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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Right before the kids and I took off for our road trip, I got an email that said “Boston Red Sox Invite You to a Game at Fenway Park” in the subject line. I almost, almost deleted it, since obviously it must be spam. I am so very glad I didn’t.

I have no idea how I ended up on a list of “thought leaders” in New England, but because they stumbled over my blog somehow the marketing department for the Red Sox invited me and my family up to the park for a tour, a game and a focus group to talk about what would make us more likely to come back.

The whole thing was so professional, I almost cringe at the fact I even there. I wore flip flops and brought my four year old. No one else had their kid there (I asked! They said beforehand it was OK!) and he was kind of…a four year old. There was an agenda and a white board and notepads.  It was a small group. There was a seat marked with my name and blog name on a printed and branded place marker. They had individual bottles of Perrier for us while we chatted about family events at Fenway and their Kid Nation program. Perrier is way above my class level. It was 90 degrees and my Spanx were the only thing keeping me from literally melting into a puddle on the floor, but there I was, unable to shut up. I ramble when I’m nervous (shocking, I’m sure) and in the moment my brain seemed to think all my ideas were BRILLIANT. Gah. Gaaaaaaaaah.

Luckily I must not have totally embarrassed myself, since they sent a follow up email and invited us back to the Futures at Fenway event coming up in July. At the focus group we discussed in detail what sort of things we’d like to see at a family day event…and then POOF! Turns out that event is ALREADY SCHEDULED. And has been for the past eight years. I probably should have known about that already. Oops?

The real best part of the whole thing was the ballpark tour. I’m not the world’s greatest Red Sox fan (and if you are, feel free to hate me for being invited to this thing when you weren’t), but I am a huge nut about history and Fenway is all about history. Getting to walk around the park when it was empty, visit all the fancy and private levels, see the framed jerseys going all the way back to the very first one with actual red socks printed on it…it was amazing. Especially because I got to bring E and Evan. I choked up a little just editing my photos from the day – they don’t get to spend a lot of time together doing father-son stuff, but what can be a better memory than Evan’s first trip to Fenway? Magical, for real.

fenway park visit

fenway park visit-3

Look at that empty, empty field!

fenway park visit-8

fenway park visit-7

fenway park visit-12

fenway park visit-10

fenway park visit-33

fenway park visit-30

fenway park visit-28

fenway park visit-29

fenway park visit-13

fenway park visit-15

There are vintage-style and exposed brick signs everywhere in the park. I love the way they make it FEEL like a historic place.

fenway park visit-18

Some of the fancy memorabilia in the uber-swanky season ticket holder club.

fenway park visit-17

fenway park visit-21

So, so, so, SO many food choices in the park.

fenway park visit-22

fenway park visit-23

fenway park visit-24

I had to bribe him with one of those smooshed pennies to sit next to Wally.

fenway park visit-27

fenway park visit-38

fenway park visit-37

The view from on the field.

fenway park visit-46

Discussing batting practice.

fenway park visit-36

fenway park visit-48

Hello Rockies. Sorry not sorry you lost this game!

fenway park visit-42

fenway park visit-45

fenway park visit-41

fenway park visit-50

Watching the actual game (we only got to stay a few innings)

fenway park visit-54

fenway park visit-59

Delivered right to my seat, hot and delicious

fenway park visit-52

fenway park visit-58

I’m a little obsessed with the way the light-up boards for the scores and stats all use green backgrounds, so they match the rest of the stadium. Plus the graphics have fake drop-shadows, so they look just like the old hand-operated score board (That they still use! There are guys in there!)

fenway park visit-56

PACKED stadium on a Tuesday night!

fenway park visit-61

fenway park visit-62

Goodnight Fenway! See you again soon!

Sometimes I Pretend I Have Other Hobbies

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Hey, remember how I used to knit stuff? Knitting is such a nice relaxing hobby unless you’re other hobby is blogging, because it’s impossible to blog and knit at the same time. Until science perfects the double arm transplant and I have two sets of hands, I’ve been letting my knitting needles gather dust so I could focus on the internet.

