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My Week(183) in iPhone Photos

Monday, May 5th, 2014

I have almost totally completely recovered from the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta this weekend. The combination of standing/walking/dancing/flying made me swell up like a bullfrog and I was worried I might have overdone it, but things seem to be getting back to normal. But definitely no more travel for me until I have an outside baby.



Furniture in an orchard. What, that’s not how you spend your weekends?


Evan is “helping” her read a book. This definitely didn’t end well.





I was very tempted to just throw that whole pile away, but I mostly put it away. Mostly.


Captain Barnacles and Peso to the rescue!


Who knew applesauce in a pouch was THAT delicious?



Adorable shopping cart sharing.


Making herself at home.


We don’t ACTUALLY live at Target. My kids just get confused sometimes.



Swim lesson shenanigans


Her side-eye is already perfect.


If this is what happens after a 30 minute swim class, maybe summer will involve LOTS of naps.



Goodbye Providence…


Hello Atlanta!


Chocolate fountain = pregnant woman’s dream come true



No YOU cried like 5 different times during the first 4 hours of Mom 2.0


I’ve never had such amazing food at a conference. Parmesan encrusted shrimp OMG.


Fancy hairs courtesy of the Dove suite



High tea at the Ritz. Is this real life? (No)


Fancy award ceremony is fancy


My amazing, beautiful roommate Miranda who I miss so much already

I’ll write an actual conference post later (that will probably be mostly photos, duh) but it was an amazing experience. I had literally zero negative interactions with people – even people I would consider Kind Of A Big Deal on the internets – and loved every conversation I had. Even though right now the logistics of going next year (not knowing where we might be stationed, having a 10 month old) are overwhelming I already bought a ticket.

Now I am back to real life where I am responsible for butt-wiping and laundry and a severe lack of fried green tomatoes. But cuddling with the ginger babies makes me super glad to be back to life (back to reality).

Dove Intensive Repair Review And $1,000 Spafinder Gift Card Giveaway

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Back in high school I used to get super bored in classes like Physics and Algebra II. Is the anything more boring than Algebra II? I imagine there’s a room at most prisons where they lock prisoners in front of and endless loop of a video explaining the quadratic equation and exponentials and logarithms. Except that’s probably considered cruel and unusual punishment so we only make 9th graders do it. So back when I was facing that kind of torture, I used to stare at the ends of my hair, find my split ends, and slooooooowly peel them apart as far as they would go. It was horrifying and satisfying at the same time.

These days I can only dream of having that kind of time on my hands. There isn’t much time for sitting and staring into the distance as a mom. And even if I did, I’d be hard-pressed to find any split ends to peel thanks to the bottle of Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair conditioner I was sent to review. I was really skeptical when I saw “Up to 95% fewer split ends!” on the bottle, since I am not gentle with my hair. It goes up in those tangly hair bands by 10 am almost every day, gets sprayed with homemade sun-in on the regular, and I haven’t had a trim since…I don’t even remember. I’m currently trying to “grow it out”, which means I’ll let it get as long and unruly as I can stand and them chop off 6 inches, after which I’ll totally regret it and begin the process all over. But since I started using the Intensive Repair, the ends are much softer, much less damaged and almost split-end free.

dove intensive repair review

p.s. Want to see your husband look at you like a crazy person? Ask him to help you take macro shots of your hair since your arm’s not long enough to do it yourself.

The Intensive Repair conditioner goes on really thick and feels super indulgent. It also does what conditioners are supposed to do – gets out and prevents tangles. (Remember when the thing you put on after shampoo was called cream rinse? This conditioner feels like that, but without the oily residue to weigh hair down.) The Fiber Active technology actually penetrates each hair strand, helping rebind damaged proteins to prevent future split ends and damage. That’s just fancy hair-care product talk for “Dude, it works.” I’m 100% planning to make this a permanent product switch and buy this on my own from now on, I like it that much.

You can enter the BlogHer giveaway below by following their directions (and get the coupon for your own bottle of Intensive Therapy), but feel free to comment on this post telling me I’m not the only weirdo who enjoyed peeling their split ends. Because that feels maybe I’m only one step away from being the strange girl who ends up in the hospital with a ball of hair in her stomach from chewing on it.

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4 Weird Things I Put In My Hair

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

1. Honey & olive oil hair mask. You can follow the link, but the entire recipe is: honey, olive oil, mix, put on hair. Miranda and Krystal talked me into this and after I got it onto my head I panicked and wondered if I had made a huge mistake (I’ve made a huge mistake). But! It worked! It all washed out easily in just one shampoo and my hair looked really good and felt really soft. If (when) I do it again I’m going to dampen and comb out my hair well first and then spread the mask on with my hands. I didn’t do my roots, since those tend to be oily on their own but if your hair was dry you absolutely could.

