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My Week(82) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Hi, can’t talk, must get back to eating and drinking ALL THE THINGS.


Hockey day!

Subway = mom of the century

This is my "crazy person carrying home two giant bags of plants my neighbor gave me" face


She couldn't make up her mind on this hat - but the giant Dora face on the other side ended up making it a NO.

Christmas socks in May. Don't judge me.

We were outside. It started pouring. I made her come inside. This happened.


Evan said "Let's buy this flowers for Daddy!" It was adorable, but the flowers cost $9.99, so, no.




Gymnastics? Gymnastics!!

Anyone tells my kid not to wear the pink fairy wings and they get a face full of my FIST.

Evan built a fort, complete with "outer space rocket"


More push-ups Mommy! More push-ups!

Tiny daredevil demands to be pushed higher

Reading herself to sleep


Waiting for the train

Horsey does not look amused

Smores Face


Ready for fun in her new car seat

Adorable red-heads sharing a soft serve

Driving a fire truck was ALMOST the highlight of his night...

...until this happened. (He's the tiny, blurry speck 15 feet in the air)

One of my BFF’s (Wedding Erin, if that means anything to some of you) is visiting for the long weekend and we’re attempting to fit as much fun as possible into 4 days. So far we’ve been extremely successful.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

Steppin’ Out at Mystic Aquarium

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

I might have mentioned we really love the aquarium this time of year. It’s close, it’s fun, we have a membership and it’s always EMPTY. The kids love running around and I love the nice clean carpeted floors so they don’t hurt themselves. There’s a limited amount of trouble they can cause (KNOCK ON WOOD) and unless Caroline accidentally gets the crap scared out of her by a barking sea lion (oops) they both enjoy themselves.

Yesterday when the choice was either Finding Nemo from the couch or finding Nemo down in Mystic we went with the house-leaving option. One of these days Evan is going to start asking questions about why Nemo is locked up in a tank instead of living out a long and happy life on the reef – and when he does I will distract him with a cookie. It’s hard enough to explain what happens to Coral in the opening sequence. Hey Disney, could you QUIT KILLING OFF EVERYONE’S MOM? Kthanxbai.

Oooooh let's name the zones, the zones, the zones


I feel like this fish is judging me

Those BOOTS. I die.

Some of the creatures at the aquarium weren't excited to be in my pictures

Evan wants to know why the school of fish won't do impressions

On Caroline:

Sweater – Hand knit by me
Shirt & pants – Hand me downs (Gymboree)
Boots – Hand me downs (Target)

On Evan:

All of it – Children’s Place

I tried speaking whale to the beluga. I think I offended him.

Photobombed by a WHALE

 On Mama:

Sweater – Express
Henley – Target (I think it’s technically a pajama shirt, which I totally forgot until just now)
Jeggings worn as pants (HORRORS) – Nordstrom Rack
Boots – Old Navy
Cuff – Rue 12 (too bad you can’t see it, it was the most interest part of my outfit)

This whale REALLY wanted to tell me something. Also, you can see my hair, which I actually did something to for the first time in ages.

Tired of real life fish. Time to go home and watch them on TV instead.

I’ll try to go somewhere more interesting next week so you don’t have to look at any MORE fish pictures. Maybe Evan will suddenly get obsessed with the Starbucks at Target or the clearance section at Old Navy.

Happy Saturday

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Today E is competing in a iron man hockey tournament, which means he’s basically getting the crap beat out of him for fun. Men. It also means I won’t be taking any long leisurely naps to make up for the hours I spent tossing and turning (and much, much worse) as punishment for eating WAY TOO MUCH delicious food at girl’s night last night because I’m going to be child-minding and/or bandaging bleeding head wounds. I know you’re so jealous.

So between begging the toddler to stop kicking me in the face and begging the baby to stop kicking me in the liver, I could use some happy today. Here are some things that fit the bill:

I have NO PROBLEM admitting my taste in music leans heavily on whatever the Top 40 station tells me to like (also known as: songs likely to be covers by the cast of Glee). And I think Sara Bareilles fits easily into that category. ASK ME IF I CARE. This song is awesome wrapped in fantastic coated in chocolate. I dare you to not find yourself singing it in the car.


E really likes t-shirts that say stuff on them, which can be both hilarious and horrible. For example, “The first rule of computer club is that you don’t talk about computer club” is funny. “Hey Princess, Bring Me a Beer” is not (<—— ACTUAL SHIRT HE OWNS). Neither are the various candy slogans-turned-innuendo – “How many licks does it take?” OH HAHAHAHA I GET WHAT YOU DID THERE.  So I encourage the hilarious by buying him the shirts myself.

When we were cleaning out the closets, he found these two in the bottom:

(Warner: Movie spoilers below. Although if you STILL don’t know that Bruce Willis is a ghost, I have no sympathy for you.) (p.s. At the end of Titanic, the boat sinks.)

"The mission wasn't impossible" makes me LOL every time

Best part of the shirts: can you name all the movies?


As I may have mentioned previously, I read a LOT of blogs. And a big portion of those blogs are other moms who mostly just write stuff. They aren’t fancy or sponsored or professional photographers, but I enjoy every single one of their posts. They’re the kind of writers where I WANT to comment on what they say, rather than feeling like I have to and they post because they WANT to, not because they have to. But just like ANY blogger, I’m sure they’d love more readers.* So check these ladies out**:

1.Planet Hausfrau – Audrey is now the mom of 2, a boy and a girl, both just a few months ahead of my own. There are a zillion reasons I like her, but I think a lot of it boils down to her honesty and frankness when she’s writing about anything from growing vegetables to VBACs.

2. And Then There Were Four – I honestly can’t even remember how I stumbled across Natalie, but I’ve been reading every post (and most of her archives) since I was pregnant. She just…writes. I love it.

3. Now Showing! – Again, I’ve been reading for so long I don’t remember how I started, but I’m pretty sure Brigid falls in the same category as Holly (A Baby Grows in Brooklyn) and Amy (BabyBabyLemon) which is “people I know from a previous life where I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME arguing about reality tv shows and feminism on a popular women’s blog”. Brigid is irreverent, honest and funny, and I often find myself trying to write more like her.

4. Tin Roof, Rusted – I KNOW I know Leah from my time on the above mentioned website and she is the first blog in my old “Mom blogs” bookmark folder. Her son is a genius named after a hockey trophy and I’m pleased as punch she is expecting her second baby right now. Every post is LOL funny.

5. Life V. 2.0 – TMae is a lovely blog friend who has supported me here on bebehblog since the beginning and now has her own little corner of the internet. She is smart and funny and a good combination of cute baby pics and deep thoughts.

*I am under no delusions that my link here will cause a sudden spike in anyone’s traffic. I am not big-time by any means. I’m barely even small time. I just wanted to show some love.

**I almost never do lists like this because I always feel like I’m hurting someone’s feelings if I leave them off, but please know I still love you and your blog too. These are just people I’ve read in the past few days who made me think “More people should read this!”


And now I’m off to watch some hockey and check Goodwill for a lamp I can use in the new nursery. Not necessarily in that order. Happy Saturday!!

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