But right now I’m just not a very good blogger. I’ve been having a great time doing the Worst Preschool Shows on Television brackets and of course my adorable children make for good picture posts, but I haven’t been in much of a sharing mood. I’m just not feeling like my life is exciting or beautiful enough right now to warrant much sharing.

Part of that is because a lot of my energy has been going into my wife/mom/housekeeper jobs, all of which are demanding a lot more attention than usual. And for possibly the first time ever, I’m going to err on the side of under-sharing and NOT write down every single marriage-related complaint that’s been on my mind. Most of it is the exact same stuff every wife and mother complains about (under-valued, never get a break, blahdy blah blah blah) and at least 75% of that is work-based on E’s part, so it’s not even WORTH complaining about. The Navy doesn’t care if I have a sinus infection. Hell, my children REALLY don’t care if I have a sinus infection. It seems more like they’ve accepted a challenge to see who can make my ear drums burst first.

Also, approximately EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD is pregnant right now and I am…not. I was hoping to I’d be announcing another (maybe) ginger baby any day now, but my uterus remains uninvaded. It’s not a tragedy. It’s not even a demi-crisis yet – trying for a few months unsuccessfully isn’t even close to secondary (tertiary?) infertility and I have no reason to complain. But it’s something that’s on my mind a lot and not something I want to write about extensively since I don’t want anyone think I am whining  so I’ve been keeping those thoughts offline.

Instead of blogging I’ve been knitting again. I finally finished a scarf I’ve had on my needles for a year. I’m 75% done with a super cute short sleeved sweater for Caroline. I have big plans to knit for some of those bazillionteen pregnant people’s babies. I also took a big leap and rented a very pricey lens for my camera this weekend, so I’ll be spending every single daylight hour getting the most of it. Not to mention Evan’s birthday is only 3 weeks away and I need to make a hundred feet of pennant banners and plan a menu.

It’s nice to work on something that isn’t my computer for a change. Being busy is an excellent use of time I was spending feeling sorry for myself.

Real Kids, Real Cookies, Real Life

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Sometimes people accuse bloggers of airbrushing real life out off their posts, focusing only on the beautiful, sparkly, aspirational parts of their day to day.

I think this is true. A lot of bloggers want their spaces to be about beauty, to represent the happiest moments, to share only the best memories with the world. Lovely things get lovely compliments. It’s nice to hear approval and admiration from other people, even if it doesn’t actually mean anything. Who doesn’t want to hear “You have a beautiful home” “Your children are adorable” or “Wow, that looks delicious”. Blogs are today’s magazines, and no one subscribes to an ugly magazine.

The problem is when everything looks TOO effortless and TOO perfect. When I read Martha Stewart Living, I know those homes and recipes and children have been styled and arranged and glossed within an inch of their life. When I read blogs I assume I’m getting a real, un-glossed story – or at least one one that is more true than false. Maybe you really do look like a model, have an all white living room and eat every meal in restaurants by candlelight. In that case I am very jealous of your life and won’t say a word about the authenticity of your blog. Congrats on being awesome.

But for the rest of you? Go ahead and show me your messy house or your yoga pants or your dirty children sometimes. Tell me the story of how you planned an idyllic picnic in a meadow but a dog ran off with your roasted chicken and your kids fell in a creek. By all means be beautiful, but be honest too. I’ve never shared a moment of weakness or truth and had someone walk away disgusted. Whether it’s through photos, words, or funny misspelled kitten pictures, let’s be real friends.

Because real friends tell you they let their kids watch 11 episodes of The Backyardigans yesterday AND eat cookies for dinner. They admit that they prepped all the cookie ingredients  like a sous chef on a cooking show so she could take fifty pictures without worrying about a pound of sugar ending up on the floor. A real friend will admit that she chooses and edits her photos because she wants to show off her kids being adorable but also because she enjoys taking and choosing and editing photos. A real friend will admit she ate five six seven cookies while doing all that editing.

