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Best Weekend Of The Year 2018

Monday, October 1st, 2018

Previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015 part 1 and part 2, 2014, 2013, 2012

I really love the best weekend of the year. It kicks off the season of How Many Different Seasonal Activities Can We Fit Into Just Two Days? I love being able to walk to two different food festivals from my front door. I love taking the same photo of the kids at the fair every year. I love running into people I don’t get to see very often but then our kids are instantly best friends again. I love not cooking all weekend and saying yes to everything.

And I love looking back at the other Best Weekends and seeing how our family has grown.

In order: Greek Food Festival, Ledyard Fair, Taste of Italy, Mystic Eats


Happy National Licorice Day!

Friday, April 12th, 2013

I got a pitch from the American Licorice Company and E said “FINALLY YOUR BLOGGING IS PAYING OFF TELL THEM TO SEND ALL THE LICORICE.” Clearly I couldn’t let the guy down.

So they sent regular Red Vines and black Red Vines and Natural Vines…and they were all gone before I could take any pictures. I’m not entirely sure E  even took the wrappers off before he ate them he was so busy shoving them into his face. Luckily I saved some of the black licorice for Evan’s birthday (I called them “rails”) and let the kids try it.

They aren’t 100% sold on black licorice yet. E is a HUGE fan. My mom loves it. I would rather eat my own toenails (although I love all the other kinds of licorice).

national licorice day

national licorice day

national licorice day

national licorice day

An industry leader in manufacturing and marketing candy products, the American Licorice Company is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the US candy industry. Since its establishment in 1914, American Licorice has brought happiness to consumers with their Red Vines®, Snaps®, Sour Punch®, Super Ropes® and Natural Vines® candy. Additional information is available online at

My husband thanks you, American Licorice!

How about you? Are you a weirdo who likes black licorice too?

My Week(76) in iPhone Photos

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

My birthday week is ending tonight with a husband-acquired babysitter and a viewing of The Hunger Games in an actual theater, which might seem lame but is pretty much the best thing ever. The weather today was amazing and is supposed to be even MORE amazing tomorrow so it’s easy to avoid looking at the piles of laundry and dishes I’m supposed to be doing by staying outside.



We're letting him practice with the toy mower now so we can put him to work for real when he's 4

Yoga: Yur doin it rong.


Lazy baby slept until 8:15

Practicing our kissy faces

The jets in the tub turn a bubble bath into a BUBBLE BATH


My birthday present was a baby who refused to wear clothes

I took a birthday nap. Sort of.

Purple roses from my sweetie


Crafty like a fox

These are all gone now

Couch naps have turned into floor naps


Poor feverish baby slept late

Toy box nap? Weirdos.

Single-parent bedtime means sometimes you carry a naked toddler on your shoulders


This is actually her happy face

Chalk & toes

Outside is the BEST side


Hmmm, maybe the peanut shells really aren't for eating

Practicing his slapshot

I enjoyed the sunshine for exactly 6 minutes before I felt my skin starting to fry.

 Now I’m going to go re-pink-ify my hair and take a nap so I don’t fall asleep half way through the movie tonight. Happy weekend!

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

Thankful Day 1: Well, this isn’t a very good start

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

There’s a thing in the month of November called “National Novel Writing Month” where people who are writing novels all get together to motivate each other and write 50,000 words during the month. It sounds impossible to me (especially because my first and only attempt at a novel was 200 words about a fictional version of myself sitting on a plane. I was wearing a scarf. The stranger next to me was mysterious. AREN’T YOU JUST DYING TO READ IT NOW?) so I won’t be participating. But some genius came up with the idea to also make November “National Blog Posting Month” which is something I CAN get on board with, although for me that’s not much of a challenge. I post an average of 27 times a month, and have for almost the entire time I’ve been blogging. And yet I STILL WON’T SHUT UP.

Instead of JUST planning to post something every single day, I am going to combine NaBloPoMo with being thankful which is an idea I got from Nick Jr I really love. I lean towards whininess in my online life (and my real life) and it’s about time I shake some of that negativity off. So for November I’ll be posting about something I am thankful for every day. Sunshine! Rainbows! Unicorns! Oh God the energy it’s taking to be that positive is making me exhausted already – especially since it is 8:55 on November 1st and I haven’t yet published this post. It is DAY ONE and I am already behind. Best blogger ever???

Don’t worry, I have all sorts of excuses. My computer is broken, the kids won’t let me use the iPad when either of them is awake (what is WITH that?! is there a sticky-finger-magnet in the screen or something?!), and I’ve been up since 5 am without a single adult conversation besides “cash or credit?” while running errands. There’s also a 55 lb bag of dog food in the back of my car I really need to get into the house but OMG 55 POUNDS IS A LOT OF POUNDS. Maybe I can just lock the dog in the van every time he needs to eat for the next couple weeks until it gets lighter? That’s either a totally genius idea or just about the laziest bullshit I’ve ever come up with.

But right now both kids are sleeping, I’m wearing my comfy pants and I have a whole bag of Milky Ways left over from trick-or-treaters to keep me company and help sooth the rough edges from a stressful day.

So today I am thankful for candy.