March for Babies!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who donated! Your generosity will help mamas and babies have healthy, full term pregnancies. Although the walk is over (and thus your chance to make me suffer personally is past), donations and volunteers are always welcome.

Our weather on Saturday was picture-perfect – low humidity, hours and hours of sunshine, warm enough for shorts, which is unusual in Connecticut in April. Unfortunately, the walk was Sunday. Not such good weather – rain, rain, and more rain, but it didn’t stop tons of people from showing up. I briefly considered leaving Baby Evan home (with E of course, not tied to a chair or something) but decided marching with my baby would be more fun. And it was, except for the fact that my stroller doesn’t have a rain shield so I hauled his chubby butt 3 miles in a backpack carrier. It was…a really good workout. And I definitely think I deserve extra credit for doing it pregnant.

Here are the pictures I took and some of my live-tweeting. I was super excited when @marchofdimes actually tweeted back!

Skeptical baby is skeptical about getting out of the car in the rain

Once I got the baby in his bubble he was warm and dry. Don't worry, it has air holes.

See? Festive!

Sarah with Baby C. She's one of my crazy hippie friends. You can tell by the baby tied to her chest.

Baby A in her Stroller Strides t-shirt. She's not in a cage, just under a bug/rain cover.

Most of our team, ready to get going! Waiting for the "official" start at 10 am was actually the most unpleasant part of the day.

"Low tide" is the nice way to say it. Although one little girl caught a whiff and accused her brother of pooping.

He says he doesn't hate babies, he's just too smart to go wander around in the rain.

Here we go! The backpack worked really well (and was the only one there) but DUDE, my kid is a CHUNK.

True story. And I tripped like 14 times.

Our fantastic Stroller Strides team!

The view from the end of Bluff Point. Nice today, FANTASTIC in good weather.

Bonus backpack feature: it has a stand so I can put him down for a few minutes. THANK GOD.

In the home stretch on the way back! I don't think walking backwards up a hill to take this picture was a wise choice, but it all worked out.

I've never been so happy to see a stupid balloon arch in my life.

And then we all went for Mexican food and lived happily ever after. Except I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick the baby up at all tomorrow. I think I’ll spend the evening researching what kind of heavy duty muscle relaxers are safe to take during pregnancy. There’s got to be some, right?

I have to say, it was a really great experience and such a good cause. I will definitely participate again next year, although I will being praying extra hard for better weather!

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9 Responses to “March for Babies!”

  1. Fantastic work, lady!! 10,000 working out while newly pregnant kudos, plus 20,000 more for hauling a chubkin on your back while doing so!! I enjoyed your tweets from this morning – can’t believe you got a whole blog post up so fast! You rock, woman! Still can’t believe you wore E the whole way – Poppy is 19.5 pounds and I’m almost at the end of my babywearin’ rope!

    Hope you get lots of time to relax and put your feet up today. You certainly earned it! PS whenever I get my etsy shop going, I’m going to donate a portion of all proceeds to March of Dimes!

    Great job today. Xoxo!

  2. sarrible says:

    Ah, delicious vacuum-packed babies. Keeps them fresh.

  3. Sarah says:

    And next year, you can wear them both at the same time while walking 3 miles!

  4. How wonderful! We’ve had so much rain here, too. Looks like you had a great time- love the babywearing!


  5. Congrats! C & I are walking for March of Dimes next week. She’ll probably be in the stroller unless I find a better wrap or carrier by then. She’s too heavy to be in the ring sling for long periods of time.

  6. afteriris says:

    Hurrah! Well done you! I especially impressed because I would have been lugging a sick bucket too if I’d attempted this in early pregnancy!

  7. TMae says:

    Huzzah! Awesome that you all braved the not-so-great weather. Baby E looks very cozy in his pack.

  8. andrea says:

    First of all, wow. You are my hero for carrying TWO babies in the rain. Second of all, I am so proud of you! This is such an amazing cause and I feel inspired after reading this post. xxo

  9. Christa says:

    Whoa, I need to know what kind of backpack carrier that is that has a bubble! That is so rad! I wrap Paloma in the back now and then, but that’s just a cloth with no bubble, and I’d gladly walk with her in a drizzle!

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