My Week(153) in iPhone Photos

Back in the photo session saddle again, which means my iPhone is feeling pretty neglected. The kids actually ASKED me to take their picture this week. It’s a miracle!


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Celebrity sighting at Type-A! It’s hard to tell, but it’s Minnie Mouse.


Ballet slipper = my absolute new favorite color. MinuteClinic had the best swag.


Oh, OK. I can do that.


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The waiting-for-the-bus dance


I could not love his school picture more.



Verdict: good, but not amazing.

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Clark Farms! Donkeys! Goats! Sheeps!

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And a giant slide!!!!


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She dressed herself, then started carrying around that kitty in a box (?? I think it was swag from something????) as a purse.

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Sometimes, I have to step back from my photo sessions and do one for ME in the location I want.

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Open house at Caroline’s preschool. That was our most recent family photo.



MORE swag from MinuteClinic. I love those guys.

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Sitting shotgun in the drop off line for school (which means we got there on time for once!)

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Thursdays are for napping.


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My Friday morning newborn session lived at the end of a dirt road.

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I’m going to be SO SAD when it gets too cold to shove the kids out on the porch and tell them not to come back inside.


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I’ve been binging on home improvement shows. Caroline has been binging on vintage My Little Ponies.

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Playing red light green light at Gillette Castle

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Very nice, Connecticut. I approve.

The weather has been abnormally warm all week – even if it did rain today – so the fall colors still haven’t peaked. Good news for next weekend’s photo sessions! And maybe I’ll even have time to take some of my OWN family pictures before Christmas. Miracles do happen! Except it hasn’t happened yet, so don’t hold your breath.

More real blog posts coming soon! Like super soon. Less than 12 hours from now. I have to much to catch up on.


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  1. Liz says:

    The Minute Clinic swag looks similar to what we got at BlogHer :) that is to say, lots of stuff!

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