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Before and After: New Master Bedroom

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

I need you to go ahead and ignore the piles of clothes, the bed-skirtless mattress, closetless doors and lack of curtains, art on the walls, etc. We’re still finishing up the transition but had to take a break today to clean the 1st floor of the house so I didn’t die dead of embarrassment when E’s hockey team comes over later for a cookout.

Really though, considering how horrifying the “before” pictures are, I have no idea why I’m bother to put disclaimers on this at all. ONE MILLION PERCENT BETTER.

Before and After: New Master Bedroom









In case anyone cares:
The trim is Glidden White on White
The walls are Glidden Shell White
The ceiling got two coats of Behr Pure White ceiling paint
The carpet is called NRF Sail Away Cedar Brown (Yeah, I’m not a carpet expert, we said “We want something mid-grade” and they said “We have a crap-ton of this stuff, we’ll sell it to you cheap.”)
The closet organizers are from Home Depot
We replaced every outlet, outlet cover, switch, switch plate and blank cover with white ones.
We put in 2 four foot electric baseboard heaters, also white, with a matching white thermostat

Whoa oooah, we’re half way there…

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Ok, so maybe not quite half way, but the old carpet is up, the new carpet is ordered and we’ve got all day Friday to paint. every. single. surface. of this stupid room. But to truly show you how much progress we’ve made since we bought the house three years ago, I had to track down my ancient LiveJournal account and steal these pictures.

This is the wallpaper I found under the OTHER wallpaper. Sadly, it was just on this one wall or I might have kept it. Jungle animals are so hot right now.

I *intentionally* painted that futon orange. You know, to match the room. Yikes.

And then in the past three years, we’ve thrown out most of the furniture, dragged a guest bed up there and turned it into a giant junk hole.

I also painted the walls a color that should have been called "dirty band-aid" and hung up dark polyester curtains. Because who wants to really SEE a room that ugly?

Since Wednesday afternoon, THAT has turned into this:

Ugly room, now with less stuff!

Which now looks like this:

That's my dad, who ripped up all that carpet entirely by himself. Before I had finished breakfast. No, he is not for sale or rent.

Next up, paint ceiling, paint trim, paint moldings, replace electric baseboard heaters, repeat all of that in the stairwell, buy new closet doors and THEN we can paint the walls.

The carpet guy comes Thursday.

And then we get to move all our bedroom furniture UP.

I need to go lie down.

Don’t Leave Me

Sunday, October 24th, 2010


I wanted to let you know that although the next week is going to be INSANE at the bebehblog residence (my folks come Thursday to start new nursery/master bedroom renovations) and here on the blog (giveaways every day) I’m going to keep up posting regular Little Evan and Baby Sandy type updates too. So even if you’re not interested in giveaways please don’t delete me from your reader just yet.

Because, trust me, you’re going to want to see if we can make THIS…

…into livable space.

Also, if you’re local and have any need for:
1. End table shaped like a dock piling with burn mark on top
2. Giant Stonehenge style speakers
3. Former radio console with all the speakers and doors ripped off
4. Size 5 black satin pants covered in sparkly black mirrors
5. 400 square feet of orange carpet that may be soaked in cat pee