2. Coconut oil. I’m not even going to bother talking about WHY I would suddenly start using coconut oil for everything, since apparently I am the last person on the planet to discover its awesomeness, but it was great for my hair. It took a little longer to wash out that the mask, but I just wore my hair in a bun for a day between shampoos and now it’s REALLY soft.

3. Lemon Juice. Well, actually lemon juice, water and hydrogen peroxide, aka DIY Sun-In. I tried to buy ACTUAL Sun-In but my Target didn’t have it anymore (because it’s 2012, Suzanne, not 1999). Truthfully, my homemade version works even better on my hair and gives me fantastic, natural-looking highlights. I wouldn’t recommend it on anyone with hair that tends to look orangey in the sun unless you want Bozo the clown streaks. The hydrogen peroxide will lighten your hair even without sitting in the sun (gradually but permanently) but the lemon works best if you’re going to sit by the pool for a while. For natural(ish) blondes the results look way more expensive than the pennies it costs to make.

4. Moringa oil. I was sent a bottle to review (and I’ll have a giveaway soon!) as a treatment for sunburns, among other things. I figured if it helped repair the sunburn I am DEFINITELY going to get this weekend that would be more than enough, but in the mean time the website convinced me to try it on other stuff. I like it on my hair as a treatment for frizz and for the days after I’ve fried it with chlorine and sun and lemon juice. I can smooth a tiiiiiny bit on my hands and then over my ponytail to help it looks polished and fancy as opposed to “frazzled mom hair”. I would definitely recommend it to anyone whose hair is thicker/coarser/less oily than mine as an everyday product.

What weird beauty stuff (for your hair or any other bit) do you recommend?

Steppin’ Out: Birthday Date

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

You know you are getting kind of desperate for adult-only time when you dress up to go to Friendly’s and to the movies. This was my attempt at CASUALLY fancy, like “Oh, this old thing? I wear this to weed the garden! These are my dishwashing shoes! I always carry a giant clutch when I’m jogging!” but I don’t think I fooled anyone.

Scarft: H&M
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Missoni for Target
Clutch: Krust
Cuff bracelet: Spiffing Jewelry

Evan’s wearing Christmas jamz and having a great time playing with the camera remote.

When I add the pink to my hair this time I left it on a lot longer so it is REALLY pink. I also dyed the rest of it blonde (blonder) a few days ago, although it STILL isn’t the color I was going for. I think when it grows out a little and my roots look terrible I’m going to have to suck it up and go get it done by a professional. Or maybe I’ll start buying Sun-In by the gallon and bleach it the way I did in college. HAWT.

p.s. The Hunger Games was amazing. As was the enormous chocolate peanut butter sundae I shoved into my face for dinner.

Pink for Happiness

Monday, February 27th, 2012

When I wrote out my New Year goals, I made a corresponding list of rewards for reaching certain milestones. People do this all the time, often to great effect. Once you lose some weight you can buy new shoes! Get a manicure! Take a vacation! You deserve nice things because you’ve worked so hard! So for two months now I’ve been thinking about the new tattoo I’ll get or the new haircut I’ll splurge on or the new jeans I will buy. Eventually. Someday.

And in the meantime I’ve felt dumpy and boring and unattractive. It’s really too bad there’s a law that says being overweight means I can’t have nice things.


The idea that my pants size should prevent me from treating myself well is bullshit. Bullshit I say! It’s part of that terrible, dangerous idea that if only I weighed X all my problems would be solved. It’s putting my life on hold until I achieve some arbitrary ideal that matters exactly zero point zero percent to anyone. It didn’t work when I was 17, it didn’t work when I was 23, and it’s not going to work now when I’m 30. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to knock it off, but instead I will tell you:

You will never, ever get to a weight that will MAKE you happy. You can choose to be happy right now.

Reward yourself for surviving today. Buy new shoes because they make you smile. Buy new jeans because they make the ass you have look fantastic. Get a scoop of ice cream because ice cream is delicious. Book a massage because life is stressful and massages are awesome. Get a manicure because it makes you feel good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself you treat yourself better – both physically and mentally.

I’m not saying I’m quitting my diet. I’m not saying I don’t still want to be thinner. I’m not saying I won’t celebrate when I get to my milestones. But it’s so much easier to not eat my feelings when my feelings are happy, light and beautiful. Why not do something now that makes me feel good?

Pink hair. My 10th grade self just squeed with joy.

I am done waiting to be happy. I am doing nice things for myself today, right now. I don’t have to earn my happiness – I am choosing to love myself today.