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I can’t even tell if I’m losing anymore

Thursday, February 10th, 2011


Win: Caroline went to bed at 11 and slept until almost 5 (then snacked and went back to sleep). I felt very well rested.

Lose: I was so sore from Stroller Strides on Tuesday I couldn’t straighten my legs properly. It feels like tiny gnomes are stabbing me in the calves with knitting needles.

Win: Evan let me change and dress him without kicking me in the face.

Lose: Evan refused to eat anything for breakfast, choosing instead to sob into the open refrigerator demanding more more more…something. I packed extra goldfish in my diaper bag.

Win: We make it to Stroller Strides (again!) on time.

Lose: I still cannot do one single sit-up during the abs part of class. Not. Even. One.

Win: Gymboree is having a FANTASTIC sale and I had a 20% off coupon. Little Evan will be sporting some absolutely fantastic plaid pants in a couple months.

Lose: Caroline thought Gymboree sucked and expressed her displeasure by screeching like a rabid hyena.

Win: I found a comfy semi-private spot in the play area to nurse the baby while Little Evan played on the slide.

Lose: Little Evan got bored with the slide after about 20 seconds and took off running into the mall. I managed to flash at least eight people, squirt milk all over my shirt, almost drop Caroline, trip on the stroller and lose a breast pad while trying to chase him down.

Win: A nice mom grabbed him and brought him back because she felt bad for me. Or maybe she was just tired of looking at my boob.

Lose: I had to wrangle TWO screaming children into their coats, into the stroller and through the mall wearing a soaking wet t-shirt. Even a deaf person could have heard us.

Win: Little Evan was so exhausted from our morning he willing ate tuna fish for lunch and then slept for 3 hours.

Double win: Caroline and I napped on the couch.

Lose: It’s 9:30 and I am SO EXHAUSTED I want to cry, but there is no way I’m going to get to bed until 11 and I’ll be up again at 5. For at least the next SIX MONTHS.

I need a vacation.

I am not a winner. But you might be!

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Ugh, yesterday was an everything fail.

When Little Evan and I got downstairs in the morning, I realized no one put the leftovers away from dinner the night before (which was the chili I thought was going to be terrible but was actually really good). So I disposed of it properly and responsibly in the appropriate container put the pot next to the dog’s water so he could finish it off and I wouldn’t have to scrape it all into the trash. Then I went about my important morning business of checking email/reading morning tweets/starting in on my reader. 20 minutes of total silence later I realized TOTAL SILENCE was probably a bad sign and went to look for Little Evan.

I found him standing next to the baby gate, using his foam hockey stick to reach over, scoop the chili out of the pot and then licking it off the stick.


The rest of the day went…pretty much the same. With more shouting. And less chili. And NO NAPS.

So I apologize for not posting any giveaway winners OR pictures of the 3rd floor renovation yesterday. I promise I will have at least a few pics up soon, even though they won’t be of a totally finished and decorated bedroom. And the new playroom/nursery? Well, I’ll be lucky if that’s done before Baby Girl is 2, let alone before she’s born. WHY did I think I could get all this done in 48 hours!?

Anyways, I have TWO winners to announce!

The winner of the Peggy Ann Design matching pom-pom pins is…

#15 Desiree! She is a fellow Patriots fan & a local, real-life, in person friend so I’m super happy for her! Desiree, I sent Hannah your email so hopefully she’ll be contacting you soon so you can tell her what colors you want.

And pssst – for those who didn’t win, Hannah is having a sale so be SURE to check out her store again!

The winner of the aPearantly Sew giveaway is…

#38 Nicci @ Changing the Universe!! Congrats! I emailed Alison your info so she should be contacting you soon. Good luck choosing something from her shop though, she added a WHOLE bunch of new items (including Christmasy things!) this week, so it’s even harder than it was when I first posted the giveaway!

Remember, the last three giveaways (Gussy, my Phoebe Mouse and Hugs & Kisses Designs) are still open so get in your entry soon!