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March for Babies!

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who donated! Your generosity will help mamas and babies have healthy, full term pregnancies. Although the walk is over (and thus your chance to make me suffer personally is past), donations and volunteers are always welcome.

Our weather on Saturday was picture-perfect – low humidity, hours and hours of sunshine, warm enough for shorts, which is unusual in Connecticut in April. Unfortunately, the walk was Sunday. Not such good weather – rain, rain, and more rain, but it didn’t stop tons of people from showing up. I briefly considered leaving Baby Evan home (with E of course, not tied to a chair or something) but decided marching with my baby would be more fun. And it was, except for the fact that my stroller doesn’t have a rain shield so I hauled his chubby butt 3 miles in a backpack carrier. It was…a really good workout. And I definitely think I deserve extra credit for doing it pregnant.

Here are the pictures I took and some of my live-tweeting. I was super excited when @marchofdimes actually tweeted back!

Skeptical baby is skeptical about getting out of the car in the rain

Once I got the baby in his bubble he was warm and dry. Don't worry, it has air holes.

See? Festive!

Sarah with Baby C. She's one of my crazy hippie friends. You can tell by the baby tied to her chest.

Baby A in her Stroller Strides t-shirt. She's not in a cage, just under a bug/rain cover.

Most of our team, ready to get going! Waiting for the "official" start at 10 am was actually the most unpleasant part of the day.

"Low tide" is the nice way to say it. Although one little girl caught a whiff and accused her brother of pooping.

He says he doesn't hate babies, he's just too smart to go wander around in the rain.

Here we go! The backpack worked really well (and was the only one there) but DUDE, my kid is a CHUNK.

True story. And I tripped like 14 times.

Our fantastic Stroller Strides team!

The view from the end of Bluff Point. Nice today, FANTASTIC in good weather.

Bonus backpack feature: it has a stand so I can put him down for a few minutes. THANK GOD.

In the home stretch on the way back! I don't think walking backwards up a hill to take this picture was a wise choice, but it all worked out.

I've never been so happy to see a stupid balloon arch in my life.

And then we all went for Mexican food and lived happily ever after. Except I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick the baby up at all tomorrow. I think I’ll spend the evening researching what kind of heavy duty muscle relaxers are safe to take during pregnancy. There’s got to be some, right?

I have to say, it was a really great experience and such a good cause. I will definitely participate again next year, although I will being praying extra hard for better weather!

Birthday Madness

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

After much hang wringing and deliberation, I’ve decided I can’t let my first child turn one without at least attempting to commemorate the occasion with cake and singing. Of course, he doesn’t actually turn one for two more months, but I like the plan ahead. This morning I brought up the subject with my darling husband:

Me: So do you want to have a party for the baby’s birthday?
E: Sure.
Me: Should I invite all our relatives? And some mom friends? It might be a lot of people. Or maybe no one will show up.
E: Sure.
Me: Ok, we’re officially having a party. With a cake. And a theme. Oh, what should the theme be?
E: Sure.
Me: My internet friend Emmie did robots. Want to see her son’s robot party? Robots are really cool, right? But we could do something else. Maybe animals, like my baby shower. Or doggies. Or numbers. Or boats. I love boats! Or PIRATES. I’m going to go check Etsy for first birthday party decorations and get started buying stuff. Good thing we’re getting that tax return, because these things are ADORABLE.
E: Sure. Wait, what?

So it’s settled – Baby Evan is having a party and I am currently in obsessive planning mode. Although if I truly did like to plan ahead, maybe I’d have something planned for E’s 30th birthday which happens to be THIS THURSDAY. Sorry honey, I think once you have kids your own birthday’s are never really special again. So far the only thing on our calendar is attending the birthday party for a friend’s daughter, which may not exactly be the kind of debauchery-filled, Vegas-themed, crazy all-nighter he had in mind. Although you never know – maybe that’s EXACTLY what they’re planning for their one year old. In which case I’m REALLY slacking in the party department

Sunday Funday

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

When we first moved to Connecticut, we found a rental house through the Navy Housing office. It was tiny and uninsulated and impossible to heat and we totally loved it. It was owned by a cool old guy named Fred whose family has owned the land for 250+ years and had planted dwarf apples trees on a dozen or so acres. Our house directly faced the orchard. I spent the whole first year in the house perfecting my apple pie and working weekends in the red barn where Fred ran a pick-your-own-apples business. It was an amazing experience and I met a ton of interesting people. One those people was Miss Happy, Fred’s girlfriend (I use the term for lack of a better one, both Fred and Happy are in their 60’s) who is the most fascinating person ever. She has a degree in piano from Julliard. She used to work for a publishing company in NYC that sent her all over Europe to discover talented new writers.  And now she owns a vineyard here in Connecticut. This weekend was their annual Harvest Wine & Food Festival which we’ve never attended before but will definitely not miss in the future! They had a dozen food vendors, live music, all the wine you could want (Thanks for the bottle, Happy!) and tons of people chilling in the grass having a great time.