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Steppin’ (Not) Out: NYE

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Maybe some day far in the future my pictures from New Years Eve will involve high heels and parties and sparkly dresses and champagne drunk from something fancier than a plastic cup. But yesterday we celebrated the end of 2011 by getting Little Evan a haircut, taking a trip to Target for 75% off wrapping paper and opening the champagne at 9 pm in case I fell asleep. I’ve always sort of hated New Years – it’s built up to be SO GLAMOROUS and SO SPECIAL and a HUGE TURNING POINT in your life, when really it’s just like any other night. Even when I was younger and DID go out for New Years I never felt like I was having as much fun as I was supposed to be having. And not even once did Billy Crystal declare he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

So instead of building it up and being let down, this year I just enjoyed having these two goofballs to hang out with all day and a husband to kiss at midnight any time I want to.

Twinsie trouble faces

You think they might be related?


Whatchu lookin' at, fool?


She suspects she got the short end of the stick

Minding his own business

These aren’t the best SOS pictures I’ve ever taken, but there is no way to pose for photos at Target without feeling like a total idiot and we didn’t do anything else. But I DID put on real clothes after a full week of PJ pants and there is no way I’m letting that go undocumented.

Dance party!

On Evan:
Shirt – Old Navy
Jeans – Children’s Place

On Caroline:
Dress & leggings – Crazy 8 (dude, don’t even think about looking at their website unless you’re prepared to spend mucho bucks on adorableness)

On Suzanne:
Tank – ModCloth (bought on sale last week, now gone)
Sweater – Target
Jeggings – Nordstrom Rack (I’m not even ashamed, they’re SO comfortable)
Boots – Old Navy
Necklace – Lisa Leonard
Bracelet – Spiffing Jewelry (it says “I curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal” and rocks my socks)

Steppin’ Out: Caroline’s First Birthday

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Party picture post tomorrow, but I thought I’d do my party outfit today. Technically we didn’t step out to anywhere, but the house was so festive with lights and decorations and friends it felt like we were someplace really special!

On Caroline:
Onesie dress – Target
Tights – Gymboree

On Me:
Dress – H&M
Sweater and hair flower – Sears (Yup AND I used a coupon)
Tights – Rue 21 (pro tip: “One size fits most” means “one size fits if you are less than 5’5″ otherwise you’ll be tugging them up all damn night”)
Heels – Missoni for Target
Belt – Betsy Johnson (bought at TJMaxx)

I spent weeks online shopping for a dress – because I wanted to be a little fancy as the hostess but not REALLY fancy because I’d still be cooking and making drinks and chasing kids – but didn’t order anything in time. When I ran to the mall to pick up the play kitchen I dashed into H&M and grabbed ever party dress. Let me tell you, I am WAY TOO OLD for about 75% of the stuff they sell. There is nothing about knit fair isle leggings with a crop top that appeals to me. But this tulle dress was cheap and cute (and a bit short, hence the tights) and I was thrilled that I fit into a nice, reasonable size 10 at a trendy store. Although considering how much I ate at the party, it probably wouldn’t fit today!

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Steppin’ Out {Evening at the Farm}

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

The place that has the sunflowers in the summer also does a corn maze and hay ride in the fall. I talked my friends into dragging their toddlers out into the cold evening for some ice cream (obviously the snack of choice when it’s 50 degrees out) and some fall fun and ended up having pretty much the best night I’ve had since having kids. Or at least right up until my friend Jessica lost her engagement ring in the GIANT CORN PIT. Her yellow gold engagement ring. (Spoiler alert: they found it!) But even sifting through a literally ton of corn kernels couldn’t ruin the rest of it.

Here’s the rest of it:

I totally forgot to get a steppin’ out picture until AFTER I’d been rolling around in the corn for an hour, so I am FILTHY with corn starch.

On Caroline: Head to toe hand-me-downs
Pumpkin hat seen in other photos hand-knit by me
(Although it’s really too small already. I’m making her another one & need to find someone with a small-headed baby for this one. Or at least a slightly younger baby. Do YOU have a 4 or 5 month old who needs a hat?)

On Me:
Fake fake Uggs – Walmart, at least 2 years ago and damn do I love them
Jeans – Old Navy
Shirt – Target
Hoodie – Target (half of a very sexy sweat suit set)
Necklace – Lisa Leonard swag from The Creative Connection last year

p.s. Every time I start to feel really good about the quality of my photos I end up lost in a Pinterest wormhole of truly gorgeous and professional pictures and realize I know NOTHING about photography. All the fancy lenses in the world aren’t going to make me a better photographer until I sit down and actually LEARN THE BASICS that my brain seems so reluctant to absorb. Plus even if I DID learn all the things, there’s a level of natural talent involved that I just don’t think I have.  My only consolation is that on a night like this one I was having too much fun participating to stop and set up every shot I wanted to capture. I’m just a MWAC (mom with a camera), and I’m mostly OK with that.

p.p.s. It also helps that E has finally gotten on board with playing assistant photographer, which is why I’m actually IN half of these shots. If only he understood how to take a more flattering photo of my double chin I’d be golden.

