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OK, Winter Can Be Over Now

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

We’ve had some snow this week. And then some more snow. And they’re predicting more snow (possibly the worst storm yet) for Sunday. I don’t hate snow or snow days or winter (part of the deal when you live in New England) but I am beginning to feel like moving to a tropical island would be a nice change of pace. I do this every year come February. E comes in from snowblowing the driveway and mentions there might be a job opening in Guam and I start thinking “I could totally handle living in Guam”.

To be clear, moving to Guam is not IMMINENT. It’s just…possible. And doesn’t sound so bad.

This week, despite the snow, was really fun. The kids had a bunch of snow days but we had nice weather in between so we could go out and  enjoy the snow. We made our first snowman while singing “Do you want to build a snowman?”, decorated him with the snowman kit Santa brought for Christmas and then named him Frosty. That’s like, three separate magical things all in one event. Plus the weather was nice enough to go to the park for an “Adorable children frolicking in an idyllic snow covered forest” photo session. It was more accurately  a”Snotty-faced children shaking all the trees and throwing snow on each other” photo session but we had a great time. The 37 degree air felt WARM and all that exercise in the woods wore the kids out so much they fell asleep at 5:30. It was a whole week full of the best parts about winter.

So now I’m officially ready for spring. Any time now, weather patterns. Get on it.


snow in the park-3  watermarked

snow in the park-14 watermarked

snow in the park-7 watermarked

snow in the park-12 watermarked

snow in the park-28 watermarked

snow in the park-29 watermarked



snow in the park-31 watermarked


snow in the park-27 watermarked

snow in the park-38 watermarked

snow in the park-41 watermarked

snow in the park-45 watermarked

snow in the park-47 watermarked

snow in the park-40 watermarked

snow in the park-48 watermarked

snow in the park-49 watermarked

snow in the park-51 watermarked

snow in the park-54 watermarked

snow in the park-55 watermarked

Surviving Nemo

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

We’re expecting a little snow in New England, and by a little snow I mean enough snow that they’ve already started canceling stuff in preparation for Winter Storm Nemo*. You have to remember I live in Connecticut, not Northern Virginia, so snow on its own isn’t something anyone cares about. We got 2 inches on Tuesday and the news called it “no accumulation”. In NoVa, they would have dismissed school early and shut down the government.

I went to elementary and middle school in Massachusetts, where a foot of snow was barely enough to get a 2 hour delay. In the 6th grade, I composed the following poem and wrote it on the chalkboard of my history class the day before a huge storm:

Tomorrow when the blizzard hits,
We at the school shall meet.
For we all know, it never snows
On Dorothy Swanbeck’s street.

(For the record, I Googled to see if I could possibly be remembering that correctly and Ms. Swanbeck totally was the school superintendent back then. I don’t remember a single teacher’s name from that year, but I’ll remember her’s forever.)

We did indeed meet at the school the next day.

I’m no stranger to New England snow storms, is what I’m saying. I’m also lucky enough to live in a town with its own utility company, which means we don’t have to rely on the horribly unreliable Connecticut Light & Power to keep the lights and heat on. (My power company, Norwich Public Utilities, has been known to tweet exact locations and numbers of outages with updates on power restoration in the middle of a hurricane. I heart them.) I’m optimistic this will be an adventure instead of a nightmare and viewing the whole thing in a very Little House In The Big Woods manner – WWCID? (What Would Caroline Ingalls Do?) Stock up on firewood! Get out the candles! Find extra blankets! Get out my knitting! Make sure I have plenty of hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps!

The only thing making me a teeny tiny bit nervous is E’s crazy work schedule. He doesn’t get any days off for another…uh…forever, basically, so all house issues and snow-removal issues are my problem. He wrote down directions for how to use the snow blower, but they might as well be in Greek, plus also it would mean leaving the kids alone in the house so maybe not the best idea. Let’s just hope things melt and/or he gets home by school on Tuesday morning.

Anyway! *clap-clap* As of right now it’s not snowing, raining, icing or sleeting. The kids are tired from a busy day at school so we’ll have an easy bedtime tonight. I’m going to make a big bowl of popcorn and top it with Parmesan cheese for dinner, followed by a handful of chocolate caramels oops, those are gone. They were delicious. We have all our snow gear ready and I’m as prepared as I can be. This is not the first time it has ever snowed in Connecticut and I doubt it will be the last. My camera battery and my iPhone are charged, so I will Instagram the crap out of very important news like “Look! Snow!” and “ZOMG! More snow!”  BRING IT, NEMO.

*While I was writing this I got a text message that Ledyard Public Schools are already cancelled, which mean no preschool for Evan. Also, SRSLY, they named the storm Nemo, because a tropical fish with a gimpy fin is MY first thought when I picture a historic blizzard.

Friday morning update 8:51 am: It’s snowing! It started about an hour ago but has slowed down. We’re not supposed to get the real accumulation until tonight. Also, E has to go to work today but should be home before the worst of it hits so I won’t need to do the snow blowing on my own. You KNOW things look dire when the US Navy says “You guys can just stay home”. 

Calm Before The Storm

Monday, October 29th, 2012

1. Paleo pumpkin bars so I’ll be less tempted to eat the Oreos.
2. Our patio is prepared for the storm.
3. The last of my Halloween decorations that probably no one will see.
4. Glued to the TV for updates.
5. Giant tree less than 7 feet from my back porch. I heard from the previous owners this tree’s twin on the other side of our yard fell during a hurricane a few years ago so it’s my biggest worry.
6. Guest room ready in case local friends are evacuated.
7. Brutus is pretty worried.
8. Bathtub full of water for emergency toilet-flushing.
9. The kids just think it’s awesome that Daddy has the day off.

