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Before and After: New Master Bedroom

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

I need you to go ahead and ignore the piles of clothes, the bed-skirtless mattress, closetless doors and lack of curtains, art on the walls, etc. We’re still finishing up the transition but had to take a break today to clean the 1st floor of the house so I didn’t die dead of embarrassment when E’s hockey team comes over later for a cookout.

Really though, considering how horrifying the “before” pictures are, I have no idea why I’m bother to put disclaimers on this at all. ONE MILLION PERCENT BETTER.

Before and After: New Master Bedroom









In case anyone cares:
The trim is Glidden White on White
The walls are Glidden Shell White
The ceiling got two coats of Behr Pure White ceiling paint
The carpet is called NRF Sail Away Cedar Brown (Yeah, I’m not a carpet expert, we said “We want something mid-grade” and they said “We have a crap-ton of this stuff, we’ll sell it to you cheap.”)
The closet organizers are from Home Depot
We replaced every outlet, outlet cover, switch, switch plate and blank cover with white ones.
We put in 2 four foot electric baseboard heaters, also white, with a matching white thermostat

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I am not a winner. But you might be!

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Ugh, yesterday was an everything fail.

When Little Evan and I got downstairs in the morning, I realized no one put the leftovers away from dinner the night before (which was the chili I thought was going to be terrible but was actually really good). So I disposed of it properly and responsibly in the appropriate container put the pot next to the dog’s water so he could finish it off and I wouldn’t have to scrape it all into the trash. Then I went about my important morning business of checking email/reading morning tweets/starting in on my reader. 20 minutes of total silence later I realized TOTAL SILENCE was probably a bad sign and went to look for Little Evan.

I found him standing next to the baby gate, using his foam hockey stick to reach over, scoop the chili out of the pot and then licking it off the stick.


The rest of the day went…pretty much the same. With more shouting. And less chili. And NO NAPS.

So I apologize for not posting any giveaway winners OR pictures of the 3rd floor renovation yesterday. I promise I will have at least a few pics up soon, even though they won’t be of a totally finished and decorated bedroom. And the new playroom/nursery? Well, I’ll be lucky if that’s done before Baby Girl is 2, let alone before she’s born. WHY did I think I could get all this done in 48 hours!?

Anyways, I have TWO winners to announce!

The winner of the Peggy Ann Design matching pom-pom pins is…

#15 Desiree! She is a fellow Patriots fan & a local, real-life, in person friend so I’m super happy for her! Desiree, I sent Hannah your email so hopefully she’ll be contacting you soon so you can tell her what colors you want.

And pssst – for those who didn’t win, Hannah is having a sale so be SURE to check out her store again!

The winner of the aPearantly Sew giveaway is…

#38 Nicci @ Changing the Universe!! Congrats! I emailed Alison your info so she should be contacting you soon. Good luck choosing something from her shop though, she added a WHOLE bunch of new items (including Christmasy things!) this week, so it’s even harder than it was when I first posted the giveaway!

Remember, the last three giveaways (Gussy, my Phoebe Mouse and Hugs & Kisses Designs) are still open so get in your entry soon!

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Carpet and Complaints

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Today is Carpet Day here in the bebeh-house, which is both extremely exciting and extremely awful, because I have to be here all day to…I don’t know. Supervise or something. Make sure they aren’t casing the joint (do people still say that?) Give them permission to take all the pictures off the walls so they can get the carpet roll up the stairs. I never know what to do with myself when we have people here working. Watch? Offer to help? Just stay out of the way? Do I need to feed them? Should I offer them drinks? Oh God, what if they need to pee? What if they need to pee and they notice how dirty the baseboards are in my bathroom? What if the need to pee and notice the dirty baseboards and then judge me?

And that is why I woke up in a panic at 7 am and spent an hour giving my upstairs bathroom the most thorough cleaning it’s had in months. Then I sprayed extra cleaner in the shower just so it would smell clean. I think this might be the first sign of a mental breakdown.

It’s also a cold, wet, miserable rainy kind of day so not only are Little Evan and I trapped AT the house, we’re trapped IN the house. I’m preparing myself for an exhausting, nap-free kind of day. Meltdown usually starts about 11:30 with full on screaming and hitting by noon on the days we don’t get out for Stroller Strides/playdates/shopping/ANYTHING. But I planned ahead and have not one but two new baking recipes to try and absolutely no qualms about bribing good toddler behavior with fresh from the oven pumpkin bread. If I don’t cover it in cream cheese and shove it all in my face first. NOM.

I’m also making the most bastardized version of crock-pot chili EVER, which will either come out incredibly delicious or totally inedible. I’m guessing the later. Because that’s what happens when you’ve already thrown half your ingredients in the crock-pot before you realize you don’t HAVE a 29 oz can of tomato puree. Or chili powder. Or kidney beans. So you use tomato sauce. And taco seasoning. And a packet of microwavable black beans. And I can’t run to the store because I have to be here for the carpet guys. Totally inedible.

Also, here’s today’s brilliant idea: Someone should start a company that installs carpet/renovates kitchens/fixes plumbing/does all that other home repair and installation stuff but promises their employees are 100% NON-SMOKERS. Because seriously, carpet dude? You’re going to make my whole house stink like cigarettes and somehow think you’re NOT leaving that smell in my brand new carpeting? Not cool.

Tomorrow is “frantically put the house back together day because E invited his entire hockey team over for a cookout on Saturday” day, so I should have some after pictures of the renovation by the afternoon. I can’t wait to show you just how livable we managed to make the ugliest room ever!


