My Week(273) in iPhone Photos

I don’t know, guys. My iPhone photos are getting worse and worse and I’m not sure this is even a thing worth posting anymore. I only do it because it seems like such a shame to quit now – I have every day of our lives since I was pregnant with CAROLINE documents in iPhone photos. But they’re not good photos. And I should really push myself to post actual content on the blog if I’m going to bother to blog at all, instead of just doing this once a week. I’m conflicted.







I am unable to stop myself from decorating for a party almost a week early



Aspirational spring dress purchasing


Snow angels! FINALLY!





I bought my mom fish like these at a craft fair this summer. These are at Target.




Important party shopping: sugar, flowers, lemons



Tiny reader


Nappy time


Caroline is being supportive of Daddy’s workout



It is still Christmas at the florist


They both thought this was hilarious


Making caramel for the popcorn balls



Linc and friends enjoyed the party food


We ate kind of a lot of baked goods


I TOTALLY forgot piano, but our teacher let us come late



Movies and house-trashing because…


…this was outside


She has given up on life because she can’t go out and build a snowman in a blizzard

We did not get the same giant storm that my parents did down in DC, but we got a few inches. The weather the rest of this week is supposed to be surprisingly warm, which means all that snow will melt and things will be boring and brown again. But it ALSO means we won’t have to sell any kidneys to afford oil to heat the house, so it’s a toss-up really. I’m still trying to find our floors after the combination of party-blizzard-snow day, because the kids seriously just destroyed EVERYTHING. It’s hard to find motivation when they’re just going to destroy stuff again.

I’ve already reached DESPONDENCE and it’s not even February. Send all the sunshine and salted caramel ice cream immediately.

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4 Responses to “My Week(273) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Send me some salted caramel ice cream as well :P we got NO snow from that blizzard here in MI which was nice, for once.

  2. Kitty Conner says:

    My two cents on the bloggity blog business as non-blogger who was basically the platonic ideal of the Reader/Commenter: keep going. Not for me or anyone else, but for you. That original engagement model is fried and probably not replaceable, but you have years of what everyone claimed they wanted out of blogging when they started, a record, photographic and otherwise of your life and your children. And unlike a personal journal, because you’re trying to engage the public, it’s been edited and culled in a GOOD way. You have to avoid shorthand references or nicknames. You can’t dwell on the irritating or the petty. And in ten years, you’ll be kissing yourself for that.

    So keep going, why not? Even if it seems like the same Week in Photos week after week. Your weeks may feel the same to you now, but again, in ten years, think how sweet the difference in Week 273 Linc and Week 274 Linc will be, especially when you just want his pre-teen self to remember how laundry baskets work.

    • bebehblog says:

      I could kiss you, Kitty. Thank you for literally ALWAYS being supportive of my blog and completely understanding the whole big thing. I don’t think I could ever actually quit, although sometimes it sure feels like shouting into a void. I really really really hope someday the kids find this valuable too.

    • Erin says:

      Well said Kitty!

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