My Week(163) in iPhone Photos

I survived party week! Now I have 10 days to clean up before Santa comes, takes one look at this disaster, and leaves with our gifts because I’m disgusting. I wouldn’t blame him.


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Off to church

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The Christmas tree farm has an adorable quaint tractor-pulled wagon to take you up the hill to the trees…or a heated mini bus. DUH.

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Caroline Claus


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Trying to climb out the window at the pediatrician (wusses, it’s not even a flu SHOT)

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Tree decorating

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I’m the big one with the crown, the scribble on the left is E


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Snow day = cookies


They LOVE eating snow


Self portrait(s)


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More snow eating



Sent him off to school in my slippers. I LOVE THE BUS.


My house really needs some Christmas lights. Maybe next year.

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SO HAPPY her Mormor is visiting


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Bumpas are too tough to need coats


She was in a crazy bad mood considering we were shopping for her birthday





Castles for the Princess

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World’s Tackiest Cake? The castle turns into a purse for carrying around the princesses. World’s BEST Cake!

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Grandpas are awesome, because they read your new book 6 times in a row without complaining. Mommies don’t do that.

Besides the party and beating several levels of Candy Crush, I did NOTHING useful this weekend. It’s a good thing both kids love Caroline’s presents because it’s buying me a few days of recovery/time to get my photos together so I can share. Although Her Highness might be so spoiled at this point I never actually get a day off again. BRB, writing hate mail to the Navy.

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2 Responses to “My Week(163) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Sara says:

    Omg Evan looks so tall next to your mother! Can’t believe he’s so grown up.

  2. Anna says:

    YAY for princess parties. Looks like you all had a great time. Hope things get easier soon with your husband working so much, that is tough!

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