Baby Picture Post

img_19921Stretch!!! He still doesn’t know those arms and legs are attached to his body, which leads to a lot of very humorous self-punching in the face.
img_1999Hey Dad, what’s up?
img_2002I’m trying to smile because I’m crapping through my diaper, not because I’m happy to see you.
img_1977Hmmm…what can I throw up on from this angle?

2-weeks-old1Two weeks old. Don’t let him fool you, he only spends .01% of the time being this cute and quiet.
img_1966My very own morning, afternoon and midnight snack. NOM NOM NOM.
img_1986Does it make me a bad person if I say my baby looks kind of like Gollum in this picture? A very cute Gollum.

I wish I had more pictures of Baby Evan wearing tiny, adorable outfits but we don’t even bother to dress him any more. I’m already doing two loads of laundry a day between burp cloths, changing pad covers, blankets and my own milk and baby pee covered clothes – there is no point in adding 4 or 5 onesies to that pile. Once the weather warms up we’ll go outside, where clothes are slightly less optional, and I’ll have even cuter pictures.

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  1. He is too precious, especially with that ginger hair! All the girls on the playground will have crushes on him. Especially if he continues to nom his own feet — drives the ladies wild!

  2. sarrible says:

    That second picture is KILLING ME. Christ, it’s so fucking cute. And in the first one, he looks like an adorable bald monkey.

  3. Brigid says:

    Oh, yeah. We only occasionally dress the boy. He just pees/spits up/sweats on whatever we dress him in.

    The accidental face punching is HILARIOUS. Oh, babies. Oh.

  4. lalaland13 says:

    The second picture is hilarious. I can see him thinking, “Dad, you don’t have boobs. I do not approve of this situation.”

    He does look a bit like a cute Gollum. But whose tattooed arm is that? And are those cards?

  5. bebehblog says:

    That’s E’s arm and his I Love Suzanne tattoo. It’s two playing cards and a poker chip with a secret message: our wedding date and the phrase “2 hearts 1 soul”. Isn’t he the sweetest??

  6. JDRegent says:

    omg does your husband have a love tattoo to you? That is the hottest shit I have ever heard. Between that and the baby gorgeousness/perfection, I need to heckle my man into tattooing himself and knocking me up.

  7. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    I think your cute little Golum is happy in pic #3 because he’s spotted his milk supply, which he does appear to be looking for in pic #2!

  8. lalaland13 says:

    That is a really cute and sweet tattoo. I see why you procreated with this fella.

  9. scullymurphy says:

    Oh the thighs! The little chubster thighs – so nommable!

  10. Aww! He looks a little bit like Simon Pegg in some of those pics :P

    Love the blonde hair.

  11. Nospado says:

    any updates coming ?

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