My Week(175) in iPhone Photos

It appears these are the only posts I have in me right now. It’s a weird combination of being too busy and not at all busy. I spend a lot of time on my computer doing other things (photo editing, writing Glee recaps or trashy gossip stories for my new gigs, Facebook chatting, refreshing Facebook to make sure I haven’t missed any good Buzzfeed quizes) but none of that is interesting enough to blog about.

I’m also deep in pirate party planning mode for Evan’s birthday. I remember thinking I was a crazy person when I started planning his first birthday party (Circus party! Still one of my favorites) in January, but I think starting in March is even more crazy. So much to do in so little time!



It was so much easier to say “No, I’ll just have a salad” before they put a Five Guys in my town.


BEST KIND. Anyone who disagrees is just wrong.


Can I get 3 million shares on my blog post for taking this? No?



Cute from the back…


…cute from the front.


Editing isn’t so bad when this is the baby you stare at for hours.



Refusing to go to school until they see Idina & The Roots sing Let It Go


Basically heaven for a 3 year old


Yo ho let’s go!



Somehow climbing in the snow is STILL fun for them


I am extremely jealous of their swim classes


I was conned into buying toddler Elsa because Caroline now recognizes “Sale” signs at Target



Why 3 year olds should not use mascara




It’s crazy hair day every day in our house



More pirates! it’s an invasion!


A rare look at the room I was attempting to “take back” from the children. It’s not going so well.


He insists on “swimming” in the bath now.



The friendliest koi fish ever


Tiny hipster children play cornhole at a brewery in an old mill. I can’t even.


That’s the cupcake happy dance

I am the only parent in the world who doesn’t actually hate springing forward. We don’t have anywhere to be until this afternoon, which means I got to sleep in even if the kids got up to play. Plus they’ve both been falling asleep on the couch at 6 pm, so I don’t think bedtime will be too hard. Basically, I am the worst.

I am sure I will pay for it later this week when they get up at 5:30 and paint my dining room table (again).

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4 Responses to “My Week(175) in iPhone Photos”

  1. MKP says:

    I love Caroline’s disappointed-in-you-and-the-mascara-and-the-brush-and-the-beauty-industrial-complex-and-maybe-myself-too face.

  2. Liz says:

    1. Trashy gossip jobs? Do tell :).
    2. That’s the candy aisle at CVS … I too drool over it. :P
    3. Happy birthday to Evan!

  3. Ot & Et says:

    1 post/week feels pretty epic over here too. Go us! ps. Caroline is Loretta’s soulmate, I just feel it.

  4. Audrey says:

    What new gigs? I feel like I miss everything. In time you won’t take hours to edit anymore, you will streamline your process. My clients are often amazed that I can turn things around in a few days for them, overnight if I know it’s important. I’m jealous of all of the babies you photograph though. I don’t get many of those.

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