Baby #3 Pregnancy Update (15ish weeks)

Besides announcing I was pregnant, I haven’t blogged much about potential ginger baby #3. I don’t want him/her to read my blog some day (originally documented to record literally every single thought I had about my first pregnancy/baby/Baby Evan from the second I got a positive on the stick) and think he/she wasn’t as wanted. I just don’t have a desk job, unlimited internet and 24 hours a day to think about nothing but BABY BABY BABY BABY anymore. In my mother’s day, this shows up in the fact that I have 3+ photo albums of my childhood, my sister has 2, and my brother has…almost 1. ┬áToday you are less heavily featured on social media. 2014, baby!

Before I wrote this, I had to find an online calculator that would tell me how pregnant I was based on my due date. I’ve been saying “Uh…15ish weeks?” for a while now, since I lost a week based on the measurements at my first ultrasound and I keep forgetting to subtract it and I can’t remember which day I flip over to the next week. Plus I’m assuming the end of the pregnancy will be as miserable as the last one (quick recap: tons of pain, kidney stones, surgery, kidney infections, pre-eclampsia, induction) and I’ll probably be induced again. If I was a character on Downton Abbey this wouldn’t end well. Thank God for my modern medicine and weekly check ups – it helps to know they’re keeping a close watch on me. To sum up that rambling: Not sure when I’ll have this kid, probably July.

I had my second doctor’s appointment yesterday with one of the midwives. Everything is entirely normal, despite the fact that I got my first talking-to about how much weight I’ve gained/might potentially gain. I don’t actually know my starting weight OR my current weight – I had hoped it wouldn’t be an issue at all but I don’t think I’m going to be that lucky. I’m surprised though – besides an endless craving for McDonald’s bacon, egg and cheese biscuits (a horrible craving, since I can only get them in the morning and I mostly want them at 9 pm) I haven’t been eating much or badly. My nausea has kept me from pulling the “PREGNANT! TIME FOR ALL THE FOODS!” card. I’ve been getting to the gym as much or even more than I was pre-pregnancy. I’m not sure what else I am supposed to do so I only gain a couple more pounds in the next 25 weeks (stop eating? take up marathon running???) so I’m going to just let my perfect blood work and amazing blood pressure make me feel better.

On a less complainy note, we’re not finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. I have one of each, so I have stuff for each (and really, is there anything for babies that HAS to be either/or? No, there is not) and I like the idea of being surprised. E doesn’t care. I’m shocked he doesn’t care, but he really doesn’t, at all, not a bit, zero percent. I thought I might have to talk him into waiting but he was totally on board. I think he thinks it will keep me from buying a lot of baby stuff and he might be right. So far I haven’t been tempted to change my mind, but that hasn’t prevented GUESSING. Currently I guess girl, but that changes fairly regularly. I never thought I’d be a person who didn’t find out, since I figured I’d always have a preference (no matter how slight) and I’d want time to accept and get used to the idea. But this time I really don’t care. Caroline says it’s a girl we should name “Caroline Baby Jesus” and Evan says it’s a boy we should name “Diny” (short for Dinosaur) and they like the idea of being surprised when the baby comes out too. Although my poor kids have no idea what getting a new sibling really means, so boy/girl won’t be their ONLY surprise.

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8 Responses to “Baby #3 Pregnancy Update (15ish weeks)”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    Is it worth getting frozen breakfast sandwiches, like Jimmy Dean’s or whatever, at the store and heating them up when you get the craves? I mostly wanted onion rings, bacon double cheese burgers, and chocolate malts and those are any time food.

    • bebehblog says:

      I’ve tried recreating them at home with both Grands biscuits and homemade ones, but I can’t get the right combination of flaky and fat-soaked. Plus I need egg-substitute instead of real egg for that weird, chewy texture. I might try a couple frozen versions (or just buy two dozen at breakfast one day and freeze them myself). Now I also want onion rings.

      • Brigid Keely says:

        Jimmy Deans Breakfast Sandwiches are pretty good. Bob Evans makes some that are terrible and wonderful at the same time in the best possible way, but I think they are sausage and biscuit only.

  2. Erin says:

    It’s funny to think that Evan was really to young to know what hit him when Caroline was born and now they will BOTH be old enough to have their world’s rocked :)

  3. Amy says:

    I love the what to expect when you’re expecting app. It was free, you can open it and it tells you your due date, how many months/weeks/days to go, your week of pregnancy and your baby’s size in a handy fruit or vegetable measurement, all on the launch screen and then you can just close it again. I have used none of the other features. This week I am a watermelon so I am terrified to find out next week’s. What is bigger than a watermelon?

    • bebehblog says:

      An app! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, because the baby is eating my brain and I can barely remember my own name.

  4. Oh pregnancy weight gain. I have such a hate-hate relationship with it. I’m naturally pretty skinny but gained more than 50 pounds in both my pregnancies (I’m nearly done with number two). This despite doing nothing to change my eating habits. It’s just what my body does. I’d argue that my body needs to gain extra weight. And stern talking tos from health care practitioners just don’t help. Have you read Expecting Better? There’s a great chapter about weight gain and actual science.

  5. Quiana says:

    Catching up on your blog and saw this post – congrats! I’m 20 weeks as of this post with #2 and I guess that means neither one of us will be at BlogHer? I was thinking I could bring baby along but after just getting back from Alt and Blogalicious planned for November (baby will be coming!) I just don’t think I could swing it. Oh and I too crave breakfast sandwiches. I’ve taken to making them at home with whole wheat English muffins and turkey sausage. Not quite the same as McDonald’s but fulfills the craving for now. Wishing you a continued healthy pregnancy!

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