My Week(97) in iPhone Photos

I seriously don’t even REMEMBER the beginning of this week, it’s been so busy. Which is good, since I’m still solo-parenting these munchkins and the more I wear them out the easier bedtimes are. You will notice a distinct lack of couch naps in this week’s photos.


Those are my children, that is not our stroller.

Hockey Fans

Why don’t pirates eat peanut butter sandwiches? Because they can’t open the jAAAAAAARRRRRRGH!


Adorable tunnel vision

Too much cute on one swing

Obsessed with Chuck the Truck


She’s worried about falling behind now that Evan is in school, so she’s working on her math skills.


Cart safety experts!


Tiny gymnast

Practicing his balance beam skills in the real world

Gorgeous evening for a walk


Are you done Mom? School is way more exciting than you.

This Paleo thing makes grocery shopping interesting.

Modeling the latest knitting fashions during our yarn store playdate


Visiting her friends at the duck pond. “HAI DUCKS! KACK KACK!”

My view of Friday’s playdate. I guess my kids are over there somewhere.

I’m pretty much useless these days.


Ferris Wheel stink eye

Skeptical of a guy holding a frog

I think it’s time to move the kitchen stool

And now it’s 8:15 on Saturday night, I’m in my jammies and eating cheese like it’s my job. We have ANOTHER full day tomorrow followed by a week of our new, busy lives and I sort of feel like I’m going to blink and it will be Christmas so I better start planning even MORE fall things to do but I’m pretty sure if I try I actually will keel over from exhaustion. True story: I fell asleep sitting up on the couch today and woke up to Evan shouting from the bathroom to come wipe his butt. Exciting days, y’all.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

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2 Responses to “My Week(97) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Finn says:

    I love your week in iPhotos always. I wanted to say we have a similar counter and I am the bad Mommy who never moved the stools. O still climbs right up, and to be honest I kind of enjoy it when she is up there, at my level. We chat, bake, make pizza. I probably should have stopped the behavior some where around oh, 3 years ago… but sometimes these things don’t happen.

    • bebehblog says:

      That makes me feel better, because I sort of don’t want to discourage it either. They’ll do pretty much anything I ask if I let them sit on the counter while they do it (put on shoes, take medicine, etc).

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