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Caroline’s 15 Month Stats

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Yesterday was Caroline’s 15 month well-baby check-up. She got a finger poke and two shots and was pretty pissed off about it for about 20 minutes but forgave me thanks to chicken nuggets and some fruit snacks. She is willing to forgive almost ANYTHING for fruit snacks. They didn’t mention anything about her lead test results so I’m guessing they came back fine, although I’m kicking myself for not ASKING. Lead poisoning isn’t something you want to screw around with. I don’t have a specific reason to be concerned (you know, besides living in a house that’s probably full of lead paint) but I’d rather know YES or NO for sure instead of assuming no news is good news.

15 month stats:

Height: 28 1/2 inches (about the 10th percentile)
Weight: 20 pounds, 9 ounces (25th percentile)
Head circumference: 46.8 cm (75th percentile)

Big head, teeny tiny baby. She continues to freak people out in public by climbing, running, standing on tall things and generally acting like a toddler while still looking like she’s barely old enough to be walking. Evan was 20 pounds at only 6 months (HOLY CRAP!) and 23 pounds and 31 inches at 15 months, so it looks like Caroline is destined to be a gymnast or a jockey instead of a linebacker. Or maybe a rocket scientist, since obviously her brain is gigantic. I kind of love that she’s a peanut though – it’s saved me a fortune in baby clothes.

If I may venture into “horribly braggy mommy blogger” territory for a minute, I was kind of annoyed the doctor wasn’t more impressed with Caroline’s skills. I know there’s a huge range of normal when it comes to developmental milestones, but when I told her my 15 month old can follow directions like “Go find your milk and bring me the cup” she could act a LITTLE bit like it’s a big deal. That’s on the BabyCenter chart for 22 months! Tell me she’s super smart! Encourage me to sign her up for gifted baby classes immediately! VALIDATE ME!!!! The doctor was mildly impressed when after using her stethoscope to listen to Caroline’s heart and lungs Caroline took it from her and tried to listen to her own heart. Maybe she wasn’t impressed as much as she was blown away by the ridiculous cuteness because OMG SO CUTE AND SMART.

Ahem. Sorry. It’s just hard not to do cartwheels of joy when I talk about my kids sometimes. I’m awful.

In other news, the doctor said she’s getting her molars, so this is probably the LAST time I’ll gush about how awesome she is for a few weeks.

30 Pounds Down

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I was really excited for this to be a BIG REVEAL with DRAMATIC PICTURES illustrating how different I look after losing 30 pounds, but instead I’m kind of depressed at how NOT different I look.

Left, May 2011 - Right, March 2012

Although, whoa, did my boobs get smaller. I should try to find a photo of myself at 9 months pregnant with Caroline, since I’ve lost almost 60 pounds total if I’m counting from my highest weight ever. And I DO see a difference, both in pictures (I don’t hate them all!) and in my clothes. I had to buy smaller jeans. My old work wardrobe fits. I ordered a dress in a size medium from ModCloth and am probably wearing right now. Last week I wore a pair of knee-high boots I have literally owned for 3 years and have NEVER gotten to zip over my calves before. And I could write a novel about how much better I FEEL. It’s a cliché, but it’s a totally true cliché. I know I am having a much better time on my trip than I would have had 30 pounds ago and not dreading all the parts that involve a bathing suit.

Of course, I have probably also gained back at least ten of the pounds I’ve lost on the cruise. Can you say midnight chocolate buffet? But honestly, even if I don’t stick 100% to my Weight Watchers plan while I’m gone I have learned a lot about filling up on vegetables and fruit, controlling snacking and portion sizes and balancing treats with activity. Those aren’t hard concepts and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out losing weight is just a calories in vs. calories out equation but no matter how many times I told myself to eat less and move more nothing else has WORKED like Weight Watchers does. I am looking forward to a much more dramatic after picture in the not-too-distant future.

p.s. Has anyone seen my 30 Day Shred DVD? I know I threatened to throw it out the window the last time I tried it, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. At least 50% sure.

