Selling out my baby – You can help!

Ok, this may be a little gross y’all, but I can use all the prizes anyone wants to give me so I entered Baby Evan in the local radio station’s cutest kid contest. I could use some help getting votes, so PLEASE go here and enter number 057 (Evan’s number). I don’t have a zillion relatives to pimp this out to and despite my determination to spend the next week voting for him overandoverandover I might have a little more luck if other people help. I know I can count on the interwebs! Even if you just stumbled over here trying to find pictures of “naked purple boobs” or “ct mom huge breasts” (true search terms y’all) do me a favor and vote for my kid.

profile baby HOW CAN YOU RESIST?

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  1. lalaland13 says:

    I have done my civic duty and voted. I hope the electoral college doesn’t do Baby Evan in, though.

    And hey, don’t worry about pimping out your kid. I have heard of papers doing “cutest kid” or “cutest dog” calendars and selling votes for a few cents a pop. Like, if you want to vote, you have to pay a quarter, or whatever. The proceeds go to charity, but it always struck me as a bit weird, like “The baby with the richest family and friends wins!”

  2. afteriris says:


  3. sarrible says:

    I kind of love how it’s radio. I’m sure Evan is equally cute in his audio-only form, but…you know. Ha. Radio.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    You have my vote. What’s in the prize cache?

  5. FourInchHeels says:

    I find it interesting that you can vote an unlimited number of times. It’s totally counter-productive, since it just means the kid whose family votes the most times wins … not the kid with the most independent votes.

    That being said, I’m a huge fan of your little kiddo (you make adorable babies), and I’m also a proponent of baby pictures with stuck-out tongues, so I’ll be voting early, and voting often.

  6. bebehblog says:

    I have no idea what the prize is. They just keep saying “Great Prizes!” but never specify. I figure it’s probably a $20 gift certificate to Gymboree and a t-shirt that says “I’m the cutest!” but whatevs. It’s just for fun. Obviously the contest has nothing to do with actually having the cutest kid and more to do with trying to get the radio station’s website as many hits as possible.

  7. FourInchHeels says:

    I’ve got this voting system down pat. Once I enter the info and submit, all I have to do is: back, refresh, new validation number, enter. Rinse and repeat.

    Baby E has this one in the bag, thanks to my short work attention span and need for frequent 2-minute breaks.

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