Thanksgiving 2013

A short list of things of all sizes that I am thankful for right now:

1. Pie and yoga pants. Those count as one thing.

2. Podcasts. I would never clean anything in my house if it weren’t for podcasts. They are extremely distracting. A short list of my favorites: This American Life, How To Do Everything, Pop Culture Happy Hour, RadioLab, Stuff You Should Know, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Planet Money. They make me feel smart.

3. A dishwasher. Doing all those Thanksgiving dishes by hand would have taken forever.

4. My children, who told me today they were most thankful for Mommy.

5. The moment when Evan told me he really believed in Santa…and then when he hugged me because I started crying. CHILDHOOD IS MAGIC.

6. Everyone who has supported me in any way as I started my photography business. It’s been (is) terrifying but I cannot wait to see how much it will grow in 2014.

7. Facebook. I am never lonely or bored or without validation when I have an internet connection.

8. Amazon Prime. Absolutely, totally, without question worth the subscription. The amount I save on shipping is crazy, although I’d probably buy a lot less stuff if I couldn’t get it in 2 days without having to go get my credit card from my wallet.

9. My husband, and the fact that he still goes to work every day to support us instead of running off the Mexico where the military will never find him. I almost wouldn’t blame him at this point.

10. Now it’s Christmas! SANTA. I KNOW HIM.

There are approximately 2 bazillionteen more things I am thankful for, but right now I’m thankful for warm coats and Starbucks since I promised the kids the aquarium, Santa, and the town tree lighting tonight.

Here are some not very good pictures of our boring, non-Pinterest, at-home Thanksgiving that I didn’t really edit and you probably don’t care about unless you are a relative very concerned we might not have had a proper meal on real plates at the table. Happy Thanksgiving!




I bought a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey and just sort of…winged it. Considering I was taking stuff in and out of the oven above and below the bird I’m shocked it came out delicious, with enough leftovers for sandwiches.


Potatoes with cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, bacon and chives > boring mashed potatoes




Wish bone! They failed.




Don’t worry, it’s cranberry-apple sparkling cider, not “Mommy juice”.




Leftover begging face. It worked, obvs.


Time for pie!


The correct pie-eating method.

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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2013”

  1. Liz says:

    I love Caroline’s dress! Was that one of your vintage ones?

    • bebehblog says:

      Yes! It has a little white pinafore but I figured that would get ruined by pie (I was correct). I love the vintage dresses for holidays.

  2. Raincheckmom says:

    Nice job! The potatoes looked great! I am sure it was all delicious And I am so glad E made it home…

  3. sarrible says:

    Amazon Prime is indeed the best. I placed three separate orders yesterday.

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