This is our second storm in as many years, but Irene didn’t do much more than make a mess. We’re hopeful Sandy isn’t any worse, but the updates from the new stations and weather channel are starting to sound serious and not just in the standard OMG-END-OF-THE-WORLD exaggerated way we’re used to in New England.

We aren’t in danger of flooding or being evacuated ourselves, so we’re just waiting for the winds to pick up later today and praying we don’t lose power for too long or have a tree come through the roof. Luckily E took care of his last urgent work thing this morning and none of us have to leave the house again until at least tomorrow. I’m trying to balance being reasonably concerned with not freaking out, but when the governor closes the roads – like, ALL the roads – it’s hard to keep my anxiety at bay. For now, I’m cheerfully eating Halloween candy and enjoying frivolous electricity usage while I still can. Sending safe thoughts and prayers for everyone in the path of the storm. As long as our house is still standing you’re more than welcome here if you need somewhere to go.

4 pm Update: Still good, still have power. The wind is getting sort of crazy and we’ll be “camping” on the main floor tonight instead of sleeping upstairs tonight but so far we’re OK.

10 pm Update: Power still on, just a few flickers so far. Sent the kids up to bed because we were going CRAZY with all of us in one room all day and the way the wind is blowing means our two scary trees would fall away from the house. We are still HAPPY to host anyone who needs somewhere to go tomorrow, although I’ve heard a ton of roads are blocked by downed trees. Stay safe friends!

8 pm Tuesday Update: Hello friends! I forget sometimes that I’m not real-life (or at least Facebook) friends with everyone, so I forgot to update here. We made it through the storm with no problems. E even had to go into work today although Evan’s preschool was cancelled. We’ll have our porch light on tomorrow for trick-or-treaters (after a quick stop at Target to replace all the candy we ate!) and we’re hoping the neighbors do the same for our first time out!

My Week(87) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Please excuse a gratuitous number of photos this week. It was what one might call “eventful”.


She has already grown accustomed to a life of luxury

Cleopatra directing her slave barge around the pool


Caroline ate that ENTIRE block of cheese


It feels sort of wrong to watch Fresh Beat Band in the room filled with authentic old movie posters

Impossibly green lawn

Burying herself in the sand

Bubbles bubbles bubbles my bubbles


CFA on the way out of town, obviously

Step 1: Aim phone out window without looking Step 2: press button 42 times Step 3: get one crooked picture of South of the Border because your trip wouldn’t be complete without it.

I told them if they won the lottery we could go back to the beach house


Pushy sheep

Friendly bird

IN YO FACE Antelope

Adorable almost-twins (Judah is 3 days older than Caroline!)


Kisses for MorMor

Musical genius (player piano)

My favorite player piano roll, since I was a small child who would dance around a pole in my grandmother’s basement. Yeah.

This is what happens when you visit childless friends – a chest in front of the basement door hole and Jenga as building blocks.




PotBelly Baby


She’s a Pinkberry fan.


Storm damage in my parent’s neighborhood. (Fun fact for people this might mean something to: this is Jamie’s old house)

Yikes. No one was hurt.

Good luck climbing over this branch Mom.

Inside: cold and dark. Outside: SURFACE OF THE SUN.

Also we ate a bunch of stuff and went fishing and rode on a carousel and went to the pool and went to ANOTHER pool with a friend I hadn’t seen in 12 years and a bunch more stuff I didn’t take pictures of because I was having too much fun and/or trying to keep the kids from accidentally killing themselves and/or me. But tomorrow we are finally headed home to Connecticut and E and Brutus and our normal life…at least until Wednesday when we head up to Massachusetts for the 4th and more beach and more pool. But THEN I’m hoping life will go back to normal and by normal I mean GOOD LORD THESE CHILDREN NEED NAPS.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

My Week(43) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

It’s amazing how even a really challenging week looks so nice in iPhone photos. Do not be fooled by these posts.


Before I had kids, I never thought going to the grocery store alone would be considered a good time.

This is what went into that galette I made

Daddy's idea of playing with the baby


Playground after Stroller Strides

LARGE iced Dunkin' Dark with skim milk and 3 Splenda

I think we need a bigger toy box. Or FEWER TOYS.


Hi hi hi hi hi hi! Watcha doin????

Battle wounds from an asphalt vs. face fight. Poor baby.

He looks pretty happy for someone getting Taco Bell for dinner.


I may have overreacted to it being just SLIGHTLY chilly that morning

Flowers & stripes

I ended up buying this outfit, mostly because the kids started SCREAMING and I felt guilty about making such a spectacle and leaving empty handed.

E had hockey so I had my own private knit night at home instead of going to the shop. Much less fun.


Thank God for baby gates. HAHA YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME NOW.

Lockup has turned her into a hardened criminal. Obviously.

Fiona Baby Sundress (pattern from Ravely)


Ready to go to Stroller Strides

Presents in the mail. People like me!

Nursing the baby now comes with a risk of being kicked in the face

Bread aisle at Target. I guess people are taking this hurricane thing seriously.


Laughing cow wedges on toast

Back off woman, I'm just trying to watch WonderPets!

Concerned dog looks concerned, but our fronch porch has been cleared and we're ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

So there isn’t much going on this weekend, besides waiting to see if Irene hits us. We’re directly in the path but our house is in an area safe from flooding and they aren’t talking about evacuating for any other reason. I’m a teeny tiny bit worried about our big tree falling down – apparently there used to be a matching tree on the other side of the house. It fell down during the LAST hurricane – but there’s nothing I can do to prevent high winds so I’m trying to use my energy on more important things, like taking a nap and baking cookies. I hope all my East Coast friends stay safe – and the rest of you enjoy the nice weather our hurricane is giving you!

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!