Super Food, Super Delicious!

January 8th, 2015

My only food-related New Year’s resolution is “Eat less food from a drive-thru”. I’ve made drastic diet resolutions in the past and – not shocking – I’ve always failed. Always. If I’m not just throwing the whole thing out the window I’m busy trying to get around it somehow. (Well this ice cream is totally local and organic, which means it’s ok. It’s not like I’m eating horrible procesed candy from a bag…)

So “fewer drive-thrus” is a good goal. If I have to at least get out of the car and walk in to get my take-out at least it’s more likely to have a vegetable in it. I’m also menu planning again – maybe I’ll even get a What’s For Dinner post up! – and keeping the fruit bowl full. But when it’s lunch time and I’m standing in my kitchen and I realize I haven’t eaten anything that day and am suddenly STARVING, even a no-drive-thru rule doesn’t stop me from eating a pint of ice cream instead of real food. There has to be something easy and delicious right there.

eat smart wild greens and quinoa salad kit-8

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My Week(205) in iPhone Photos

My Week(218) in iPhone Photos

January 5th, 2015

We did a lot of nothing this week. I got rid of some of my wraps on the online wrap buy/sell/trade group, so my phone is full of wrap photos. And I definitely did not buy three more. Nope. I did not buy three. Only two.



This is the pile of wraps I measured so I could sell them. I did not sell them all.


I high recommend this rice cooker


This is a pile of wraps I am probably never going to sell



I sold this one, but I’m a little sad. Look how cute Caroline looks.


Helping Daddy do computer stuff


Baby in a book





She really likes wraps.


Who gave me a pen?! THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!



New Year’s Sparklers


New Year’s Toast


New Year’s Hand and Foot



I think I’m going to start collecting White House ornaments. I like them.


Anyone want some baby books?


Helping me de-Christmas the house



Doing important spy business


She BEGGED me to do this and was mad when I wouldn’t let her keep him all day


When you stay up until midnight you are tired for days



That’s MY spot, baby


Snow! That I did not go out in!


Snuggles are why I love wraps.

I got both kids out the door fully dressed in time for school today. I was pretty proud. I’m secretly hoping for a snow day later this week because I’m not sure I can do that all week. Especially not if this baby keeps nursing allllll night. Stupid growth spurt and rolling over and separation anxiety. I feel like I’m paying the price for all the easy months up until now. I don’t like it.

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Christmas Photo Post 2014

December 31st, 2014

These are not very good, from a technical standpoint. My children were not very cooperative, I didn’t edit them much, and definitely don’t think anyone would call them professional. But they are an accurate representation of our holiday and I’m happy I have them and can share them and one day I will love them just as much as I love the tiny 3×5 prints of my own childhood Christmases.

I actually hate to even type this because I KNOW I will fail and why even TRY to start something when I know it will fail but I’m going to do a 365 Photo Project in 2015. My goal is to take one photo every day that I don’t edit. One photo taken as a JPG on my big girl camera, no cropping, no lighting adjustments, no cloning things out of the background, no white balance correction. I have to accept it as it was taken, which (hopefully) will make me more conscious of things in-camera and not letting myself say “Oh I’ll just fix it later”. That’s why I never posted Halloween photos – I never finished editing them. That is LAZY photography and I need to be better than that.

Don’t worry, I won’t post all of those photos here. I haven’t decided how I’ll do it yet but I promise I won’t make you look at a crappy photo every day. As if blog readership wasn’t down ENOUGH this year.

christmas day resize

christmas day resize-3

Only the baby is still cooperative.


christmas day resize-6



christmas day resize-9

christmas day resize-10

christmas day resize-13

Literally the only thing Linc got in his stocking

christmas day resize-14

christmas day resize-15

christmas day resize-16

christmas day resize-17

christmas day resize-18

christmas day resize-21

christmas day resize-23

christmas day resize-25

christmas day resize-26

christmas day resize-29

Socks in your stocking are TRADITION. DEAL WITH IT.

christmas day resize-30

christmas day resize-31

christmas day resize-32

christmas day resize-33

Yeah, he ate that paper.


christmas day resize-35

Maybe next year Santa will bring her a hairbrush


christmas day resize-36

christmas day resize-37

christmas day resize-38

christmas day resize-40

Obviously she got too many presents, since she’s this exhausted from opening.


christmas day resize-42


christmas day resize-45

christmas day resize-47

christmas day resize-48

christmas day resize-51

At least we know E got what he wanted. (Thanks Carolyn!)


christmas day resize-52

He did this for like 9 straight hours.

christmas day resize-54


christmas day resize-59

christmas day resize-62

christmas day resize-65

christmas day resize-69

christmas day resize-76

The t-rex attacking the ponies cracks me up EVERY TIME. I am HILARIOUS.

christmas day resize-79

I got a super cool tripod for Christmas. This is me trying it out.


christmas day resize-82

christmas day resize-83

christmas day resize-84

christmas day resize-86

Happy First Christmas, Baby Lincoln!


