Finally, an up side

My back stopped hurting this morning, before I had a chance to call my OBGYN. I have an appointment a week from today anyways, so I’ll mention it then and ask what I should do if it comes back. It’s a good thing it didn’t hurt today because I have a zillion things to do before my parents come tomorrow. And then E’s parents come on Sunday. With his grandma. And his youngest sister. And his other sister. And his other sister’s two kids. So we’re going to be a little crowded until Wednesday, but I feel much better with my house almost clean.

Part of getting ready today involved a little me time: a pedicure and a hair cut. My last stylist quit to go work at Petsmart (not MY fault, I’m a good tipper) so I just picked the closest salon to my house. The lady was really nice and totally listened to me when I said “JUST A TRIM” unlike those bossy stylists at the frickin Master Cuts in the mall who are always telling me they need to take off at least three inches to get rid of my split ends. I LIKE MY SPLIT ENDS THANKS. Anyways, I went in with dirty, stringy hair stuffed under a hat and came out tossing my head around shampoo-commercial style. I read that pregnancy can give you good hair but this is FANTASTIC. I usually shed like a dog, leaving long blond strands all over my furniture and clothes, but since getting knocked up it’s really slowed. All that extra hair stays stuck to my head, making it all look fuller and shinier. No more ponytails for this preggo! It’s so nice to have a positive side effect for once, it almost makes up for the puking.


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  1. stacyinbean says:

    I want shiny preggo hair! Without the puking side effect though, thx.

  2. I too, shed like a dog. If I ever get pregnant (one day!) I hope I get this side effect too.

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