add the more often I am stressed instead of relaxed and the picture perfect day trips I image for our family ends with everyone just needing a nap and a break from each other. It’s something I struggle with a lot – I WANT to be a family that loves to do lots of things together but most of the time we do better just watching a movie. That’s not much of a photo-worthy occasion.

BUT. Sometimes. Sometimes everyone remembers that they actually like each other and we have an awesome time.

The goats were an awesome time. Oak Leaf Dairy gets an A+ for Family Fun.

oak leaf dairy goat farm

oak leaf dairy goat farm-3

oak leaf dairy goat farm-5

oak leaf dairy goat farm-7

oak leaf dairy goat farm-10

oak leaf dairy goat farm-16

oak leaf dairy goat farm-18

oak leaf dairy goat farm-19

oak leaf dairy goat farm-20

oak leaf dairy goat farm-22

oak leaf dairy goat farm-23

Since it was snowing/raining we didn’t get to walk around the farm for the full tour, but we spent more than an hour in the baby goat shed just cuddling and petting baby goats. You can hold the goats. You HAVE to hold the goats, because they will literally leap into your lap. They also nibble your clothes and hair and phone and shoes but they have baby goat teeth and it doesn’t hurt. There were tiny babies literally born THAT morning in a separate quiet pen but the children could climb in and out of the other stalls (if they WANTED to be covered in goats) or hang out in the main room if they wanted a little more space. There were a few other people there and they were all as overwhelmed with the adorableness as we were – one of them FaceTimed her sister to show her how much fun the kids were having playing with the goats. Even my husband, who rolls his eyes at everything, loved the baby goats. BABY GOATS ARE THE BEST.

I would like to recommend baby goat therapy be added to Ways To Avoid Hating Everything.

oak leaf dairy goat farm-25

oak leaf dairy goat farm-28

oak leaf dairy goat farm-30

oak leaf dairy goat farm-32

oak leaf dairy goat farm-34

oak leaf dairy goat farm-35


oak leaf dairy goat farm-39

oak leaf dairy goat farm-40

oak leaf dairy goat farm-41

oak leaf dairy goat farm-44

After we got in our baby goat time – even Lincoln liked petting the baby goats – we stopped at the cheese room to try out some samples: aged cheddar, cheddar curds, 4 kinds of chevre, feta, and caramel sauce. They also sell soap, but we couldn’t eat that so we didn’t buy any. We DID buy an obscene amount of everything else and then stopped for bread and ice cream on the way home so we would have cheese and caramel mouth-delivery devices.

It was an excellent Family Fun Day and we are going back as soon as possible.

Worldless Wednesday: Clark Farms 2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

clark farms 2013-8

clark farms 2013-2

clark farms 2013-30

clark farms 2013-21

clark farms 2013-28

clark farms 2013-23

clark farms 2013-31

clark farms 2013-3

clark farms 2013-9

clark farms 2013-10

clark farms 2013-11

clark farms 2013-14

clark farms 2013-16

clark farms 2013-19

clark farms 2013-32

clark farms 2013-18

clark farms 2013-34

clark farms 2013-37



clark farms 2013-44

clark farms 2013-45

clark farms 2013-46

clark farms 2013-50

clark farms 2013-51

My kids were D O N E by the end. This is real life.

My kids were D O N E by the end. Our friends were a little more photogenic.

My Week(144) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013




I put away the changing pad (that I’ve used maybe twice ever) since I don’t have any babies anymore.


Fresh neighborhood eggs are a game of IS THERE A CHICKEN FETUS IN THIS OR NO?


Best spot ever for senior pictures? Probably.












Mommy the donkey is my best friend!


Cloud or portal opened to another dimension by a tesseract?



Our last gymnastics class. She’ll have to use her super strength somewhere else.


Our duck pond has an endless supply of adorable baby ducks and I cannot stop taking pictures of them.


Waiting patiently for her grilled cheese.





Tinker Bell rests in the tasting room of the winery. Being a fairy is hard work.


My sister and her boyfriend are EXCELLENT child watchers. I like them.



The princess generously bestows bacon upon her people.


