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My Week(320) in iPhone Photos

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Surprise! I’m catching up on my blog so you get two of these in a row.


Caroline took 2 dozen Nutcracker selfies

The Garde Arts Center in New London

I’ve taken this same picture almost every day this week



Totally normal way to drink water.

He really loves his baby oranges


This Tuesday is also very Monday

First try! I totally forgot how to do it but he liked being up there.



Parking lot nursing sesh

Daddy doing an Elsa braid



Red velvet cheesecake thumbprints

Beautiful toddler cookies

Superman helps make dinner


More of me NOT walking the kids to the bus stop

Static hairs

Skeptical baby is always skeptical


Winter wonderland

Super cool superman

Caroline and her new best friend Kit at her birthday dinner


My Week(158) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

I have a pain in my right side that I don’t THINK is an internal organ exploding, but if it could be. What I’m saying is, if you don’t see me on Facebook or Instagram at all tomorrow, maybe text me?


Processed with VSCOcam

Devil’s Hopyard – either it was named after the time the devil was seen jumping around in the pools at the bottom of the falls or after a landowner named Dobble who had a farm near there.

Processed with VSCOcam

It’s very warm.

Processed with VSCOcam

A two photo shoot kind of day


Processed with VSCOcam

He takes his Christmas gift list circling very seriously.

Processed with VSCOcam



Processed with VSCOcam


Processed with VSCOcam

Aquarium date with some of our favorite people

Processed with VSCOcam

Bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, blue cheese on sour dough. JEALOUS?


Processed with VSCOcam

I can’t remember WHY I put the kitchen stools in our bedroom but the gingers enjoy them.

Processed with VSCOcam

Special Helper Day

Processed with VSCOcam

I like pretending that is my house.


Processed with VSCOcam


Processed with VSCOcam

We have a train table he never plays with at home. But the one at the library is THE BEST.

Processed with VSCOcam

The cat found her spot on the new couch


Processed with VSCOcam

I think she has her princesses mixed up.

Processed with VSCOcam

Showing off his art at my parent-teacher conference

Processed with VSCOcam

My kids are weird.


Processed with VSCOcam

They spent the full length of a movie like this. Unfortunately the movie was Equestria Girls.

Processed with VSCOcam

TV, screaming toddler, Facebook…and I wonder why it takes me FOREVER to get things done.


Fall in a cookie – pumpkin, hazelnut spread, butterscotch chips. Unfortunately I don’t really like butterscotch and E doesn’t like pumpkin, so we can’t tell if these are actually delicious.

I secretly just want to sleep all day tomorrow, but we’re doing more fun stuff instead. Maybe I can sleep all day on the second of never. I’ve got a date with the elliptical trainer on Tuesday and that’s almost as good as napping. Especially because of the massage bed afterwards.

Real Kids, Real Cookies, Real Life

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Sometimes people accuse bloggers of airbrushing real life out off their posts, focusing only on the beautiful, sparkly, aspirational parts of their day to day.

I think this is true. A lot of bloggers want their spaces to be about beauty, to represent the happiest moments, to share only the best memories with the world. Lovely things get lovely compliments. It’s nice to hear approval and admiration from other people, even if it doesn’t actually mean anything. Who doesn’t want to hear “You have a beautiful home” “Your children are adorable” or “Wow, that looks delicious”. Blogs are today’s magazines, and no one subscribes to an ugly magazine.

The problem is when everything looks TOO effortless and TOO perfect. When I read Martha Stewart Living, I know those homes and recipes and children have been styled and arranged and glossed within an inch of their life. When I read blogs I assume I’m getting a real, un-glossed story – or at least one one that is more true than false. Maybe you really do look like a model, have an all white living room and eat every meal in restaurants by candlelight. In that case I am very jealous of your life and won’t say a word about the authenticity of your blog. Congrats on being awesome.

But for the rest of you? Go ahead and show me your messy house or your yoga pants or your dirty children sometimes. Tell me the story of how you planned an idyllic picnic in a meadow but a dog ran off with your roasted chicken and your kids fell in a creek. By all means be beautiful, but be honest too. I’ve never shared a moment of weakness or truth and had someone walk away disgusted. Whether it’s through photos, words, or funny misspelled kitten pictures, let’s be real friends.

Because real friends tell you they let their kids watch 11 episodes of The Backyardigans yesterday AND eat cookies for dinner. They admit that they prepped all the cookie ingredients  like a sous chef on a cooking show so she could take fifty pictures without worrying about a pound of sugar ending up on the floor. A real friend will admit that she chooses and edits her photos because she wants to show off her kids being adorable but also because she enjoys taking and choosing and editing photos. A real friend will admit she ate five six seven cookies while doing all that editing.

A real friend would also share her cookies with you, but you better hurry over since these are going to be gone really soon.







cookies-9 cookies two photos 1 cookies-11

cookies-10 cookies two photos 2 cookies-16

cookies-18 cookies two photos 5 cookies-20



cookies-25 cookies two photos 3 cookies two photos 4 cookies-33

Besides the prep and a little help spooning out the dough, these cookies were totally ginger-made. I couldn’t be more proud of my tiny bakers.

My Holiday Comfort: Cookies

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

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Tempur-Pedic and Clever Girls asked me if I would write about my holiday comforts, and since I can’t seem to STOP writing about the holidays it was easy to say yes.

For me, the holidays are all about the cookies. I have so many memories of my mom making Christmas cookies as a kid – papparkakor with piped white icing (recipe coming soon!), thumbprints, spritz in “S” and “C” shapes through the cookie press, toffee, tea cakes, raspberry bars, these amazing little meringue mushrooms (they look so much like real mushrooms people are scared to eat them) and most of all sugar cookies with colored frosting and sprinkles. (more…)

My Week(58) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Also known as the week my iPhone died, came back to life, died again, started working EXCEPT for the camera and then died. I suspect Caroline had something to do with it, but there’s no visible damage and I tried the dry-it-out with rice trick without success. I was going to get a new phone in January anyways, but I’m kind of annoyed I won’t be able to give the toddler the old one (deactivated) as an iPod touch for his apps & junk. I’m MORE annoyed that after more than a year of daily photos I missed half of this week. The good news is my iPhone photos are VASTLY improved thanks to the new phone!


Candy cane sugar cookies for Caroline's party...except I ate them all. Oops.

This game is called "squish the baby".

This game is called grab the baby with your legs. She gets pushed around a lot but she's really tough.


Who is this big girl?!

This is considered a really bad traffic jam in my town.

Crafting! So messy!

Mommy's crafting mess is even bigger.


The baby gate makes it petting the kitty like going to a zoo!

True fact: I'm going to just throw this whole mess in boxes and hide it in the basement for the party.

Sibling loves

Missing: Wednesday, Thursday



SERIOUSLY, SO CRISP AND BRIGHT! (Caroline's first year book from Shutterfly)


E is not as excited about the new phone as I am


At the 7th circle of hell aka Walmart for Ball jars and Dr. Seuss

Closeup baby is CLOSE

Practicing my DIY snowglobe project. That animal is actually a baby cow from a Toob.

It turns out that piping melted chocolate into fancy gorgeous snowflakes is a LOT HARDER than the internet makes it look. Shocking, I know.

 I suspect next week’s photos will all be of cookies. I’ve got so much to do before Caroline’s party – luckily cookies can be frozen so I’m not trying to do ALL my baking on Saturday.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!