The winner of the $30 credit at Taradara is…

EMMIE BEE!!! Although I’ve entered literally every giveaway she’s ever done and never won anything, including the one where she was giving away a store credit because she was too lazy to drive to the mall and use it* so I’m not sure I WANT her to win my giveaway. But she’s having a bad week so I’m glad she did. Em, I’ve sent your contact info to Tara so she can set you up!

*For the record, by “lazy” I mean “has three kids under the age of 2″. So, not at all lazy.

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Allora Handmade Winner, plus EVERYTHING ELSE from my brain

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The winner of Giveaway Week Day 1: Allora Handmade is…

#49 Majestic Domestic aka Bonnie!

Congrats!! I will forward your info to Jessica so she can set you up with your shop credit. I advise you to spend it on yourself and not try to do the nice thing and buy anyone a Christmas present. You’ll just resent them later because they’re wearing YOUR rosettes.

Yesterday, I had a friend tell me that although I am very very pregnant I am “all belly”. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said and definitely goes on the “appropriate to say to a pregnant woman” side of the list. I’m not even going to evaluate whether or not it’s true. I certainly feel very belly-ful and can also still get my non-maternity pants on – I just can’t button them. Or zip them. But my butt fits!

The glider we ordered from Babies R Us came in on Saturday. Of course it wasn’t until we got it home, up the stairs and right side up that we realized the gliding mechanism is TOTALLY defective. One of the screws is rubbing against the metal frame, making a terrible noise and preventing any sort of gliding from taking place. No, it cannot be bent back into place – trust me, we tried. E spent ALL DAY Monday trying to get a hold of the company, because it says in GIANT ORANGE LETTERS on the packaging “DO NOT RETURN TO STORE – CALL 1-800-BLAH BLAH”. So of course when they FINALLY called him back they said “Oh yeah, you should return it to the store.” Luckily, Babies R Us was willing to do an even-exchange and get us another (hopefully non-defective) one in 7-10 days. You can bet your ass we’re opening the box right there in the store to make sure it’s not all screwed up too. No way we are dragging ANOTHER chair home again just to drag it back.

(Side note: It took three different people almost a full hour to figure out HOW to do the even-exchange. One cashier literally just stared at the receipt for five full minutes while I stared at her staring. I *know* retail computer systems can be confusing but SERIOUSLY? CALL A MANAGER. OR SOMETHING. I have four different pieces of paper that show how much I paid and I don’t even want my money back.)

The new master bedroom is closer to being done than not done but we’re trapped in renovation limbo until the carpet goes in on Thursday, which means my clothes are in one room, E’s clothes are in another, there’s a banister in our guest room, bed rails in the nursery and we’re sleeping on mattresses on the floor of the 3rd floor. And by “floor” I mean bare plywood. BUT! My new closet organizer is in! I haven’t had a real closet in 3 years and am using this bedroom move to viciously edit my wardrobe down to stuff I actually wear and by actually wear I mean wear on a regular, consistent basis and not just for a couple of hours once every few months so I can feel less guilty about not giving it away.

I’ve started having nightmares about giving birth. I had them last time too, but figured since things went pretty well with Baby Evan I’d be a little calmer this time. The dreams never involve the actual BIRTH part, just weird hospital frustrations and baby mix-ups and birth certificates with “Special Snowflake Davis” on them. But they’re the kind of dreams that you wake up from just as exhausted as when you collapsed into bed after chasing around the world’s fastest toddler all day.

And because now that it’s November no one really cares about Halloween costumes anymore, this is where I share pictures of Little Evan in his costume(s).

He still thinks tiny gourds are delicious. Even ones he originally called "BALL" and threw at passersby.

I taught him that monkeys scratch their armpits and say "Oooo ooo ooo!" This is his best try.

There are pants that go with that costume too, but considering THIS is the meltdown that occured when I tried to get him to take a picture with me, the fight over the pants was totally not worth it.

Yes, I DID buy a second costume to dress Evan in for answering the door. There are a limited number of years you can dress up kids without their input and I'm taking FULL advantage. (Also: He is not holding a candle. Tiny LED candle-like light)

Despite this face, he actually LOVED the outfit. Except for the hat part. Why don't they make costumes without hats?

P.S. The rest of the giveaways are still open but Uff Da closes tonight!
Day 2 is open until November 2nd! Uff Da Designs
Day 3 is open until November 3rd! Taradara
Day 4 is open until November 4th! Peggy Ann Design
Day 5 is open until November 5th! aPearantly Sew
Day 6 is open until November 6th! Gussy
Day 7 is open until November 7th! A knit Phoebe Mouse…by ME!
Day 8 is open until November 8th! Hugs & Kisses Designs

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My Week(2) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, October 30th, 2010


We started the week off happy!
And took our pretty new diaper bag to Stroller Strides (From the wonderful Hugs & Kisses Designs – come back Monday for a better look + a giveaway!!)


Our new stroller came! Can you believe that turns into a double? Expect a LOT of pictures coming soon.

And I struggled to find my feet.


Little Evan stopped making a mess long enough to practice his jumping, thanks to Super Why (I think? We don’t watch much kids tv)


And we made a VERY BIG NOISE with an air compressor


E did a lot of painting (with a lot of help from Mom and Dad)(and very little help from me)

All that work made Evan tired, so he relaxed with Mormor (Grandma), his milk and his tape measure.


Dad and E wrestled a 6 foot mattress up a 4 foot stairwell, just to make sure we could actually FIT our bed in the new bedroom

And now we are all exhausted and paint-covered and going to eat an obscene amount of pizza to celebrate getting 80% of the work DONE (with 15% to do after dinner and 5% left for E and I to finish before the carpet guy comes Thursday.)

Hope you had a great week! You still have time to enter all the giveaways, but Day 1 closes Monday, Day 2 closes Tuesday, etc. so check it out SOON!

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