Free ponies for everyone!

Ok, no free ponies. I lied.* But I do want to apologize to anyone I may have inadvertently offended yesterday because they thought my post was about them. It was definitely all about me and my feelings, not anyone in particular, and more about the internet than actual real life. So far all the moms I’ve met have been FANTASTIC. Even if they don’t parent exactly the same way I do they’ve never called me a bad person or a lousy mother or a baby poisoner. I just get left out of half the conversations that go on around me because I have no opinion on whether prefolds are better than the all-in-ones or if the Bradley Method is more effective than hypnobirthing classes – and I HATE feeling left out. So I’m selfishly wishing for a magical place where everyone always agrees with everything I say and do and I never have to explain myself. We can call is Suzanatopia and I will wear a giant crown made of Twix bars and jelly beans and rule with a gentle but firm hand. The first Tuesday of every month is “buy yourself something pretty on Etsy” day (you could start with something like these nursing necklaces I ordered today!) and the third Wednesday is the meeting of our trashy romance novel book club (We’ll start with a book called Soldier Daddy my friend Sara copy edited and I hear is fantastic horrible fantastically horrible). Of course, you do have to say I’m right about everything forever and ever amen, but you also get a free pony! Ok, no ponies, I lied about that again. But if I did have ponies I’d give one to everyone of you, because the support I get on my tiny little blog is bigger than any make-believe kingdom I could ever imagine.

*Although you can get your ponies here if you want! And also rainbows.

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4 Responses to “Free ponies for everyone!”

  1. sarrible says:

    I predict that crown would not last long. Because I would eat all the Twix bars.

    OMG seriously READ THAT BOOK, EVERYONE. It is a masterpiece of crazy.

  2. mkpheartsnyc says:

    And then the jellybeans would get stuck in your hair. Don’t ask how I know. Just trust.

  3. Other Erin says:

    10 points for working in :)

  4. Erin says:

    “Gentle but firm” my ass!!!!

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