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Nailed It: Pinterest Family Photos

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

I am so lucky that as part of my photography business here in Connecticut I’ve gotten to meet both lots of wonderful people and lots of wonderful photographers. My favorite might be Tiffany Joyce, who is a fellow Navy wife and crazy talented photographer based in Mystic. She came over for coffee a few weeks ago so we could talk about Making a Murder and I ended up asking her if she was interested in doing some updated family photos for us. She’s normally a wedding and engagement and couples session girl, but was kind enough for make an exception for my crazy family. Caroline LOVES Tiffany, probably because she has long blonde hair like a princess.

TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-2 TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-5 web TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-25 web TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-27 web TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-29 TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-30

TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-31 TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-32 web

TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-33 web






Tiffany is also the best because she agreed to go with my insane photo ideas, even though it was clear from the start they were NOT going to work out like they do on Pinterest. E joked we were definitely going to end up on Pinterest Fails, next to those Cookie Monster cupcakes. Honestly, I have no idea why I even thought it was possible for balloons to float straight up outdoors but she did her best and I love these photos too:






And their faces when they figured out what the balloons were about:



TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-45 web


TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-51 TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-52

TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-49 web

TiffanyJoycePhotography-Davis-61 web


That’s as good as it’s gonna get, folks, pack up this circus and go home.




But don’t you dare ask the baby to walk up the hill! I promise he’s as excited as it’s possible for a 19-month-old to be about something he has literally no understanding of. I promise actual details coming soon!

Find Tiffany on Facebook and Instagram and hire her to photograph your wedding. Do it.

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My Week(260) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

I was going to do this an hour ago but then I decided to watch The Walking Dead and (no spoilers) now I don’t ┬áreally feel like it. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.



Ok, sure, I GUESS you can bring that birthday party snack in the car




Sunsets this week have been amazing



He would sleep in a mountain of blankets


I let Evan walk to the end of the street to put something in the mailbox and he was really excited


Being a big kid



A murder of crows, circling the bus stop.


He’s reaching for a leaf in my hand, he doesn’t actually know how to look at a camera


This is their new favorite game



This was outside my house all day, and after a lot of peeking out the windows to see what happened I think the elderly man who rented the apartment in that house passed away. So not interesting, just super sad.


Bare feets


Being a scary ghost



View from Bluff Point


View from Avery Point


Very nicely sharing the Panera buzzer



Toddler friends


It was VERY COLD by the ocean for my evening session


Even my husband got this right, and he doesn’t even┬ácare about my garden



The faerie village was amazing


Oh ok, go ahead and look 15



I am seriously drowning in photography work, which is both good (yay money! yay doing a thing I love!) and bad (my house is a disaster! we have no food!). I have a dress I need to return – by mail! I don’t even have to go to the store! – and it’s been sitting on my table for a week because remembering to put it in a package is too much. I suppose I could stop planning any fun fall stuff for the family and JUST take care of my messy house and grocery shopping, but that doesn’t sound fun either.

Just a couple more weeks and then it will be way too cold for anyone to want photos…right?

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A Special Christmas Gift


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

I’m not going to lie, I am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving. I feel very meh about all the traditional food (except for pie #teampie) and if we aren’t going anywhere I end up doing A LOT of work for people who also feel very meh about the food. It ends up being much more about the tradition of making the food – being in the kitchen, letting the kids help, timing everything perfectly – than the actual food.

This was the first year I enjoyed having the kids participate in the cooking. I really WANT them to have good holiday memories of togetherness in the kitchen but sometimes I just want to pour a cup of flour without anyone dumping half of it on the floor. I am TRYING. I am allowing the floor to be flour-covered and the pie to be over-cinnamoned and my patience to be stretched thin in the hopes that they will one day face the same thing with their children and realize “Wow, my mother really loved me.”

