Duck, duck

What, you didn't see that one coming?

While my husband and father did demolition in the basement, rewired the family room, fixed our plumbing problems, added gutters to the house, and hauled literal tons of crap to the dump (both cat and human ACTUAL CRAP as well as a zillion pounds of junk, trash and a treadmill I swore I would use every single day if only I could have one please pretty pretty please please), my mother and I took the baby down to Mystic. I know, my life is so hard. Let me tell you though, with the way the baby’s been acting recently I would rather be knee deep in poop than get smacked in the face one more time.

Luckily, my mom was with me and she has the patience of a saint. Or of a grandma. Same thing, really.

Also luckily, Baby Evan likes ducks so a 99 cent bag of duck feed and a few friendly quack quacks earned me 30 minutes of scream-free time.

Yes, this is my child running shoeless through Ye Olde Mysticke Villageeeeeee

World's most patient ducks. I feel like I owe them all writen appologies.

He really liked calling them "duhs! duhs!" and he tried to say "qwah!!" a couple times. Of course maybe he was saying "Dog" and "What is wrong with you woman, don't you see how dirty this ground is?"

My child looks even more hobo-like next to his MorMor (Swedish for grandma) since she always looks so classy. For the record it was 90 degrees that day so I thought his outfit was appropriate.

It’s times like these I am really really sad we live so far away from our family.

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3 Responses to “Duck, duck”

  1. So fun. My life sounds just about as hard as yours. Sometimes I WALK to the park instead of driving. ha. Who cares if he’s shoeless? It’s not like you were in an alley with syringes and used condoms lying around!!! He looks cute in his little overalls. I’m a sucker for little boys in overalls. Your MOM is beautiful.

  2. AH I can hardly stand the cuteness!

    I LOVE the last photo though because his overalls are slightly undone (which my youngest son does lately heh) and he has that hardcore expression… AHH!

  3. Emmie Bee says:

    Yeah the undone overalls are awesome! Love them. And you are def way classier than me because usually my kids for go all clothing and rock diapers all day. Even when it’s not that hot. Just because if I have to wash 5 outfits a day for each of them I may lose it!

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