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North Fork 2013

Monday, July 8th, 2013

We went to Long Island to visit one of my very favorite people and her two boys. For someone I met on the internet, she sure doesn’t seem like a crazy person. Unless you mean crazy-awesome. Her whole family is crazy-awesome, in fact, including an awesome boyfriend who read approximately one zillion bedtime stories to the kids.

We went to celebrate JD turning four with a super hero birthday party Kim threw together entirely on her own while also working full time. I mean, my parties ARE my full time job when I’m planning, and they still don’t go as smoothly as her’s. She’s basically Superwoman (which made the theme even more appropriate).

Party Photos:

long island-6

long island-24

long island-42

long island-48

long island-50


Then on Sunday we had a super leisurely day that involved Evan taking a nap in the stroller (!!!!!!) and me buying $17 worth of pickles. And also strawberries. And also a giant bread ring stuffed with pepperoni. And that was just the farmer’s market in the morning.

long island-52

long island-54

long island-55

long island-59

I’ve gone to visit Kim on Long Island a few times now, and every time I drove through the North Fork from the ferry I thought “Man, this place is GORGEOUS. One day I’m going to come back and just drive around.” Since Kim and the boys had plans in the afternoon the kids and I left around 2, which gave us plenty of time for just driving around. Thanks to some directions from Kim’s mom and some really good luck (plus ignoring my GPS’s insistence I stay on the main road) we found plenty to occupy ourselves. A farm stand with fresh snap peas, blueberries AND a playground is basically their idea of heaven.

long island-65

long island-69

long island-70

long island-71

long island-72

long island-74

Twins! Even when they’re eating.

long island-77

long island-81

Apologies for all the blueberry pictures, they were so gorgeous.

long island-83

And then we caught a 6 pm ferry home. It was a super fantastic weekend. I love summer.

long island-89

long island-91

long island-93

long island-96

long island-98

long island-102

long island-104


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Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Another summer week, another seven days I can hardly believe were only seven days.



Yeah, basically this, for the whole weekend.


They ate all the peas & berries before we even got back in the car.


Oh no! Stormy seas! The boat is rocking! (It was not stormy.)



Friendship IS magic!


Dr. Evan to x-ray, STAT!


It’s adorable, but they still stole my umbrella.



Burning off some energy. SO MUCH ENERGY.


Every morning Caroline wakes up and cries until she can say hello to her kitty.


Reading selections



She’s skeptical about putting a bird on it.


High fives, Blue Iguana!


Pineapple cream cheese cupcake = heaven



Dancing at the Plymouth 4th of July Parade


Cousins in the ocean


Chug chug chug chug



Explaining why we should go home and watch some shows (he was very convincing)


Town fireworks


He liked them for the first 2 minutes…and then fell asleep.



Monkey see, monkey do




Performing a tail-ectory on Ariel

It is still hot hot hot in New England, so our choices are 1) sit really, really still in the house with all the fans blowing on us or 2) go find a body of water. There are lots of those around, but since Evan and I both got sunburns on the 4th we’ve been hiding inside mostly. They start the preschool summer program this week (I…think? I need to call…) so we’ll eventually have to go back to the real world, but for now I am enjoying doing nothing. Mostly nothing. I don’t think potty training counts as REALLY doing nothing.

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Wordless Wednesday: Cross Sound Ferry Edition

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

cross sound ferry trip

cross sound ferry trip

cross sound ferry trip

cross sound ferry trip

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