April Fools!

I was going to write a whole big joke post today (I’m pregnant! AHAHAHAHA HILARIOUS!) but I don’t really like April Fools jokes. I’m not very good at pulling them and have pretty much no sense of humor when they’re pulled on me. It’s like pinching people for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day – the only person laughing is the one doing the pinching.

Besides, announcing I’m pregnant a year after having my last baby isn’t really that shocking or funny.  And I kind of hope it’s true.

April 1st 2009 was my due date. I had been counting down every day, every hour, every second until the morning I woke up on the first of April and thought TODAY. Today, I will meet my baby.

Except that I didn’t. Baby Evan didn’t read the memo about due dates and how important they are to pregnant women (I mean, I tried showing it to him but I think the paper got too soggy to be legible). I tried sending him gentle hints.

I tried the whole list of things that are supposed to induce labor, including eating a very questionable can of pineapple rings I found in the back of the pantry. I walked my way through a brand new pair of running shoes. But the first rule of babies is you can’t make them do anything they aren’t ready for and Baby Evan clearly wasn’t ready to join us in the non-amniotic world. (Second rule of babies: Don’t talk about babies. Well, ok, talk about them sometimes. A few times a day. All day. Every second of every day. Forever.)

The five more days it took Baby Evan to make his appearance were some of the longest and most strenuous of my life. I tried to will myself into labor and then take it back as soon as the doctor suggested actually doing something to induce me. There’s just no way to explain those last few days of pregnancy when you go from totally eager and prepared to meet your child one minute to scared shitless and hoping the baby stays inside forever the next. Let’s just say if you find yourself researching adoption laws at 41 weeks you wouldn’t be the first person.

But I promise you’ll be OK. And it is so worth it.

2 more days until Baby Evan’s First Birthday Party.

4 more days until my baby is officially one year old.

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6 Responses to “April Fools!”

  1. look at that beautiful baby belly!!! aaahhh! so good. our due dates weren’t far apart (mine was april 29th) but we had opposite experiences – you went over and i fell 3 weeks short! so i have no idea what it feels like to reach 40 weeks, let alone 41. must have been nuts to have such a big baby rolling around in there! (:

    hope the final two pre-party days go super smoothly for you! so exciting. cheers!

  2. p.s. i LOVE the photo on your banner of e with the amber necklace – beautiful!

  3. Amy says:

    My baby came 3 weeks early as well. I felt kind of robbed at not having made it to 40 weeks(or barely 37 even)….but you know, maybe I should be happy about that. :)

    He’s so adoreable. I hope his party goes well this weekend!

  4. ryan says:

    oh, i needed this. i’m 38 weeks tomorrow and though i’m measuring 7 centimeters small, i feel like a big whale and can’t imagine making it to 40. and the sad thing is i think i’m going to be late. oof.

  5. Annika says:

    Love the belly!
    Just discovered your blog and hope you don’t mind, but listed it on my blog as blogs I read.

  6. Wow a year already! Happy birthday baby E! Good luck with the party this weekend.

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