A Little About A Lot Of Things

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

1. In my quest to wean Caroline, I actually counted the number of times a day she was nursing and realized it was only 5ish during the day and 2 or 3ish at night. (I know that SOUNDS like a lot but in my head she was still nursing every 2 hours so it was a nice surprise.) The first thing I did was cut her down to one night feeding, which amazingly only took one night of rocking instead of immediately shoving a boob in her mouth in my attempt to get back to bed ASAP. The next thing I’ve done is cut down the rest of our nursing sessions to one in the morning, one before nap and one before bed. I figure even if she doesn’t drop all of those before I leave they can easily be replaced with a cuddle and a cup or bottle of milk. My next goal is to drop the morning feeding this weekend, which means I’ll need to stay in bed until at least 11 am. The suffering I go through for my children.

2. The WORST part about trying to discipline my almost-3-year-old is how much it affects my 1-year-old.Yesterday we had to leave the mall right after Stroller Strides because Evan ran off into a store and wouldn’t come back. I had to be that mom I hate being, the one who shout-whispers and threatens and drags her kid around by his arm. And because I had told him he would lose his chance to play on the playground if he ran away I had to follow through and take them BOTH home. Caroline is still too little to be mad for long but I am upset she is missing out on something fun because her brother has forgotten how to understand English. It happens at home too, when I have to put Evan in time out and she loses her playmate or when I have to take away toys because he won’t share.

3. I am actually looking forward to my weigh in this week. I just need to avoid any carb-related binges between now and Thursday night. Sidenote – If you ever join Weight Watchers, DON’T weigh in at NIGHT. It’s like the total opposite of the first thing in the morning, right after you pee, totally naked weigh in 99% of America does. I swear if I was weighing in at 9 am instead I’d already be down another 5 lbs.

4. I am still obsessing over what tattoo I should get for Caroline. My Pinterest board is filling up with birds and lace but I still haven’t figured out how to make those relate to her. Denae’s idea of a “C” as a bracelet is awesome, although another wrist tattoo is kind of boring. Maybe I need 2 new ones. Or 3. Or a zillion.

5. One of the things I promised E I would do this year is look for a sponsor or sponsors for BlogHer. I am definitely going – New York is really close and I already bought a discounted ticket – but it would be nice if hanging out with my interweb friends didn’t end up costing $1000+ this time. I have absolutely no idea how to go about it and am intimidated by literally every aspect of trying to find one. On the OTHER HAND, if I can get a sponsor for BlogHer I might be able to convince E I should also go to The Blathering, which would be the most fantastic thing ever.

6. I saw a preview for a new show on Fox last night that had Keifer Sutherland on a cell phone talking about how they were RUNNING OUT OF TIME in his raspy voice and I cried a little – both because I miss 24 a crazy-pants amount and because JACK IS BACK Y’ALL. Ok, so he’s playing someone named Martin but whatevs. He will always be Jack. OHPLUSALSO, IMDB has a 24 movie listed in his credits. I have died and gone to man-bag heaven.

Goals, etc.

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I LOATH turning January 1st into some sort of magical diet-starting day, as if the flipping of a calendar page can somehow change all of my poor eating habits, rip out my crazy sweet tooth and give me the motivation to work out during every nap time instead of sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy. And with so many people kicking off their diets or fitness plans it feels like I can’t escape the constant deluge of advice and tips and tweeted pictures of sad little yogurt cups. Your yogurt makes me SAD, friends. Please throw some granola and a few berries on top. Personally, I think January is the WORST time to start a diet plan. Do you have seasonal amnesia? Do you REMEMBER what January is like in 75% of the country? Cold. Dark. Dreary. Miserable. Mind-numbingly boring. An endless stretch of nothingness punctuated by housebound snow days and pajama pants. If you love the symbolism of a brand new year as a fresh start towards your goals then go ahead, fight the crowds and sign up for that gym membership – but don’t be surprised when the siren song of pizza delivery and unplowed roads drives you totally insane. I vote we all start making Memorial Day Resolutions or Arbor Day Resolutions or National Day After National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Resolutions instead.

That being said, as of Monday I’m back to strict point tracking with Weight Watchers and recommitted to attending Stroller Strides at least 4 days a week. Pot, kettle, etc etc. But the truth is with Caroline’s first birthday in my rear-view mirror, I have passed the “just had a baby” excuse for anything and I’m really sick of feeling like such a MOM in my body. I’m not even talking just about my weight. I actually don’t feel so bad about that. The 20-something pounds slash jean size I’ve already lost have done WONDERS for how I feel, especially when it comes to photos of myself. Go ahead! Snap a candid shot! From a low angle! I fully accept that those arms are attached to my torso!

