The Best Weekend Of The Year

I think I mentioned this is the best weekend to live in Eastern Connecticut a time or two hundred in the past couple weeks. Last year we were in South Carolina so we missed it (although I wouldn’t exactly say I was missing it, Bob). This year, E had to work all weekend but I was DETERMINED to do ALL THE THINGS with the kids. I’ve spent the summer learning to drag them both around plan fun outings with two kids on my own and this was sort of like the Olympics of solo-parenting. Three food festivals plus a town fair – and for the record, I only cheated on my diet a tiny bit.

The kids did a GREAT job the whole time. There were zero tantrums and only minor threats needed for cooperation. Evan did a ton of walking so I could use the stroller as a single (although I still got stopped at least once every 15 minutes to talk about my City Select) which was like a vacation for my arm muscles after pushing it as a double for 20 months. I feel sort of really actually completely terrible that we had so much fun while my husband toiled away at a job that’s driving him crazy. I know it hurts him that he’s missing so much. But I keep telling myself it’s not the kid’s fault that Daddy has to work so much and they shouldn’t be punished. I don’t even want them to REALIZE their grown ups are stressed and tired and miserable. All they should worry about is how they’re going to have room for ice cream AND funnel cake for breakfast.

Another breakthrough from this weekend: I threw out all my shame regarding hauling my giant camera around and acting like I had a press pass allowing me to shoot whatever the heck I wanted. Which means I took an epic number of photos. I’ll try to keep this post down to a semi-reasonable number but I’m going to add a break after a couple so the page isn’t INSANELY long. And be sure to check Facebook for the whole album – I mean, if you’re interested in gingers and food porn and New Englandy stuff.


Norwich Greek Food Festival 2012

I gave the bread to the kids and ate the insides. Go paleo!

Norwich Greek Food Festival 2012

They both got COVERED in powdered sugar eating cookies

Norwich Greek Food Festival 2012

Norwich Greek Food Festival 2012

We walked home across the Chelsea Parade (it’s a big empty square of grass where the militia used to muster) and the light was SO PERFECT.

Norwich Greek Food Festival 2012

100% Evan

Norwich Greek Food Festival 2012

Best Friends (no seriously, I almost cry every time I type that)

Saturday Morning:

Ledyard Fair 2012

The school bus shuttle to the fair was just as exciting as the actual fair

Ledyard Fair 2012

Rides were free from 9am – 10am and we took full advantage

Ledyard Fair 2012

You can (almost) see our old house from here

Ledyard Fair 2012

I have no idea.

Ledyard Fair 2012

Evan won Caroline a unicorn at the fishing game (tears, again)

Ledyard Fair 2012

I love you, llama llama

Ledyard Fair 2012

This one definitely won prettiest chicken.

Saturday Afternoon:

Norwich Italian Food Festival 2012

The weird weather kept the crowds away – it actually POURED rain for about 30 seconds at one point.

Norwich Italian Food Festival 2012

Norwich Italian Food Festival 2012

Foooooood. The only thing that got me was a fruit tart.

Norwich Italian Food Festival 2012

He already broke it (thank god)


Taste of Mystic 2012

There were at least 20 booths and they ALL had stuff like this.

Taste of Mystic 2012

This was the booth where I threw my diet out the window.

Taste of Mystic 2012

Evan stared at an ambulance for so long the EMTs took pity and let him climb inside. His mind was BLOWN.

Taste of Mystic 2012

Lemonade face

And one more food photo collage:

Taste of Mystic 2012

I bought: The shrimp and the ice cream. I drooled over the rest. That thing that looks like crap in the bottom left corner? Deep fried Snickers bars.

OMG. That was epic. I’m exhausted but so happy. And now I’m hungry again. We’ve got a corn maze, hayrides, ice cream, and the Garlic Festival scheduled for next weekend, so the fun isn’t nearly over yet!

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15 Responses to “The Best Weekend Of The Year”

  1. I soooooooooo would have eaten All The Things. Wow – this post made me drool!

  2. Page says:

    I basically just went through all of your pictures and thought, “I ate that. I ate that, too. I wanted to eat that.” I think we had the same weekend.

    Also, Garlic Festival? Are you kidding me? YES PLEASE.

    I’m just going to use your blog to keep me informed of all the goings on in this area, mmmk?

  3. Amy says:

    I hope you have already placed an order to have the photo of them holding hands on the bench printed on canvas. It might be my favorite photo of them ever!

  4. Liz says:

    I spy a Del’s Lemonade cup … you guys have that in CT too?? It’s a R.I. staple. :)

    • bebehblog says:

      We do! Well, actually, I don’t know if we have real ones but the carts are always at the food festivals. The kids LOVED it.

  5. molly says:

    Looks like a fantastic time! I am down with food festivals. I would have died and gone to heaven at the Grecian one!

  6. the grumbles says:

    The park bench is my favorite, hands down. The light! The magic! Your pixie girl kills me.

  7. All of that cuteness is just unreasonable! And I 87th or whatever the park bench photo. Holy crap.

  8. Oh my gosh, the picture of them holding hands on the bench?????!!!!!!

  9. Sounds like a fun time & who could resist the food! We went to the Greek Festival in Hartford this summer!

  10. Chelsey says:

    You need to stop it with your adorable kids… they are too much!

  11. mandy says:

    Your pictures are looking amazing lady! And as if the subjects could BE any cuter. Also I need to eat ALL OF THOSE THINGS. Like…right now.

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