Beach baby





Yard sale. Most of it’s on the curb now, it was not a smashing success. But at least it’s all out of my house.


Second day of the princess dress. I peeled it off her to wash it because 2 year olds are gross.


Watching more Watch Us Edit videos from Clickin Moms and it’s still blowing my mind.

It was a surprisingly good week, even if I continue to make poor choices in regards to my own bedtime. 11 pm has become midnight has become 1 am, which means I’m getting like 5 hours of sleep which means I am chronically tired which is my OWN FAULT and yet I keep doing it. I am not very good at learning my lesson. I’m also so, so excited about Ginger Snaps Pictures (website! facebook! in progress, so don’t judge too harshly) and the photography classes/workshops/critiques I’ve signed up for I CAN’T go to bed any earlier. I need those post-kid hours. Although I have managed to thoroughly wear them out several days this week so they took naps – NAPS! – and slept a full 12 hours at night.

This week will be almost as full as last week, which is my favorite kind of week. Even if I am tired.

North Fork 2013

Monday, July 8th, 2013

We went to Long Island to visit one of my very favorite people and her two boys. For someone I met on the internet, she sure doesn’t seem like a crazy person. Unless you mean crazy-awesome. Her whole family is crazy-awesome, in fact, including an awesome boyfriend who read approximately one zillion bedtime stories to the kids.

We went to celebrate JD turning four with a super hero birthday party Kim threw together entirely on her own while also working full time. I mean, my parties ARE my full time job when I’m planning, and they still don’t go as smoothly as her’s. She’s basically Superwoman (which made the theme even more appropriate).

Party Photos:

long island-6

long island-24

long island-42

long island-48

long island-50


Then on Sunday we had a super leisurely day that involved Evan taking a nap in the stroller (!!!!!!) and me buying $17 worth of pickles. And also strawberries. And also a giant bread ring stuffed with pepperoni. And that was just the farmer’s market in the morning.

long island-52

long island-54

long island-55

long island-59

I’ve gone to visit Kim on Long Island a few times now, and every time I drove through the North Fork from the ferry I thought “Man, this place is GORGEOUS. One day I’m going to come back and just drive around.” Since Kim and the boys had plans in the afternoon the kids and I left around 2, which gave us plenty of time for just driving around. Thanks to some directions from Kim’s mom and some really good luck (plus ignoring my GPS’s insistence I stay on the main road) we found plenty to occupy ourselves. A farm stand with fresh snap peas, blueberries AND a playground is basically their idea of heaven.

long island-65

long island-69

long island-70

long island-71

long island-72

long island-74

Twins! Even when they’re eating.

long island-77

long island-81

Apologies for all the blueberry pictures, they were so gorgeous.

long island-83

And then we caught a 6 pm ferry home. It was a super fantastic weekend. I love summer.

long island-89

long island-91

long island-93

long island-96

long island-98

long island-102

long island-104


My Week(133) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, May 18th, 2013



Buying myself a few extra minutes to sleep in on Mother’s Day.


Crazy joy riding kids


Cheesy cheeses



There’s a snake (and a ginger) in my bed!


Thinking deep, piratey thoughts.


Brutus would sleep in here all night if I let him.



And then my uterus started crying


Evan is skeptical of the safety of these extremely sketching swings


Get outta my way, tiny ginger COMING THOUGH!



I think they do better push-ups than I do.


Oh look, basically my entire childhood on a table.


Reading to dolly



I think she found her summer job


How does your garlic grow? BIG. SO BIG.


Yep, definitely putting her to work on the farm.



She just realized her shoes are adorable.


Some days it’s hard to believe this is real life.


They tricked the deli lady into giving them way too much cheese



Emergency response gingers, to the rescue!


Evan was surprisingly good at the hula hoop. Caroline tried really hard.


Best birthday party ever? I THINK SO.

SO MUCH SUNSHINE this past week. I need to buy some more sunscreen immediately. Or maybe I need a super cool hat so I fit in with my kids. Right now I’m hoping I FINALLY managed to tire them out past a 6 am wake-up call, but I’m not holding my breath and plan to go to sleep right now. Soon. Probably. Maybe after to more glasses of wine.

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