In the spirit of accepting that the holidays don’t have to be perfect to be special, here are some photos from our Thanksgiving weekend. We went full Christmas on Black Friday – tree shopping trumps gift shopping – although I’m not happy with my current decorations. Caroline’s mermaid birthday is clashing with my previous princess/woodland fairy themes. I need a LOT more silver and pink. But in the meantime, enjoy pictures of dirty dishes instead.

thanksgiving weekend-3

thanksgiving weekend-4

thanksgiving weekend

thanksgiving weekend-2-2

thanksgiving weekend-6-2

thanksgiving weekend-6

thanksgiving weekend-5

thanksgiving weekend-2-3

thanksgiving weekend-3-3

thanksgiving weekend-8

thanksgiving weekend-8-2

thanksgiving weekend-7

thanksgiving weekend-7-2

thanksgiving weekend-9-2


thanksgiving weekend-10-2

thanksgiving weekend-11

thanksgiving weekend-2-4

thanksgiving weekend-4-4

thanksgiving weekend-3-4

thanksgiving weekend-5-4

thanksgiving weekend-7-3

thanksgiving weekend-6-3

thanksgiving weekend-10-3

thanksgiving weekend-9-3

thanksgiving weekend-8-3

thanksgiving weekend-15

thanksgiving weekend-14

thanksgiving weekend-11-2

thanksgiving weekend-12-2

thanksgiving weekend-16

thanksgiving weekend-3-5

thanksgiving weekend-4-5

thanksgiving weekend-5-5

thanksgiving weekend-7-4



thanksgiving weekend-8-4

thanksgiving weekend-9-4

thanksgiving weekend-6-5

thanksgiving weekend-17

thanksgiving weekend-4-6

thanksgiving weekend-7-5

thanksgiving weekend-8-5

thanksgiving weekend-4-7

thanksgiving weekend-5-7

thanksgiving weekend-2-7

thanksgiving weekend-3-7

thanksgiving weekend-19

thanksgiving weekend-6-6

thanksgiving weekend-7-6

thanksgiving weekend-8-6

thanksgiving weekend-9-6

thanksgiving weekend-10-5

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Wordless Wednesday: Flashback Friday Edition

Friday, August 1st, 2014

I have none words because I have a newborn but I do have these pictures from the olden days when I only had 2 children. You know, a whole almost-two-weeks ago. So really this should be called “Pictures I actually took the time to edit so look at them while I take a nap, OK?”

bluff point abbotts

bluff point abbotts-4

bluff point abbotts-5

bluff point abbotts-6

bluff point abbotts-9

bluff point abbotts-10

bluff point abbotts-12

bluff point abbotts-14

bluff point abbotts-15

bluff point abbotts-17

bluff point abbotts-18

bluff point abbotts-19

bluff point abbotts-21

abbott's lobster in the rough noak ct

bluff point abbotts-23

bluff point abbotts-24

abbott's lobster in the rough noak ct

abbott's lobster in the rough noak ct

abbott's lobster in the rough noak ct

abbott's lobster in the rough noak ct


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Wordless Wednesday: Rocky Neck Beach, The First Of Many Edition

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

I decided a little while ago my goal for 2015 is to apply for Pro status over at ClickinMoms. That gives me all of 2014 to improve and build a portfolio of work I love and am proud of – and because I just said it here, now I have to follow through. I’m also currently taking a class with the very talented Sallykate Photography so my camera is coming with me EVERYWHERE for the next few weeks. I’m hopeful I’ll have a newborn to practice on soon (PLEASE GOD LET ME HAVE A NEWBORN SOON) so I hope you like baby pictures.

These are all from two Sundays ago at Rocky Neck State Park, taken with my Nikon D600 and 50mm 1.4 Sigma lens. Editing in Lightroom only.

The beach was actually SUPER crowded and the water is brown because it was full of seaweed. It was also freezing. Neither kid cared. Also, Caroline loves sand. LOVES it. Rubbed her face in it. Weirdo.

rocky neck beach day resize

rocky neck beach day resize-6

rocky neck beach day resize-5

rocky neck beach day resize-8

rocky neck beach day resize-10

rocky neck beach day resize-11

rocky neck beach day resize-13

rocky neck beach day resize-19

rocky neck beach day resize-21

rocky neck beach day resize-23

rocky neck beach day resize-36

rocky neck beach day resize-24

rocky neck beach day resize-25

rocky neck beach day resize-28

rocky neck beach day resize-30

rocky neck beach day resize-26

rocky neck beach day resize-32

rocky neck beach day resize-33

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