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What We Did Over Summer Vacation (2014 Lake)

Friday, October 10th, 2014

It’s October, but that’s not going to stop me from posting these photos I took in August.  Maybe I’ll have the Kiawah trip photos done by Christmas.

lake house 2014

lake house 2014-4

lake house 2014-5

lake house 2014-7

lake house 2014-8

lake house 2014-10

lake house 2014-11

lake house 2014-15

lake house 2014-16

lake house 2014-18

lake house 2014-19

lake house 2014-20

lake house 2014-22

lake house 2014-23

lake house 2014-25

lake house 2014-26

lake house 2014-27

lake house 2014-28

lake house 2014-31

lake house 2014-33

lake house 2014-35

lake house 2014-36

lake house 2014-38

lake house 2014-41

lake house 2014-42

lake house 2014-43

lake house 2014-44

lake house 2014-45

lake house 2014-48

lake house 2014-49

lake house 2014-51

lake house 2014-54

lake house 2014-55

lake house 2014-56

lake house 2014-57

lake house 2014-59

lake house 2014-61


Lake House Photos (But Not The Usual)

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

I’m taking a class with Clickin Moms right now, to work on my lifestyle photography. It’s only been a week but I love all the stuff I’ve learned so far – and the critique of my work really is priceless. Having a place where people tell me I’m NOT super good at taking pictures is amazing, since nothing but positive feedback doesn’t help me grow.

But not here. Here, please continue to tell me I’m amazing and talented and have the cutest kids in the world.

(Not true, please always feel free to tell me if there’s something you think I could work on. I appreciate it.)

lake of the woods virginia web-38

lake of the woods virginia web-39

lake of the woods virginia web-40

lake of the woods virginia web-41

lake of the woods virginia web-42

lake of the woods virginia web-43

Lake House 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I know posting more pictures is kind of ridiculous, but I have twofold reasons. One, I like putting them here online so even if my house burned down I’d have SOME of my photos on the interwebs. Plus technically this blog is my kids’ scrapbook, and I don’t want to leave out their first summer and Mormor and Bumpa’s new lake house. Two, I have done too much stuff in the past month and it finally caught up with me. I have a list of pains longer than my arm and absolutely no energy to deal with anything. I barely have the energy to convert my photos into JPGs anymore, let alone edit them the way I should.

It’s ridiculous that I am complaining about doing TOO MUCH FUN STUFF and that photo editing it cutting into my busy Candy Crush playing schedule, but that’s me. I’m Suzanne. I’m ridiculous. But these are the last of my epic road trip vacation photos, so from now on you just get mini-vacation posts. So much better!

p.s. Also, it is 2013. I know the title said “2012” all morning, but that was probably just your imagination. Clearly I know it’s 2013 by now, considering it’s June. July. I meant July.

lake house resize-5

lake house resize-11

My dad’s childhood tackle box – he still uses it.

lake house resize-149

lake house resize-16
lake house resize-45

lake house resize-53

If you put her in a bathing suit, she wouldn’t go near the water. But in her clothes? Totally soaked.

lake house resize-13

He did not catch any fish.

lake house resize-62

lake house resize-70

lake house resize-81

lake house resize-84

lake house resize-92

lake house resize-103

lake house resize-108

lake house resize-115

My mother is going to hate this picture, but I love it SO MUCH I don’t even care. Could they look any happier?!

lake house resize-120

lake house resize-135

lake house resize-139

lake house resize-143

lake house 2-10

lake house 2-11

lake house 2-9

Old House Vineyards (not actually PART of the Lake House. Just nearby.)

lake house 2-5

lake house 2-15

lake house 2-21

lake house 2-23

lake house 2-25

lake house 2-32

lake house 2-35

lake house 2-38

lake house 2-39

lake house 2-47

lake house 2-54

lake house 2-58

lake house 2-60

My Week(138) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Vacation, then more vacation. My life is really not hard right now.



Someone fits right in on Kiawah Island




Hello, someone please come look at my castle!



A brewery, you say? Can I have some beer? I’m totally 21.


Chocolate cake + carrots = balanced meal.


I was the wheelbarrow. I lost, big time.



*Sob* Goodbye, beach house!


SO HAPPY to meet our friend Sophia.


Obviously they’re getting married some day.



This is the only time all week we got Caroline into a boat.


Me? I like the boats.





Operation Wear Out The Children Phase 2: Playground


Success! (Well, sort of. Caroline is force feeding him milk.)


Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’



Sort of totally in love with these steps


Checking out the grapes


Never ending balls of energy



I have swum back and forth to that platform with a toddler on my back a thousand times…and I’m not even sick of it yet.


Princess Sadface demands more fruit.


Opie? Is that you?

We have a liiiiitle bit more vacation followed by the horrible drive back to Connecticut, so if you hate me and my vacation photos don’t worry, I’m almost done. Then it’s back to real life for…well, forever. Basically. Or at least until next year’s summer vacation. Although I can’t say I’ll be sorry to be home in front of my own TV where I can lie on the couch eating an entire pint of ice cream while my children scream at each other without bothering any other people.