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My Week(247) in iPhone Photos

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

This week Lincoln turned 1 and I started freaking out because summer feels almost over.



Target is easier when you can tie one kid to your back and bribe the other two with Icees.


All the kids love the Boppy


Lake Baby



Sunflowers for Wishes is beauitful


Caroline dressed up for our wagon ride


I made the mistake of asking them to take a nice picture.



Party planning


We have a LOT of clicky things from Wendy’s kids’ meals now.


This might have been the last time he napped nicely.



If you look closely you can see my baby playing with his new 7 year old BFF.


Baby’s first deli cheese


It turns out clean and shopping is pretty good exercise





Birthday’s are exhausting


Bumpa will read you alllllll the books



The bones of The Australia at Mystic Seaport




Using my camera to check and see if Linc is asleep yet. NOPE.



I’m proud that all my party guests noticed my sling matched the decor


He had a really good day


He has sad eyes because he tried to eat the lit candle, but eating an entire mini-cake cheered him up.

Linc’s first birthday party is over and it was SUCH a success. We were completely done and ready for our guests before they arrived (this never happens) and I got to relax and drink champagne while the kids screamed their heads off on the bounce house. My parents and E’s parents were both here which meant we had TWO grown ups per child – not to mention all the dads that Linc conned into picking him up and carrying him around. He’s really good with dads.

We’ve got some vacation coming up and I cannot waaaaaait. But first I have to get all those party photos sorted and posted, or they’ll end up in the file with the rest of this month’s fun activities and no one will ever see them. What good is a cool party theme without a blog post?!

Lincoln: 12 Months

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

{Evan’s 12 month post} {Caroline’s 12 month post}

So it’s kind of funny. When Evan turned 12 months, I definitely still thought of him as a baby on the brink of toddlerhood. When Caroline turned 12 months, I thought of her as a toddler who was basically a real person.

Today Lincoln turns 12 months and he might as well still be 4 months old.

Don’t tell HIM that – he thinks he’s a human who can jump on the couch and climb stairs and swim in the lake and eat ham at the grocery store and feed his own self and use my phone and set a schedule. He can actually do about half of that stuff, although I try my best to discourage it.

But I still think of him as a tiny baby. He still gets up most nights to nurse and it hasn’t occurred to me to discourage that. I only started putting him in his crib a week or two ago and most of the time he ends up in my bed before morning. I never remember to bring shoes for him, because why would a baby need to put their feet on the ground? I have five bazillion baby wearing devices and use all of them regularly. Every time I say something to him and he appears to actually understand what I’m saying I am SHOCKED. The fact that he doesn’t talk yet doesn’t worry me because babies can’t talk.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be convinced of his babyhood. Maybe I’ll feel that way forever – or at least until there’s a new baby, if there ever is a new baby. The future is unclear. But the right now is full of an adorable, slightly ginger baby who is a joy and a light in our crazy family. We all love him to pieces.

At 12 months, Linc wears 12 or 18 month sizes in clothes and a 5.5 shoe, He has at least 8 teeth. There are some molars back there too and his canines are coming through, but NO WAY do I want to stick my finger in his mouth. He likes both real food and nursing. He never crawls anymore.

Likes include water, sand, eating sand, baby food pouches, cheese, meatballs, nursing, cuddles, giving kisses, dogs, cats, anything with fur, his yellow blankie, naps, blowing raspberries, phones, cords, taking trash out of the trash can, climbing, pooping and smiling at everyone.

Dislikes are being hungry, being told not to kill himself, being rescued from danger and milk from a cup.

Add “being still long enough to have his picture taken” to the list of haaaaaaaates.

lincoln 12 months

lincoln 12 months-2

lincoln 12 months-3 lincoln 12 months-4 lincoln 12 months-5

lincoln 12 months-7

3rd baby, 3rd blankie, 3rd favorite lovie

lincoln 12 months-9

lincoln 12 months-10

lincoln 12 months-11

lincoln 12 months-12

lincoln 12 months-13

lincoln 12 months-14


lincoln 12 months-17

lincoln 12 months-18

Bye! Leaving!

lincoln 12 months-19

Are you coming??

lincoln 12 months-20

Ok, well, you sit there. I have places to go.

lincoln 12 months-21


lincoln 12 months-23

Come with me if you want to live…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET BOY! Everyone who knows you loves you so, so much.

12 Month Milestones (originally from BabyCenter)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Imitates others’ activities – Pretends to talk on the phone, can throw things away, likes to steal people’s chairs. It’s like he thinks he’s a real person.
Indicates wants with gestures – I feel like he doesn’t really have control over his arms most of the time. He screeches rather than points or signs.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Takes a few steps – Runs. And just learned how to climb onto the couch.
Says one word besides “mama” or “daddy” – He still doesn’t really talk. I don’t have much trouble understanding him, but he doesn’t really say mama or daddy yet.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Walks alone – I feel like if there’s one thing that applies to all children I give birth to, it’s their advanced walking skills.
Scribbles with a crayon – Likes to chew on markers?
Says two words besides “mama” or “dada” – No. I figure in a couple months he’ll just start talking in complete sentences.