What I really mean is I wear far too many stretchy pants and sweatshirts. I own jeans my own mother is too cool to be seen wearing in public. I haven’t had my hair cut and colored professionally since before I was pregnant. The first time. I am a grown-up with a mortgage and two kids and yet I still don’t wash my face before I go to bed. I cannot stop myself from eating an entire bag of candy if it’s anywhere in my house.  I haven’t gotten more than 4 hours of sleep in more than a year.

Whoa, that turned really whiny really fast. This is the least original post ever in the history of mom blogging – committing to taking better care of myself so I can feel better is like the super graphic but somehow still boring birth story of 2011.  Sorry for the self-pity parade, but it has been a Tough Week with a non-sleeping baby and no pints of ice cream to self-medicate and we did a goal setting exercise at Stroller Strides that made me thinking writing this stuff down somewhere where I could be held accountable might not be a bad idea.

So, here’s the facts:
I would like to lose 15 pounds before we take our super special bathing-suit based vacation in March
I would like to lose 30 more pounds total
When I get to 150 pounds, I get a new tattoo as a reward
When I get to my goal weight I get to buy a pair of REALLY EXPENSIVE jeans that REALLY FIT as a reward
I will get my hair cut/colored at a real salon where I have to make an appointment
I will get at least one pedicure this year (yikes)
I will wash my face at night – or at least MOST nights, or at least wipe it off with those cloth things

I’m not going to make some sort of promise to record my journey and document all my triumphs and set backs (pause for the collective sigh of relief) but I might mention it. And if you happen to see me hanging around Twitter making EAT ALL THE CANDY comments, maybe remind me I really really want that new tattoo.

tl;dr version – I’m turning 30 in April, so it’s time to stop feeling like shit about myself.


Watching It

Friday, July 15th, 2011

My ankle is doing much better, thanks for asking, but it was probably a mistake to go to Stroller Strides on Monday and Tuesday. I thought if I just took it easy I’d be OK but by the time I woke up Wednesday I was popping Motrin like candy and had to put my ace bandage back on, so I think I’m going to give it a few more days before I try again. Or maybe I’m just projecting onto my ankle because my thighs hurt SO MUCH after all the squats and lunges I can barely carry the baby upstairs. My ass was kicked. And then I got a weird fever/body aches that felt like the start of another kidney infection (NOOOOO!) so I’ve been doing as little as possible all week. Again.

Not exercising is extremely frustrating right now because I’m on such a roll with Weight Watchers. I lost 3.8 pounds in the first week and 2.2 in the second week…which means I’ve lost 6 pounds in only 2 weeks. I’m hooked. I had this idea in my head that it was a super old fashioned, calorie counting type plan and I wasn’t going to like it and it wasn’t going to work no matter how good Jennifer Hudson looks in the ads. I mean, I don’t need to pay monthly dues just to have someone tell me Big Macs are bad for me. I’m not an IDIOT, I just lack self control and eat my feelings and love to sit down with a bag of candy and shove the whole thing in my face. THERE IS A REASON I AM OVERWEIGHT.

But it’s not like that at all. It’s all high-techy, with tracking online and calculators to figure out how many points are in the recipes I already make and I can stuff myself with as many fruits and veggies as I want and still have pasta for dinner AND an ice cream bar for dessert. (It helps that I get a special allowance for nursing. I might nurse forever, just so I can eat more.) After emptying my fridge the first week and making lots of healthy choices easily available, I think this is the kind of diet I can STICK WITH and maybe finally fit into some of those clothes I’ve been hanging on to for the past 5 years.

The best part is that if I DO want to shove a whole bag of candy in my mouth, I’m not breaking any rules. I can do it. I just have to be accountable for that candy and make better choices the rest of the week so it had better be a Real Chocolate Emergency. Or a Wine Emergency. Or a Chocolate and Wine Emergency. I can totally keep those down to only once or twice a month if it means I fit in my high school sundresses.