Steppin’ Out: The Big E

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

From Wikipedia: The Big E, also known as The Eastern States Exposition, is billed as “New England’s Great State fair”. The Big E serves as the de facto state fair for all six of the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Each of the New England states is prominently represented at the fair. The Big E is the sixth largest agricultural fair in the country, and the largest in New England.

From my experience: A huge ass fair where people lose their damn minds and stand in line for hours for a baked potato. Also, giant slurpies, beer, fried things, horses, crazy people, rides of questionable safety, good times.

We went on Friday, which was a Good Idea because although it was busy it wasn’t unable-to-move busy like it was last year on a Saturday. The weather was fantastic and the kids were 99% angels and even Mr. I Don’t Wanna Go There Are People There And I Hate People had a pretty good time.

Each state has a building showcasing the best stuff from their area. Maple things and seafood are in all of them.

What is this, a carousel for ANTS?

Best baby ever. We just fed her kettle corn the whole time and she barely made a peep.

No corndog no!!! Oh wait, that looks delicious. NOM NOM NOM.

I had the veggie platter for lunch and called it a healthy choice because it wasn't fried butter.

Duck Quack Quack

To make the day even more extra awesome, we met up with one of my long-time internet friends Leah (long time meaning since before I had any kids at all and her oldest kid was only a teeny weeny baby), who normally lives in Chicago but was visiting her family in Massachusetts. Little Evan immediately decided her son Calder was his new best friend, which meant he was allowed to borrow his dinosaur toy. Calder was too busy feeding popcorn to Caroline and sucking down the rest of my slurpie to care, so they got along GREAT.

Dinosaur RAWR

Driving buddies

This ride went WAY TOO FAST around the corners. Obviously Evan is terrified.

Choo choo train

Hey girl.

The boys practically mowed down the ticket taker carnie to be the first ones on and secure their spot in the engine. Calder then invited a cute little girl to sit with them. Mad skills for a 3 1/2 year old.

Hands up the whole time. This kid is fearless.

Isn't it nice when people you know online turn out to be awesome in real life too?

At one point, Leah had to go get some poutine (because, obviously) and I watched her sleeping baby and Calder. When he asked where his mom went I said “To get some food. You just stay here with the random person your mama met on the interet.” “Ok” said Calder. The people in line with us looked a little more concerned, but they must have thought I was joking. AHAHAHA jokes on them!

I love you Big E. See you next year!

So I was just linking to last year’s post about our trip and awwwwwwing over Baby Evan looking like a baby when I noticed I wore the same boots last time. I wonder if I came home and thought “Wow, those were a POOR CHOICE. Next year I’m wearing sneakers!” Because that’s what I thought this year. I win at forgetting things. Wait, what was I saying?

Steppin’ Out: Wine Festival

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Turns out there might be just a FEW benefits to having a friend who owns a vineyard. Like, for example, free tickets to her fall wine festival. Unfortunately, both my guys were a little grumpy and the place was PACKED so we didn’t stay too long. Little Evan kept running away through the throngs of drunks shouting that he wanted “Lemonade! Lemonade! Now Mama!” and trying to grab people’s wine out of their hands. (I guess calling my nightly glass of Reisling “Mama’s Special Lemonade” was a poor choice.)

There’s nothing that ruins a great glass of Cabernet Franc faster than having to wrestle a screaming toddler to the ground. I think the appropriate wine pairing for 2-year-old is GIANT BOX. But even with all four hands full, E and I managed to snap a few pictures.

How many babies does it take to rip Daddy's glasses off his face?

I love how they look so much alike even though it's just the back of their heads

A nice cold Riesling makes a great teether

And here’s what we wore. I’m not thrilled with my outfit, but it was the first time all week I wore something besides stretchy pants so I felt it needed some documentation. I am very excited boots and jeans and scarves, but not so much of how sweaters make my arms look. Time for some more push-ups, I think.

Little Evan:
Shirt & pants – Old Navy
Shoes – Target

Head to toe – Carter’s (all from a hand-me-down box)

Sweater – Target
Tank – Express
Purse – Kate Spade
Necklace – Bought in Paris at a street market (don’t I sound FANCY???)

They also have a tiny kitten heel. They are FORMAL moccasins.

Shoes – SteinMart
Jeans – Courtesy of the Lee Denim booth at BlogHer. I love the color and the stretch, but I should have gone with a slightly lower rise. I swear there are NO JEANS anywhere in the world that fit me correctly, especially after 2 kids. All my mushy bits get strangled and my butt is sadly flat looking. I miss my old butt.