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Heeeeeere fishy fishy fishy fishy

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

My mom bought me a membership to Mystic Aquarium for my birthday. I suggested she buy me an individual membership with the bring-a-guest option ($100) instead of a family membership ($160) so when Baby Evan (who is free anyways) and I go during the workweek I can bring along another mama and baby. It worked out great! I met two other mamas at the gate at 9:30 and we spent an hour and a half enjoying a very quite aquarium. The indoor exhibit is carpeted so it was a great spot for Baby Evan’s friends who can’t quite walk yet and my Ergo was perfect for carrying him outside.

Unfortunately, since I was the one behind the camera I don’t have any pictures of the both of us, but here are the obligatory photos of fish and whales and sea lions and stuff.

Fat Baby in a Little Hat

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Poor pale baby isn't allowed to play outside without sun protection on his little ginger scalp.

I could put him in something cooler, like a Red Sox baseball hat or a little tiny fedora, but without a neckstrap he won't keep it on his head.

Fortunately, he's cute no matter the head gear.

I wish the internet listened as well as my 1 year old

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Blerg. That’s really all I have to say about Friday. For some totally unknown and mysterious reason my blog stop working at some point Thursday night. Of course, by the time I noticed I was already out of the house and although my iPhone is an amazing little piece of technology is was NOT HELPFUL in determining which of the eighty jillion lines of code held the error. By the time I got home and started working with my host service 90% of my readers had already given up on my blog so my pageviews for Friday are hovering right around 13. That is no way to become rich and famous. Sorry internets!

I think things are all straightened out now, besides the one error my Aunt Katie keeps getting which warns her about some sort of virus. Which my host service assures me is NOT THERE and even if it WAS it’s GONE NOW. Plus I always remember to cover my mouth when I cough and am totally addicted to hand sanitized so don’t worry. You won’t get it.

In actual news that someone might find interesting, Baby Evan ate three pieces of pepperoni last night. Ate. Just like he ate a pretzel on Thursday and some puffs Friday morning. Either he’s just been screwing with me all along or he’s finally learned to swallow his food, since I’m pretty sure pepperoni doesn’t just dissolve in your mouth. I don’t want to suddenly push him into three meals a day but I am going to make an effort to provide actual baby-appropriate food on a more regular basis. I’ll just steer clear of his know enemies: oatmeal, avocado and toast.

Besides a sudden improvement in his diet, Baby Evan seems to have aged several months in the few days since his birthday. As if KNOWING my baby is 1 isn’t traumatic enough, my baby isn’t even very babyish anymore. He’s started listening and following directions, which is both adorable (when he helps me put away his toys) and VERY USEFUL (when we’re in a yarn shop and he’s thinking about pulling all the yarn off the shelves). He can understand the word and the sign for “gentle” and was niiiiiiice and geeeeeentle today when he reached down and pet a 4 month old at playgroup. I suppose next we need to work on the difference between a baby and a cat.

And just for the record, 28 years ago today my teeny tiny mother gave birth to a giant baby without a single drop of pain medication. She’s an amazing mom and an overall wonderful person. Happy Birth of Your First (and clearly best) Child Day Mom!

You Could Be a Farmer in Those Clothes

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Ten points to the first person to identify the movie quote!

We finally got the warm, sunny weather I was so tired of hearing about from my Mid-Western friends so now I’ll bore you by talking about it to. Spring in Connecticut doesn’t so much bloom as EXPLODE. One day there are a few crocuses in the garden and tiny buds on all the trees and then WHAM flowers and leaves everywhere. It’s fantastic. I have to physically restrain myself from running out to my local garden center and spending hundreds of dollars on plants and seedlings I have no idea how to grow. My thumb is best described as a light yellow – I don’t kill every plant I come in contact with but only the strong survive.

Baby Evan and I took advantage of the weather yesterday by lounging on our porch all afternoon, doing out best redneck country folk impressions. I opened up the house, blocked off the stairs and let him have the run of the place.

My mom gave him the overalls for his birthday. Let it be known she did include a shirt at the time.

But Baby Evan and I agree, shirts are for suckers.

Downward Dog

They both watched the neighborhood kids walk home from school with rapt attention. The thought that one day Brutus might be watching out the front door for Baby Evan to get home made me teary.

P.S. One of the comments I get about my blog a lot is “How do you find time to write every day!?” The answer is of course, I neglect my child. Just kidding. But I do neglect a lot of housework, laundry and pretty much all my other interests until I’ve written my post for the day. It is, however, IMENSELY helpful that Baby Evan can be fairly easily entertained, either with toys (to throw on the floor), food (to throw on the floor) or as seen below, my toes.

Evan’s First Birthday: Decorations

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Although my plan was to save money by making all the decorations for Evan’s circus birthday party, it didn’t take long for things to get out of hand with my budget. (Or at least that’s what WOULD have happened if I’d had a budget to begin with. I’ve never been good with numbers.) I would have been better off ordering a couple banners off Etsy, picking up paper plates and cups at the dollar store, plopping a hat on everyone’s head and calling it good. So don’t come around here looking for cheap party tips because I don’t have any. If you want inspiration, cute ideas or hints on where to find circus themed stuff, then by all means keep reading.

circus birthday party wreath

I decided I needed a wreath for the door at 9 pm Friday night. It’s tissue paper on cardboard.

circus birthday party banner

Banner on the front porch. Craft paper from JoAnn Fabric.

circus birthday party banner

Playbill font on craft store paper.

circus birthday party banner

I pushed our buffet in front of the fireplace to keep the kids out and used it as a cake table. The photos on the mantle were done by Nina Benjamin, a local photographer. Tablecloth is just a couple yards of fabric from Joann’s. Circus tray is vintage from my grandmother, crown is from Michael’s crafts with a little felt badge I made glued on.

circus birthday party banner

I used “Coffee Tin”, a free font I downloaded, and printed on paper rectangles I bought at the craft store. No cutting involved!

circus birthday party decorations

Popcorn boxes from the $1 section of Target, wind up clowns, gumball machines and pin wheels from the dollar store.

circus birthday party decorations

Prizes for the older kids, although the games were so disorganized I just handed them out to whoever I could find.

circus birthday party decorations

Origami circus animals from Michael’s.

circus birthday party decorations

I bought a 50-balloon helium tank from BJ’s for $22 and used ALL of it. Balloons outside, balloons inside, balloons on the ceiling, balloons on the staircase.

circus birthday party decorations


circus birthday party decorations

My proudest and most frustrating decoration – I cut every single one of these tiny triangles out by hand and sewed them together one at a time in a looooooooog streamer.

circus birthday party clown noses

Clown noses ordered from Oriental Trading Co, free circus font downloaded from internet, tablecloth is fabric from Joann’s

circus birthday party napkins

Napkins from Celebrate Express (seriously, they had some good stuff)

circus birthday party games

Games: clothespin drop, pin the nose on the clown, coloring pages of (non-scary) clow faces

circus birthday party decorations

ALL those little circus graphics are actually from favor boxes I bought at Christmas Tree Shops. I cut them up and used them as my theme and color scheme. The silverware holders are actually pencil holders from the $1 section at Target. Tickets from iParty.

circus birthday party guest book

I ordered a photo book from Snapfish with a 30% off coupon code and left a few pages blank in the back to use as a guest book. The photos are a recap of Baby Evan’s first year.

circus birthday party games

Bean bag toss – the cloth was purchased at Target on clearance, E built the backing. Extra bean bags bought at Christmas Tree Shop.

circus birthday party photo booth

More fabric from Joann’s, top hat and mustache from local party store, baby suspenders from Belt Outlet online.