A real friend would also share her cookies with you, but you better hurry over since these are going to be gone really soon.







cookies-9 cookies two photos 1 cookies-11

cookies-10 cookies two photos 2 cookies-16

cookies-18 cookies two photos 5 cookies-20



cookies-25 cookies two photos 3 cookies two photos 4 cookies-33

Besides the prep and a little help spooning out the dough, these cookies were totally ginger-made. I couldn’t be more proud of my tiny bakers.


Monday, November 5th, 2012

My laptop is broken again, and this time shaking it and yelling didn’t magically repair whatever the hell is wrong. The good news is I transferred all my October photos off of it minutes before it crashed, so even if it’s completely fried all I lost was last week’s iPhone pictures and the shots from the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular on Saturday. The bad news is I also lost all my bookmarks, Photoshop Elements, my address lists, my party invitation lists, my password lists, everything I’ve ever scanned and countless other details of my I had stored in my computer. I had actual nightmares last night about time running out on some important project while I stared at the wonky gray screen and begged it to turn on. It’s silly to feel so lost without a laptop – it’s just a MACHINE – but it feels like my lifeline has been ripped away.

Maybe that’s really sad. I can easily make myself feel pathetic for being so attached to my computer – “Come on, Suzanne! It’s not real life! You obviously spend too much time on it! This is a great opportunity for you to finally get away from your screen!” but mostly I don’t feel bad at all. Sure, some of my friends live on the interwebs and could be called “Not Real” but ALL of my friends use the interwebs to stay in touch – even the Real ones. I LIKE the internet, even when it’s full of politics and drama and secret I Hate Your Stupid Blog And Here’s 345832 Reasons Why Facebook groups. It’s also full of blogs. Pretty blogs, wordy blogs, recipe blogs, inspirational blogs, funny blogs, blogs written by my friends, blogs written be people I WISH were my friends, blogs written by people I would never in a million years want to be friends with but love peeking into their lives because I’m sort of a jerk.

My own blog is going to suffer a little until I can get the computer thing worked out (sorry Mom) since E has his laptop set up like the command center for the Death Star or something and it took me 10 minutes just to find the internet. I can’t edit photos from this monstrosity either – unless I can find my Photoshop Elements disk, which is about as likely as finding Bigfoot hiding in the coat closet – so my brilliant post about organizing my closet will have to wait too. I know you’re devastated. Let’s start a secret Facebook group and talk about it for hours. Or maybe I actually will take this opportunity to go get away from my screen and get something done in my real life.


Not Hard, Just Not Fun

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

The upside to being an everyday-life type of blogger is you don’t have to go out of your way to have things to write about. Maybe I drag my heavy camera around more than I would if I wasn’t a blogger. There are things we wouldn’t be invited to if it weren’t for the blog, so those are definitely a perk. And I do love the community of people I’ve met through the internet – not to mention my mom would be devastated if I stopped.

The downside to being an everyday-life type of blogger is when your everyday-life is boring and exceptionally every-day-like you have nothing worth writing about. Or if your kids are being total terrors – again – and you don’t want to turn into the person who writes constantly about how HARD her life is you have no content. And sometimes you let your desire to have adorable, bloggable pictures get in the way of common sense and good judgement and feel like a pretty crappy mom for a few days. On those days, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that the internet is just a series of tubes and if you go to bed early instead of editing Halloween pictures no one is going to hate you. (Plus also it’s OK if your pictures don’t look like a professional magazine shoot, since you were taking photos of actual moving children in the dark instead of models on a well-lit set.)

It’s surprisingly easy to let blogging for fun become less than fun sometimes, so please excuse a little rambling while I try to make it fun again without forcing it to be fun. No one wins when I turn into that mom.