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Caroline’s 15 Month Stats

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Yesterday was Caroline’s 15 month well-baby check-up. She got a finger poke and two shots and was pretty pissed off about it for about 20 minutes but forgave me thanks to chicken nuggets and some fruit snacks. She is willing to forgive almost ANYTHING for fruit snacks. They didn’t mention anything about her lead test results so I’m guessing they came back fine, although I’m kicking myself for not ASKING. Lead poisoning isn’t something you want to screw around with. I don’t have a specific reason to be concerned (you know, besides living in a house that’s probably full of lead paint) but I’d rather know YES or NO for sure instead of assuming no news is good news.

15 month stats:

Height: 28 1/2 inches (about the 10th percentile)
Weight: 20 pounds, 9 ounces (25th percentile)
Head circumference: 46.8 cm (75th percentile)

Big head, teeny tiny baby. She continues to freak people out in public by climbing, running, standing on tall things and generally acting like a toddler while still looking like she’s barely old enough to be walking. Evan was 20 pounds at only 6 months (HOLY CRAP!) and 23 pounds and 31 inches at 15 months, so it looks like Caroline is destined to be a gymnast or a jockey instead of a linebacker. Or maybe a rocket scientist, since obviously her brain is gigantic. I kind of love that she’s a peanut though – it’s saved me a fortune in baby clothes.

If I may venture into “horribly braggy mommy blogger” territory for a minute, I was kind of annoyed the doctor wasn’t more impressed with Caroline’s skills. I know there’s a huge range of normal when it comes to developmental milestones, but when I told her my 15 month old can follow directions like “Go find your milk and bring me the cup” she could act a LITTLE bit like it’s a big deal. That’s on the BabyCenter chart for 22 months! Tell me she’s super smart! Encourage me to sign her up for gifted baby classes immediately! VALIDATE ME!!!! The doctor was mildly impressed when after using her stethoscope to listen to Caroline’s heart and lungs Caroline took it from her and tried to listen to her own heart. Maybe she wasn’t impressed as much as she was blown away by the ridiculous cuteness because OMG SO CUTE AND SMART.

Ahem. Sorry. It’s just hard not to do cartwheels of joy when I talk about my kids sometimes. I’m awful.

In other news, the doctor said she’s getting her molars, so this is probably the LAST time I’ll gush about how awesome she is for a few weeks.

Evan: 2 year stats

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

At his 24 month checkup yesterday, Little Evan was almost exactly 50% on all the charts.

Height: 34 inches (he’s grown 2 full inches in 6 months)
Weight: 26 lbs 8 oz (up 2 lbs 5 oz in 6 months)

I was concerned his iron might be low because he drinks so much milk (too much dairy can inhibit iron absorption) but it was high enough to be in the normal range, even if it’s in the low end of the normal range. He didn’t cry or protest during the finger prick at all but I explained it to him as a “little poke” so when I told him he was getting one more “little poke” for his vaccine he cried. But even with the sad sad SAD crying he thanked the nurse for the stickers and held my hand nicely to the front desk. Such a big kid.

I did ask the pediatrician about whether she thought he should be talking more and she said the threshold for delay was less than 50 words and not making 2 or 3 word phrases, so as long as I thought he had more than 50 words he was ok. I’m…not so sure. He did talk to her and sign several things – which she was impressed with – but she agreed that maybe it would be worth getting him evaluated and wrote us a referral. Someone from the speech therapist’s office will call me so we can set up an appointment soon and I can either stop worrying about it or actually DO something about his lack of words.

But for now, I’m just thrilled he’s growing and healthy and ready to play outside in the spring weather at last!