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Velvet Mill Winter Farmer’s Market

Monday, January 8th, 2018

We had to get out of the house on Saturday so we went to the Velvet Mill, where Stonington has their farmer’s market in the winter. I had to wear the baby on my back to keep him from a) running away and b) freezing to death between the car and the door (also the mill is huge and drafty and most people didn’t even take off their hats and scarves inside). When I have a baby on my back my photography really suffers – he’s wiggly and throws himself back if he can’t see what I’m looking at, it’s hard to carry my camera strap on my shoulder when the carrier strap is in the way, and crouching down/bending over is hard when your balance is being thrown off by 28 lbs. But I still managed to take a few pictures at the mill (plus a few after).

All that delicious farmer’s market food and my kids begged for cheeseburgers for lunch.

Steppin’ Out: Wine Festival

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Turns out there might be just a FEW benefits to having a friend who owns a vineyard. Like, for example, free tickets to her fall wine festival. Unfortunately, both my guys were a little grumpy and the place was PACKED so we didn’t stay too long. Little Evan kept running away through the throngs of drunks shouting that he wanted “Lemonade! Lemonade! Now Mama!” and trying to grab people’s wine out of their hands. (I guess calling my nightly glass of Reisling “Mama’s Special Lemonade” was a poor choice.)

There’s nothing that ruins a great glass of Cabernet Franc faster than having to wrestle a screaming toddler to the ground. I think the appropriate wine pairing for 2-year-old is GIANT BOX. But even with all four hands full, E and I managed to snap a few pictures.

How many babies does it take to rip Daddy's glasses off his face?

I love how they look so much alike even though it's just the back of their heads

A nice cold Riesling makes a great teether

And here’s what we wore. I’m not thrilled with my outfit, but it was the first time all week I wore something besides stretchy pants so I felt it needed some documentation. I am very excited boots and jeans and scarves, but not so much of how sweaters make my arms look. Time for some more push-ups, I think.

Little Evan:
Shirt & pants – Old Navy
Shoes – Target

Head to toe – Carter’s (all from a hand-me-down box)

Sweater – Target
Tank – Express
Purse – Kate Spade
Necklace – Bought in Paris at a street market (don’t I sound FANCY???)

They also have a tiny kitten heel. They are FORMAL moccasins.

Shoes – SteinMart
Jeans – Courtesy of the Lee Denim booth at BlogHer. I love the color and the stretch, but I should have gone with a slightly lower rise. I swear there are NO JEANS anywhere in the world that fit me correctly, especially after 2 kids. All my mushy bits get strangled and my butt is sadly flat looking. I miss my old butt.