Wednesday Walks

I frickin’ love New England this time of year. I don’t even mind that summer is almost over and the weather is cooling down, because next comes FALL and fall in Connecticut is gorgeous. It’s also when all the stuff happens – this weekend is the Greek Food Festival, the Taste of Italy, and the Ledyard Town Fair. So much food, so little time! Next weekend we can go apple picking and make enough apple sauce to feed all three of us for a year (I have a secret inside hookup for apples). And before you know it, it will be time to pull out the Halloween decorations – or if you’re some people, that time is now. Here are some of the signs of fall around my neighborhood.

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4 Responses to “Wednesday Walks”

  1. Thanks for making me miss New England :(

    I love it this time of year, too.

  2. Amanda says:

    I can’t bring myself to put up Halloween decorations until October 1st, but I did get out my pumpkin collection this week! Yeah for fall!

  3. h_a_l says:

    Oh I love fall! I cannot wait for a tiny baby Halloween Costume for Ivy!! And you just reminded me that the San Gennaro festival is on in Little Italy and I must go get me some cheap yummy Italian Food. Also: Yay applesauce!

  4. God damn I miss fall in New England. True story: the first time I went back to visit my family after moving to Chicago I cried as the plane was landing at BDL because the foliage and hills and Connecticut River were just SO GODDAMN PRETTY. I am super stocked to be visiting my parents at the end of this month so I can get my leaf-peeping fix.

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