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My Week(217) in iPhone Photos

December 28th, 2014

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! We had a great week!



Couch naps is what vacation is all about.




I think E was wishing he was back at sea instead of playing the rainbow game



Apparently he was very comfortable in that one


The post office was a poor choice


That looks like something I can put in my mouth! Give it to me!!!



My husband and father murdered my bushes (I asked them to).


Why are we at the grocery store AGAIN?


I had a Lego emergency



It’s a good thing I don’t like peanut butter blossoms, because I made a LOT of them


Doing her best statue of liberty impression


Pretty excited about our Christmas



Happy with her stash


His Christmas mostly involved doing this


Plasma car success!










Disapproving grouper judges you




What does the fox say? Zzzzzzzzzz….

Linc has like, a million new teeth coming in right now, so he’s pretty miserable. We were supposed to go to Virginia this week but I can’t handle the car trip plus sleeping at someone else’s house with such a grumpy baby. Not when the alternative is staying home in my pajamas. I did manage to get ALL THE LAUNDRY done today (or at least as much as is physically possible when you have children) so I feel pretty good. Tomorrow my goal is to vacuum every floor/rug in the house. Or maybe I’ll just try to catch up on laundry again.

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Lincoln: 5 Months

December 26th, 2014

I asked my mom friends last week if they thought I should be concerned about Linc not rolling over or bearing weight on his legs yet. They told me no, of course not, all babies are different and they develop at different rates, I’m sure he’ll roll over soon, their baby never rolled over and now look at her walking! That’s basically the Lord’s Prayer of parenting – I can recite it from memory but don’t often pay attention to what the words actually mean. It’s comfortingly familiar though, to hear it from people I know and trust.

Right after that Linc decided his new favorite thing is bearing weight on his legs, so at least half of my worrying was for nothing. I’m pretty sure one of these days I’m going to set him on the floor, leave the room, and come back in to find he’s just gotten up and walked away.

I’m a few days late with this update, not because I forgot it but because I didn’t want to even LOOK at the 5 month sticker a single second earlier than I had to. I cannot believe it’s already been 5 months with Lincoln here in our lives. He’s the first baby where I haven’t felt any desire for time to go faster. I am trying to stay completely focused on enjoying him right now, as he is, and not rushing anything.

It helps that he sleeps. I would be praying him to get bigger and older and thinking about night weaning and freaking out over how exhausted I was if he wasn’t already letting me sleep 7 hours a night. Best baby in the world. Or at least right now, since he’s taking a nice extended afternoon nap.

Likes include smiling, snuggles, people, singing, talking about cooking shows, being held, standing, bath time, chewing on things, his feet, my feet, mirrors, nursing, watching people eat, having his picture taken, the swing, the rock-n-play, his brother, his sister and the cat.

Dislikes include loud noises too close to his face, missing nap time, teething and having boogers removed from his nose/face in any way.

linc 5 months-4

linc 5 months

linc 5 months-5

linc 5 months-6

linc 5 months-14

linc 5 months-13

linc 5 months-8

linc 5 months-9

linc 5 months-11

linc 5 months-12

linc 5 months-31

linc 5 months-32

linc 5 months-36

linc 5 months-37

linc 5 months-39

linc 5 months-40

linc 5 months-41

linc 5 months-43

linc 5 months-44

linc 5 months-49 / linc 5 months-47

5 Month Milestones (originally from BabyCenter, now from Caroline’s 5 month post)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Distinguishes between bold colors – Yeah, sure. How the hell am I supposed to know?
Plays with his hands and feet – Yes, with cartoon-baby-levels of cuteness.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Recognizes own name – He did this very clearly yesterday and I was like BOOM! MILESTONE MOMENT!!
Turns toward new sounds – Yes, he’s very nosy.
Rolls over in both directions – Still no rolling. In either direction. He doesn’t even look like he wants to.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Sits momentarily without support – Yes. He’s going to be sitting independently way before he’s rolling.
Mouths objects – Nomming is his favorite hobby
Separation anxiety may begin – A little. He doesn’t like it when everyone leaves the room, but he doesn’t mind new people or strangers.

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